5 hot ideas for hairstyles this season! The color of the season – coffee and all its shades?

5 hot ideas for hairstyles this season! The color of the season – coffee and all its shades?

A change of seasons – a time of change in mood and appearance. Bright and bold girls fall 2018 will bring hairstyles, stand out from the crowd in the gray days. We spent all summer waiting for the new trends in hairstyles, and ready to share with you bright ideas this season.

The game of color

We waited for natural hair shades that are ready to meet them already this season in 2018. And the first hot idea to change the color of the hair.

Stylists determined the hair color of the season – brown-coffee. For brunettes stylists suggest using color Balaj, bringing a touch of brown in the image.

The second hot idea suitable representatives of blond hair – to use the natural shades of blonde from platinum color to wheat color.

Style haircuts

The third hot idea in hairstyles of autumn – the return to fashion of bangs. Not necessarily to follow fashion trends from magazines, find the right bangs that will create you your style.

Fourth hot idea perfect for lovers of short haircuts in this season is elongated caret to the chin, which is perfect for any outfit this season.

Hairstyles for long hair

Owners of long hair this season features a variety of hairstyles that will withstand the test of headgear and it will not lose its charm.

Hot fifth idea of a season – the use of accessories in her hair, which it retains, and will create the style image.

Choose a suitable accessory to your style: headbands, scarves, barrettes and headbands. Hairstyles will surprise you with its variety of accessories: beams, braids and tails.

We believe that the trends of the fall season will attract the attention of fans and surprise the girls with conservative views on style.

Fall is the time to get to know your stylish desires. Remember that only the view of well-groomed hair will help any girl to become a center of influence.

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