5 phrases, after which it is necessary to interrupt acquaintance at the first date

5 phrases, after which it is necessary to interrupt acquaintance at the first date

First date – a moment of joyful and romantic, but also extremely responsible. You not only need to show their best side, and to make the right conclusions about the person with whom to spend the evening. You still don’t know if he could be dangerous, as it is adequate, and what is your Outlook on life. Psychologist Olga Romaniv made for our readers a list of men’s statements, which may be a reason to stop communicating and to interrupt the introduction already at the initial stage.

1. “Will you pay for me?”

The relationship between a man and a woman moving in the direction of equality more rapidly, so that by the proposal to divide the bill evenly today should not be taken as something unacceptable. However, the man’s request to pay for it should alert you. The point here is not the money but the attitude. Even if we ignore the probability that in front of you Alphonse, and assume that he really did forget his wallet at home or something like that, the fact that he does not feel uncomfortable asking you to pay is clearly not a good sign.

2. “Your place or mine?”

It all depends on what you have initially intended. Quite often the intentions of men and women are not the same. If you both understand that there are only for nights together, the problem is no no. But if you wanted to look at him as a potential young man to rush things not worth it for you or him.

3. “My ex is such a bitch!”

To stop communicating on this sentence, may not be worth it, but from now on, better take a closer to look at him. There may be some unpleasant moments. If he speaks, there is a possibility that he is still yearning for the previous relationship, in insults, trying to overcome cravings for the former, and your role in this situation – a way to forget her. As a rule, nothing comes out. Even if it is not, disparaging remarks towards women with whom he was together is not good.

4. “A woman should…”

If it is too clearly imagine the place of women in this world should not continue communication with him, even if what he tells you. The approach is unfair, because the woman owes nothing. First, he considers himself the right to speak, but because he is a man, and this is alarming. Second, he equates all women with the same brush, your individuality can be an unpleasant surprise.

5. “How much do you earn?”

Pretty strange, especially for a first date, the question, however, women quite often hear. Here can be two options. Maybe you see a friend who has some types of your income. Even if he himself provides a great, such interest may indicate that you he did not intend to spend a penny. In this case, nasty is not the fact, but the trait that is hidden . As a rule, adequate to the girl, knowing her worth, to live with a greedy man would be virtually impossible. It is necessary to interrupt the meeting.