5 dangerous female habits that kill love

5 dangerous female habits that kill love

Love is a wonderful feeling. It can visit you in the blink of an eye and just as quickly fly away from your life, leaving behind only memories. Sometimes the reason for the cooling that occurred between the partners, lies in the simple things – the habits that prevented to establish contact between two people – and they kill love.

5 factors that kill love

1. The desire to control everything

Absolute power over the man, what could be nicer for a woman? But, unfortunately, not all representatives of a strong half of mankind like that. They want a free: some say this timidly, others have persistent resistance to total control over your life. So how would you not like to dictate their will, driving the man under the heel, it is necessary to restrain, it is necessary to introduce restrictive measures gradually, gently to the mosquito, or rather the man, and nose are not undermined. It’s an art – it is not all the strength. Or just need to find someone who will be around to listen and to obey. Otherwise, the end will not be a series of scandals that kill .

2. Attempts to re –

This is the other extreme, which people love to indulge the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. First, they find the conditional young man, everyone seems happy, go marry him, and it turns out that it does not fully match the ideal. What to do with him now? Right, to re-educate! However, the reality is that people don’t change. Of course, a man can compromise, will try to cough up what is not there, but at some point the system will fail, he freaks out and, as an option, run away from the governess.

3. Role-playing

When a woman tries to build itself from one that is not playing a role, wearing a mask to please, the man is fast enough understand. Even if you think that you are a professional in acting, hypocrisy and insincerity is read on a subconscious level. Man can and will continue to communicate with you, but hope that this will be truly serious relationship, not worth it. Besides, life mask is not allowed, ever have to open the face and become that which you really are.

4. Veiled

Probably, all women tend to start from afar, to give a hint, drop the views, and in General to expect that the man himself would guess that they have there on mind. But, unfortunately, men are wired differently – they have completely lacking x-ray vision hints they do not understand at all, they always need specifics. The woman, hinting and thinking, begins to expect from his choice of men’s acts, but they are not – he did not understand. In the end, she’s pouting at him because he is a miser, a bad, unfeeling and, most likely, hates. He doesn’t understand why she cooled off to him (he doesn’t know what’s in her head a plan to conquer the world, or rather lined up a logical chain from not bought/did not like before). As a result, relations are crumbling, and all because these two just couldn’t agree.

5. The lack of flexibility

Flexibility is the quality that helps to find a common language with a partner, to stand in his place, understand it and agree with it. Ideally flexible, should be two. Not very well, when flexibility require exclusively from women. Times have changed: both the man and woman if they are interested to live happily ever after, should go towards each other. It is bad when one of the partners lacks flexibility and willingness to hear the other person. When this is not the man, the woman is trying to compensate for two. But when a woman can’t be flexible, you can simply turn around and leave.