All the wonderful properties of lavender oil. How to extract the maximum benefits from lavender oil, using it in aromatherapy, homemade cosmetics and herbal medicine

All the wonderful properties of lavender oil. How to extract the maximum benefits from lavender oil, using it in aromatherapy, homemade cosmetics and herbal medicine

Lavender oil is one of the main ingredients of the modern world of perfumery and medicine with many amazing qualities. Having a bottle of lavender oil may significantly improve your health and beauty.

Notable features and benefits of lavender oil in General terms and details

The expanse of purple-violet fields of lavender — the symbol of Provence, enchanting travelers and one of the world’s most important plantations of this plant.

Lavender adorn the gardens, her candied flowers appreciate pastry, dried twigs in the middle Ages shifted the linen to give it flavor…

But is particularly true of its oil, which is concentrated the whole essence of the use of the plant.

Lavender oil belongs to the elite category of essential oils not only because of its unique qualities, but for an expensive production — to obtain the entire 100 ml of product, it takes 10 kg of excellent raw material, i.e. fresh flowers of lavender (Lavandula officinalis).

Highest quality different lavender collected for this purpose in France.

Lavender essential oil is produced by distillation (steam distillation) that is significantly different from the technologies of past centuries, not allowed to get such a clean product.

Ready oil is transparent and almost colorless (only a slight yellowish glow), light and fluid. Smell — of course the magnificent lavender, but the floral palette, there are subtle bitter woody notes.

It is important to note that getting high-quality lavender oil at home — an impossible task. But sometimes those recipes don’t mean complex simulation technology to extract oil from fresh plants, but only a flavoring of olive oil with dried lavender flowers — this product is harmless even for use in food, but of course almost no with this essential oil nothing.

Lavender essential oil is one of the favorite components of the perfume, it is valued manufacturers of various’s skin care and also it is fit for home remedies beauty.

But first of all mankind has learned to use lavender in aromatherapy.

It can be a simple aromatic pendants, and lamps and oil-soaked special sticks of wood that are supposed to smoulder, smelling.

Moreover, it is important to note the good combination of lavender with most other essential oils.

The aroma of lavender oil is very useful in everyday life, because:

• due to the antibacterial properties of plants in the room with him actively destroyed the causative agents of diseases transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets (which is especially important in the autumn-winter season of influenza and ARI);

• the smell of the plant repels mosquitoes.

Since ancient times lavender is popular for scenting bed linen — you just dilute a few drops in water (approximately 10-15 ml per 1 drop), to sprinkle her underwear (but not make it wet!) and will be guaranteed a peaceful night’s sleep without nightmares and waking..

But not only that lavender is valuable for the nervous system, it also reduces irritability and increases resistance to stress, prevents the development of depression and neurosis, gives a rush of energy and good mood.

To relax on a physical and emotional sense after a hard day, lavender oil is recommended to add water for the bath (foam).

And the addition of lavender oil in the foot bath not only relieves fatigue, but also reduces the likelihood of blisters when wearing shoes, and reduces sweating of the feet.

The effect of inhaled lavender essential oil on the human body can continue with such qualities as:

• reduction of headaches;

• normalization of cardiac rhythm;

• stimulation of appetite;

• normalization of high blood pressure;

• strengthening natural defenses (including the immune system and resistance to negative environmental influences including radiation).

What are the benefits of lavender oil for youth and beauty

It is known that lavender oil added to the cream for the face in VIII century in Italy although the science of beauty of those times is largely questionable (why is only one lead in white!), modern leading beauticians insist on fidelity to the ancient choice of lavender, because it is really effective for:

• normalization of the sebaceous glands (which allows you to get rid of oily sheen);

• narrowing and clean pores;

• relieve irritation, peeling and redness, regardless of their origin (changes in the hormonal background, improper care, poor environment, unhealthy lifestyle);

• healing damage, and, thanks to the lavender even from severe acne may not be marks and scars;

• toning-invigorating aging, tired skin.

