Cosmetics for men or how to turn your boyfriend into a human. The TOP 12 of the most essential male cosmetics

Cosmetics for men or how to turn your boyfriend into a human. The TOP 12 of the most essential male cosmetics

You’re not ready to offer her boy-friend a lipstick and eyebrow pencil, and turn it into the person still want? Start small.

Especially for the “Female opinion” the beautician has made a living for the men he would have used at least once a week.

The biggest and also the daily stress for the skin men shaving. Just don’t tell him about it because men who enjoy shaving as little as women who take pleasure in waxing, therefore, most likely, he uses this argument to not shaving every day.

In General, to teach a man to shave seven days a week pretty hard. If you got daily shaving an instance, either with him already conducted similar work (mother, wife, sister, someone else), or he really takes pleasure in shaving. My boyfriend for example, after the first joint of the weekend was genuinely surprised: “You really want me to shave on weekends, too?”

Attention! Most of these tools, your man will use regularly (and therefore will not consider them a waste of time and money).

1. Cleanser

All women have long known that the water from the tap is not the best way to wash, so it is best to use special lotions, gels, cleansing creams. In General, your boy-friend is fine and your cleanser, but you are unlikely to enjoy sharing. In addition, the skin in men has a lower acid-alkaline balance, and most of it is still dehydrated. So it is better if he gets his cleanser.

2. Shaving product

It can be foam, gels or creams. The task of shaving is not only a rich foam. This tool is to prepare the stubble for shaving to make it pliable and softer. It should also protect men’s skin and hold in moisture. Offer him a cleanser for a thorough shave from Biotherm.

3. Warm wet wipes

She was fine for a few minutes to cover the face, but you should not do if your boyfriend vasodilation is the result you will not be happy.

4. Aftershave

Lotion, cream, gel, or balm. Choose aftershave needs, focusing on skin type. For dry and sensitive more suitable balms or lotions that do not contain alcohol, the owners of a mixed or oily skin you can use alcohol funds. If your friend needs not only to relieve irritation and moisturize, but also tone skin, I recommend “aftershave tonic” from Argo, if he uses an electric, let gets this lotion and pre-shave.

5. Shower

Why do they need a man, I think that’s obvious. I would like only to note that it would be better if you are going to choose all the perfume together, because, as a friend of mine says: “I smell it then!”. Choose men’s shower gel as it is guaranteed to be “masculine” scent, and it will suit his skin better than any of yours. You can also choose to “Shower-gel” of the company Cora.

6. Facial scrub

In men the skin are refreshed more slowly than women, so it is enough to use scrub once a week.

7. Body scrub

Male skin also requires thorough cleansing, moreover, man is often much more clothes than a woman (try in the summer when the temperature is + 30 to walk in pants, shirt, socks and tie) give him a body scrub from the series of Hugo Boss

8. Foot cream

Best of all, if your favorite is to use cream with deodorizing effect, for example, the foot cream with deodorizing effect series from Oriflame, and “pile up” offer him a refreshing deodorant spray for feet of the same series.

9. Hand cream

Maybe the calloused hands and was once a symbol of masculinity, but those days are long gone. Explain to your precious thing to feel on my body hands similar to a grater – not romantic.

10. Shampoo

When choosing a shampoo you need to consider the type of hair and their condition at the moment, if you find it difficult in determining what’s going on in the head boyfriend, consult a trichologist.

11. Care for the skin

Most men skin is dehydrated. Affects everything: Smoking, alcohol, lack of attention to the skin, so the skin is not enough. Worth a try moisturizer peptidoglycan and proteins from the milk by Faberlic. And to fight wrinkles try from Biotherm

12. Perfume line

Better if all perfume and your friend will be one line. This will save him and you from having to pick up the aroma of roll-on deodorant to perfume or the smell of aftershave, the smell of shower gel.

One of the best cosmetic series, skin care for men offers Biotherm. It’s got everything he may need.

If you want to pamper a loved one and yourself, purchase “Moisturizer for face Aquapower Ultra Moisturizing Oligo-Thermal Care” , “a Tool for slimming the silhouette Abdo Sculpt Body Firming Gel or Remedy against circles and bags under the eyes Hydra-Detox Yeux”.

Mostn men are just discovering the vast world of cosmetics. It would be better if a guide through the maze of kremchiki, excellent result and other it will be for you. Purchase of personal makeup is a serious step towards civilization.

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