Bioreinforcement face: it was still early or already late? How is and who is shown bioreinforcement

Bioreinforcement face: it was still early or already late? How is and who is shown bioreinforcement

What woman does not dream as long as possible to preserve their youth and beauty? But with age, the skin begins to lose its elasticity, wrinkles, laxity and sagging of the skin. To adjust the oval face, there is no need to go under the surgeon’s knife.

Now there is a good alternative operating facelift – bioreinforcement. What is this procedure and what problems it helps to cope?

Face bioreinforcement – it is a cosmetic procedure designed to restore the original contour of the face. The essence of the procedure is to create the skeleton face with the introduction of bioenhance. Under the skin of every human there is a layer of connective tissue, consisting of a special protein – collagen. The older a person is, the less collagen the body produces it. The collagen fibers are stretched, leading to sagging skin. To stimulate the production of collagen under the skin in a specific pattern are special drugs that makes the cells hard to work and be updated. The result of this work, the cells formed new connective tissue, which will become a skeleton face, designed to support sagging skin.

Indications for bioreinforcement can be the following:

• double chin smudged and broke the oval of the face;

• sagging and sagging skin;

• drooping corners of the mouth, eyes, or eyebrows;

• deep nasolabial folds.

The target age group from 35 to 50 years. It is in this age period it is possible to achieve the best result. After the onset of the 50 years of the effect of the procedure can not be, because at this age it is more difficult to start the process of cell renewal.

Used drugs

For this procedure can be used preparations containing hyaluronic acid or polylactic. These funds are designed to increase the production of elastin and collagen, and accelerate the exchange processes occurring at the cellular level. Used acid is compatible with human tissue and will dissolve over time. Depending on the age-related skin changes and solve problems, the procedure can be carried out in several stages. The number of steps and the interval for you will be informed cosmetologist.

Bioreinforcement using hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has a surface activity. This acid is able to attract water molecules, which contributes to skin hydration and to fill the intercellular space. In addition, it activates the process of collagen and elastin, thus firming the skin. The drug is evenly distributed in sagging skin and creates the necessary frame.

Bioreinforcement using polylactic acid

Unlike hyaluronic acid are more deeply penetrates into the skin layers. The drug is recommended for use by patients with serious age-related changes of facial contours. Are acid also activates the production of collagen. Due to the fact that the substance penetrates into the deeper subcutaneous layers, the effect is more pronounced in comparison with the use of hyaluronic acid.

How to be the procedure?

The procedure bioarmirovaniâ starts with a consultation of a cosmetologist. The doctor will assess your skin and discuss with you the possible contraindications, will tell you how to prepare for the procedure. If the procedure can be, it will be held as follows:

1. Skin cleansing with antiseptic.

2. Coating the face of the scheme, which will be with the help of injections be administered the drug.

3. Anesthesia. Anesthesia is performed with special creams or gels.

4. The removal of residues of the anesthetic.

5. Holding a subcutaneous injection.

The duration of the session may take from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. After injection, the injection may blister, which will disappear within 2 – 5 days. Also do not rule out a small facial edema and a small hematoma.

That procedure was completed successfully, go seriously to the choice of the doctor-cosmetologist. You should choose a highly skilled specialist. Before you trust the doctor, make inquiries.

Within days after the procedure do not touch the space shots. Also during the two-week period is not recommended to use cosmetics, steam bath, sauna and swimming pool are prohibited physical exercises.

Contraindications to bioarmirovaniâ:

• pregnancy and lactation;

• various diseases of the blood coagulation system;

• medication intended to thin the blood;

• the presence of infectious and inflammatory processes;

• purulent-inflammatory formations on the skin;

• autoimmune disease;

• allergic reactions;

• diabetes.

If there are no contraindications, it is likely bioreinforcement will take place without unwanted side effects, and the result in the form of rejuvenation will be achieved very soon. The skin becomes more elastic and taut, smoothes unwanted wrinkles, oval face is clearer. Remember that the procedure should be performed only by a highly qualified doctor-cosmetician, skilled bioarmirovaniâ. Be beautiful!

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