5 female acts that undermine the relationship with a man

5 female acts that undermine the relationship with a man

From a woman in a relationship depends on almost everything. On our shoulders rests the fragile harmony in the pair, our every action can either enhance mutual attraction and to separate forever. The list of “how not to do” for our readers amounted to family psychologist Olga Romaniv.

1. You attract the mother and other third parties in your relationship

With the family is always difficult. First rule – you need to live separately from them, and as little as possible to ask them for help, otherwise it will be almost impossible to maintain good relations. Your mother and other relatives and even friends as a spouse, like your only as a guest and without a full immersion in your relationship, especially in tense moments. Objectivity and restraint on their part is simply impossible, but bias against the scoundrel who hurt you, will manifest itself in varying degrees. This is especially true of Tiffany, who always deserves special attention, because it is the most important and the most dangerous person in your environment.

2. You ignore the problems and discontent

The desire to own and on their own to pass all the obstacles is commendable. Something to carry your emotional baggage on the shoulders of the second half and other people? But even in this need to know the measure, because, accumulating negativity inside yourself, you gradually become hostile towards others and lose their appeal. Society operates on the principle of mutual aid, and even if you do not want to burden their loved ones problems or to talk with your man, at least you can go to a psychologist, which to help you – a professional duty.

Not always a problem in pairs or family parties of the conflict can be solved independently. In some cases, only a competent advice of a close friend, others will need to work with a psychologist, but in any case, to involve third parties is not a shame and quite wise! All the biggest story of divorce and domestic violence originate from this horrible principle, that it’s time to leave in the past.

3. You often yearn for a previous relationship with a man

Your ex appears at your door, begging on his knees about your forgiveness, asking him to take it back. With tears in his eyes you accept his apology and hug you… Then you go into the beautiful sunset, holding hands, ready to live happily ever after.

Fantasies that come to mind in such a situation, often not far from the plots of silly romantic comedies. If you are often replaying a scenario with a man where your relationship is beautifully renewed, then you clearly have not let go of the former.

Very easy to get caught up in fantasies about how things could turn out. But a fantasy is just a fantasy. When we often go to beautiful and bold imagination, we condemn ourselves to the pain and frustration from reality. Besides, every man feels, what thoughts you are with him, do not underestimate the sensitivity and intuition of your young person. Focus on how to bring your current relationship with a man to the point where you will be completely happy.

4. You fake orgasms or are of another man during sex

People often come to me for advice, trying to solve some family problems. Many of them relate to the sex. People in a couple often do not arrange their intimate lives, many complain about the coldness of the partner, some kind of incompatibility or other issues that are not satisfied in bed and ask me for advice. The interesting thing is that in most cases with a partner such problems were not discussed at all. I’d like to say that sex is, of course, very delicate, but no specialist in a particular field will help you to solve sexual problems, if not to discuss them directly with the partner. This in any case no need to hesitate, after all, a harmonious sexual life is a very important element of a strong and durable relationship. The main thing – do not expect immediate results and be prepared for the fact that the partner can not understand you after one conversation. As our sexual habits were formed long enough, change them for once or twice may not always be possible, consider this.

Remember that problems in sexual life sooner or later faces almost every couple. Like any other relationships and family life, sexual compatibility is also requires work and adjustments, it is perfectly normal. Otherwise, parting each night is getting closer.

5. You do not respond to his attentions

Dating, gifts and compliments – everything is not done just so. It’s pleasant for all involved, the interactions between lovers in the course of which you are exchanging energy. What you’re a sophisticated or navigatsionnaya, is not a sin to portray the ecstasy and to Express gratitude for his romantic gestures. Stone face and zero emotions will lead to no good, everyone pleasant lively and energetic response in such elementary things.