10 best vehicles for home care. Cleansing, nourishment and rejuvenation: available and always at hand

10 best vehicles for home care. Cleansing, nourishment and rejuvenation: available and always at hand

In the selection of the devices providing the skin care salon-level in the home.

The properties of these devices differ by the variety and efficiency to meet the needs of beauty in various cases.

Apparatus for ultrasonic cleaning US Medica Brilliant

The main function of this device for facial care in home conditions — ultrasonic peeling. Accompanied by the same effect as the oxygen saturation of the skin (increased sensitivity to it at the cellular level), which improves the processes of regeneration and synthesis of collagen and elastin.

An additional mode of the device – Nutrition, intended for adequate nutrition of the skin of the chosen cosmetic product (recommended to use those, which is composed of vitamin C).

The third mode – Lifting, helps to remove even the nasolabial folds, and noticeably tightens the pores and with regular use of the device, steadily tightens facial contours (for this mode are recommended products with vitamin A).

Apparatus for ultrasonic cleaning Gess YOU

This functioning in two modes the device is designed for skin care by ultrasonic cleaning, and phonophoresis.

In the first case, the face is gently cleansed from dirt, greasy, acne heals, which is naturally accompanied by the improvement of the General condition of the skin (it becomes more silky and supple, even and healthy colour).

The second multiplied the effectiveness of care cosmetics, active ingredients which affect the skin in the process of deep massage, stimulating metabolic processes (including regeneration).

Apparatus for ultrasonic cleaning Beauty Star

The efficiency of this unit is visible from the first application of any of the three available procedures:

• ultrasonic cleaning — dirt, excess sebum, dead skin cells;

• ultrasonic lifting-massage — in addition to a facelift, skin rejuvenation in appearance, accompanied by improvement of blood circulation and cleaning it of toxins;

• phonophoresis — saturating the skin with active substances of cosmetic products.

It is important to note that Beauty Star can not use on the skin around the eyes and on the areas of location of the filler.

Vacuum pore cleaner Panasonic EH2513

The use of this apparatus is possible in two modes — normal and wet, and the second is more recommended for sensitive, very young or aging skin. The effectiveness of deep cleaning, can get rid of blackheads and acne for several applications, combined with the delicate operation of the machine, not able to injure the skin.

Humidifier Gezatone Nano Steam

This device for facial care in home conditions has an impressive efficacy for one simple reason — the skin of modern women all year round suffer from dehydration. To use Nano Steam might do differently — to saturate the person, though the simple clean water (often the skin, for example, in the climate of most of the apartments, nothing more is needed during the day), though favorite serum or tonic. Spray humidifier holds delicately, so you don’t even have to spoil such care makeup.

The original advantage of the device is the fact that to use it is possible to care not only about skin, but about hair.

Machine for round brush Rio Sonicleanse

In this device, combine and complement each other 2 modes — exfoliation and cleansing, and, with Rio Sonicleanse you can use your favorite cleanser (but not too “aggressive”, it is better to rely on the efficiency of the device).

Thus, the skin provides integrated care, including:

• remove dead skin cells, spoiling its appearance and detract from the metabolism;

• normalization of work of sebaceous glands;

• narrowing of the pores and cleaning blackheads;

• removing contaminants of different origin.

Apparatus for ultrasonic peeling Lebody Labelle

The choice of this device for facial care at home allows you to not only deep cleanse the skin using ultrasound, but also to take care of its purity by encouraging the withdrawal from it of toxic substances. Which in conjunction with a sensitive massage and its positive effect on microcirculation of blood and lymph, in the shortest time leads to improved skin, its rejuvenation.

It is also recommended not to neglect the regime of ultrasonic phonophoresis, which may nourish the skin care active components of cosmetics.

Massager Gezatone Beauty Iris

This device was created as an alternative to injections from wrinkles, a much more secure and giving a more natural result. Moreover, care can be about youth not only face skin but also neck. The efficiency of the unit is based on a complex (and visible from the first time) the impact of three modern methods:

• microcurrents;

• idolis;

• galvanic currents.

And we should note that scientists, Beauty Iris perfectly stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, affecting the natural biological processes with maximum discretion, precluding a sharp deterioration in appearance (that is, the return of the wrinkles) in case of refusal from the use of the apparatus.

Apparatus for ultrasonic cleaning Foreo Luna Go

Unusual as it is one of the main varieties of skin care — cleanse (and you can choose one of 4 variants of the device, depending on its type). Luna go can be attributed to the best instruments to facial care at home. It is a compact brush, convenient to use in combination with favorite tools to release the person from natural impurities or traces of makeup. In parallel with the main function, this thing is nice and effectively massages the face through the soft silicone brush and low-frequency ripple, which helps to erase marks of aging — wrinkles, sagging, age spots. The device is approved for everyday use, and the main contraindication can be called damage to the skin (unhealed wounds, severe inflammation).

Apparatus for cleaning the face Gezatone Clean&Beauty

The choice of this device with interchangeable heads lets you take care of the face, neck and décolleté, and caring but this also has many components:

• purification of natural pollution (e.g. from the atmosphere of the city), rests of makeup and blackheads;

• removal of keratinized skin (which has a positive impact on her recovery and improves color);

• massage that stimulates skin tone, improves blood circulation and heightens the efficacy of any skin funds.

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