Basma is a universal remedy. Why the modern cosmetics can not compete with conventional Basma?

Basma is a universal remedy. Why the modern cosmetics can not compete with conventional Basma?

Every girl dreams of a beautiful, healthy, strong and shiny hair. But to achieve a good result you need to carefully and thoroughly taking care of them. After all, healthy hair is a very rare gift and the vast majority of girls have some kind of problem or even more than one: split ends, excessive oiliness or conversely – dry, brittle, hair loss, dandruff… the list goes on.

Fortunately, nowadays the shelves are literally crammed with the tools of hair care products of different brands, types and price ranges. But they mainly consist of chemicals, because science went far ahead and does not stop there. And as a result, the more chemistry is stuffed in a mask, shampoo or conditioner, the more money side effects. But in ancient times, wise harsh living conditions, women’s desire to improve the condition of hair used only natural remedies, and one of these is Basma.

Basma is known as a hair dye, organic origin. It is characterized by its unique durability and natural toning properties. But to have survived recipes ancient Egyptian healers that used the Basma and treatment cosmetic. They made masks, balms, and even medicine for ingestion. In that time people extremely appreciated this green powder for its strong healing properties.

Strengthening the hair

In the cdsm contains large amounts of tannins, which are under the influence of hot temperature and the temperature of the scalp penetrate deeply into the inner layers of the skin and form there a kind of crust. This is the crust and strengthens the hair bulb. After the first application the effect is so strong that he will be envied by even the most modern chemical detergents.

Prevention of dandruff

Basma strong antiseptic, due to the presence of vitamin B5, which disinfects the skin and thus completely eliminates even the most severe dandruff.

Regulation of greasiness

Thanks all the same tanning agents, and vitamin B12, Basma regulates the greasiness of the skin, which helps owners of oily hair.

Treatment of split ends

Vitamin B12 is combined with vitamin B5 as well as thanks to the loose structure of the Basma make hair soft, elastic and strong. With regular use of the mask from one part of the Basma and three parts hot water disappears forever and the problem of split ends of hair.

Preventing hair breakage

Tannins in combination with the above vitamins in Basma in the right concentration mask, gives an enveloping effect, is very strong. This film fills the “wounds” of brittle hair while preserving its integrity and prevents negative effects of solar rays. As a consequence, hair does not get too dry, eliminating the breakage and suppressed by “burning” colors.


In today’s world this fact is often surprising, but Basma was previously well known as a strong choleretic agent, it was used in the form of medicines and alcoholic tinctures a teaspoon inside, times a day during meals.

Basma is really good for your hair and scalp in General, but using it to treat hair, you should never forget about the coloring properties of this miracle means. Also, to achieve the desired effect must be strictly observed recipes for balms and masks with arms and ammunition, not to forget anything and not to be confused. Experiment with doses only if you change the color or shade of hair, to treat them better to adhere to a strict and proven techniques dosages.

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