A competent makeup for dark skin: what to choose and what to pay attention to. What eyebrow will suit the red?

A competent makeup for dark skin: what to choose and what to pay attention to. What eyebrow will suit the red?

In recent years, makeup for dark skin, is gaining popularity. This is due to modern fashion for tanning — both natural and obtained by artificial means in the Solarium or with the help of coloring cosmetics.

Skin tone

It’s safe to say that the owners of dark skin were more fortunate than others. In the dark face less noticeable different limitations. However, it has its own characteristic problems. So, dark skin in most cases, the type refers to oily. Accordingly, one of the most important tasks of makeup for brown — matte Shine which can appear after just an hour after nonprofi podozreniya cosmetics.

The excessive secretion of sebum can negate all efforts at applying makeup: Foundation flow, the shadow rolled. To avoid this, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of skin funds. Ideally, they should not contain in their composition of oils, and they should be listed that they are produced with the features of oily or combination skin.

The choice of tonal resources for dark skin should be approached with equal attention. Too light a shade of Foundation will create the face and hair, and the dark will give him an unhealthy, sallow color. Makeup for dark skin must contain a yellow pigment.

Face makeup for dark skin also plays an important role. It must be used after toning for grinding the T-zone.

Eyes and eyebrows

Unlike light-skinned girls with dark skin provided almost complete freedom of choice of colors and shades of eye makeup. Usually darkie suitable neutral shades, and garish bright. If the brightness of the shadows seems insufficient, they can be applied with a damp brush, which will make the color deeper.

Everyday makeup for dark skin will fit:

• sand;

• brown-bronze;

• copper shades.

For the evening however, you can safely choose dazzling shades of chocolate, red-orange and other bold colors.

As a complement to the shadows a good solution would be to use the blue-black or another repeating color eyeshadow, eyeliner.

Lucky has a dark complexion and eyelashes. As a rule, they have by nature black and thick. However, in some cases, the eyelashes may be missing bend. This problem aims to address some mascara on mascara. Suitable for various cosmetic procedures, such as lamination, which lasts more than a month. Mascara is better to use a dark brown color.

Special attention should be paid to the eyebrows. The girls with dark skin they are usually very thick, dark brown, or black. In this regard, it is required promptly to correct them by removing extra hairs with tweezers or wax. If your eyebrows too dark, you should brighten them with special tools. Clarified a couple of eyebrow tones visually make the face younger and softer.


In lip makeup swarthy also given complete freedom of choice. They fit perfectly in all the bright shades of red, purple and Burgundy lipsticks, glosses and pencils. Will look great and decorative accessories with the shimmer the Only condition is that you must use them only in tandem with a calm, neutral shades makeup eyes.

Thus, girls with dark skin extremely lucky, because among all the existing shades of brown skin it belongs to the broad palette of suitable colors and shades of makeup.

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