Thanks to the lavender, the skin becomes soft, velvety, well-hydrated.

All this is achievable, just sometimes add one or two drops of flower oil in a portion of the familiar’s skin care, whether purchased or home recipe.

Lavender also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair and scalp and capable of:

• to speed up getting rid of dandruff and to prevent its occurrence;

• to prevent hair loss and strengthen, accelerate their growth;

• to relieve irritation from the scalp, overwhelmed, for example, through stacking or poor care, or just a very sensitive;

• facilitate combing and styling of hair;

• enhance their Shine and silkiness.

You can do it is simple — add a few drops of lavender oil into one dose of store products (shampoo, conditioner, mask).

You can add the oil a bonus ingredient in any home remedy for hair, moreover, it is useful to consider that lavender blends well with oils of olive, burdock and coconut, egg yolk, and its effectiveness can be increased if to hold the tool on hair under a plastic film and/or towel.

Lavender oil is useful to RUB into the cuticles (to soften) and nails (for strengthening of the nail plate, giving it more luster when polished, prevention of fungal diseases), in combination with oils of tea tree and apricot kernels.

These tools also speed up the healing of microdamage that can occur in the manicure and pedicure.

Sometimes adding a few drops of lavender oil to a favorite cream for hands, very easy to put them in order after household chores (Laundry, washing dishes, wet cleaning) and the negative impact of the environment (whether work in the country or winter frost).

Lavender oil is effective in anti-cellulite means, in particular, by properties to enhance blood circulation and normalize water metabolism in the epidermis, to smooth and tighten the broken structure of the skin.

Lavender can enhance the effectiveness of the body scrubs.

What properties of plants to create a benefit of lavender oil in folk medicine

Inhalation of lavender oil (and water) to help with diseases of the respiratory system, in particular, relieving nasal congestion, easing the cough and acting as an expectorant.

Along the way, they are also very useful for the mouth, since (as already noted) with an antiseptic, destroy harmful bacteria, causing, in particular, dental caries and periodontal disease.

Regenerating, anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic properties of lavender oil, you can use it to:

• to soothe the skin affected by insect bites (reduces swelling, redness and itching);

• to stimulate the healing of many skin diseases (including eczema and psoriasis), but, of course, only lavender, without any special preparations, will not be enough;

• to accelerate the healing of burns and external injuries, wounds, ulcers, cuts.

But it is important to note that using anything undiluted lavender oil (though other oils such as apricot) entail treatment of the skin, and its damage.

Rubbing tools, enriched with lavender essential oil significantly reduces pain in muscles after heavy physical work or sport, restores the overworked ligaments and relieves the joints of patients (relieve swelling, improved mobility, reduced pain during movement).

Massage tools with lavender oil are recommended even in diseases of the spine, and also for a speedy recovery for sprains, strains and bruises.

What can you say about the dangers of lavender oil

The effect of lavender in all forms, which only can take this plant to the organism of pregnant and lactating women, the topic of many a heated scientific debate, but in recent years they have increasingly heard opinion that in small amounts in lavender oil there is no harm for women in these important periods of their life.

What’s more — moderate aromatherapy with lavender oil can reduce such symptoms of toxicity as physical weakness and General malaise, nausea and dizziness.

In order to avoid harm from lavender oil, it is contraindicated in use of drugs containing iron and iodine and also very desirable when they lack in the body in principle (especially in anemia), since the individual substances in the chemical composition of plants hinder the absorption of these micronutrients.

Prolonged and/or excessive influence of lavender on the body may worsen the condition of hypotension, that is, to lower the pressure even more.

Despite the fact that Allergy to lavender is less common than at other plants, popular for the production of essential oils to those who were not familiar with it previously, it is recommended before large-scale use of lavender (added to bath, aromatherapy) to take it for a test — rather to apply elbow drop of its oil (of course mixed with something neutral) and wait 4-6 hours — if during this time will not have any symptoms (redness, itching, sneezing, etc.) – lavender safe in the individual case.

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