Boots – back in style? Pick up a stylish composition with botfortas

Boots – back in style? Pick up a stylish composition with botfortas

In the autumn-winter season is quite difficult to do without a pair of comfortable and stylish boots. Many women prefer to choose boots. This is not surprising as these boots enable you to accentuate the beauty of women’s legs and have the first season adorning fashion catwalks. They can be safely combined with tunics, dresses, long sweaters.

However, there is quite a lot of girls who refuse to accept this stylish boots due to the fact that you don’t know what it is best to wear.

How to choose boots?

You need to know that today there are many types of this Shoe. Meet narrow and wide, colorful and simple models, heels and flat shoes. Also the designers used as decor a variety of items. How to choose the ideal model?

In this case, you need to remember this simple rule: the fuller your figure, the narrower should be the shaft of jackboots. This will make your silhouette more feminine and neat. Themselves boots – it’s remarkably elegant shoes. In the case if you choose boots decorated with decorative elements, the dress should be as simple as possible. If you decide to prefer concise botfortas, the dress can be quite elegant.

You should also very carefully consider the choice of jewelry. Because these boots are very apparent, the jewelry must be extremely careful. You can afford elegant bracelet, thin chain, but from a massive necklace or beads should be abandoned.

What to wear with fashion boots?

To always look good, you need to know what kind of clothes matches perfectly with botfortas. For starters, keep in mind that you do not need to wear combined with boots too short dresses is bound to cause others a negative Association.

Also boots do not combine with stockings or tights. This shade will give your feet extra volume. Therefore it is better to choose tights matching with boots in color. Also suitable for contrasting the product of some bright hue. These tights will make your legs slimmer.

Do not combine with botfortas short dress with a plunging neckline – so you risk to create a vulgar way. However, some parties such a composition and will look appropriate. You also need to remember a simple rule: the tighter the outfit, the narrower should be the tops of the boots, otherwise there is a danger that the legs will seem longer than it really is.

It should be noted, that boots can be combined not only with dresses or tunics, but also with leggings, tight pants, skinny jeans. In this case, you can afford the boots on a flat sole. In addition, quite suitable combination of shorts. However, they must be made of dense fabric, in addition, you should not choose a too short model.

As for outerwear, boots perfectly with coats, trench coats, and raincoats. The jacket to wear should not – you risk creating absurd and tasteless.

Of course, you need to understand that the office in such shoes will not be sent. Rather boots are suitable for parties, walks with friends, visits and holidays, because this shoes allows each woman to feel desirable and attractive.

Boots is a wonderful option for stylish and confident women. Now you know how to wear these trendy boots. Performing the suggested recommendations, you can create many interesting images.

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