Exfoliation: what is the procedure? The dangers of exfoliation: contraindications to the session

Exfoliation: what is the procedure? The dangers of exfoliation: contraindications to the session

Peeling is an exfoliation of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Such a unique effect on the dermis helps to bring her appearance in order, refreshing, Nalivaychenko face. But the damage of the peeling is not known to anyone as there quite aggressive impact on the skin layer. Before a session it is necessary to consult a beautician.

Benefits of exfoliation: what is the effect on the skin

In order to appreciate the benefits of the procedure, you need to understand that the technique aims to complete a deep cleansing of the skin, removing excess sebaceous glands and polluting agents. The effectiveness of the session is marked with the following:

1. The cleansing of the epidermis. Nabludatyelnii the intercellular connections of the stratum corneum. Because of this removes dead skin particles. Such e response is seen in relation to fat. The dermis is cleaned from excessive surface elements. The structure becomes smooth and noticed a healthy skin tone.

2. Rejuvenation of the epidermis. There is a complete update of the surface layers of the skin. Starts the process of cell regeneration. Because of this, the formation of new and healthy cells. Activating internal factors cause active production of collagen and elastin. In the end, the skin becomes more elastic. Some shallow wrinkles are eliminated.

3. Reduction in the rate of the sebaceous glands. Specialists recommend to resort to sessions the patient in whom the skin is too oily. By the procedure can not only clean clogged pores from the natural secretion, but also narrows the gaps, organize the work of the sebaceous glands. Full course saves you from acne and acne and restores the natural beauty of the dermis.

4. Elimination of skin defects. Exfoliation is very often used by professionals to eliminate scars. Especially procedure helps to cope with the scars caused by acne or age spots.

Cosmetic procedure has many advantages and brings mostly benefits, but only if the right of its carrying out.

Benefit peel: the procedure against teenage complexes

A surface treatment acts soft and gentle procedure, which action is directed on elimination of the Horny layer of the dermis. Trace elements affect only 0,06 mm of the skin. Such effects fully sufficient for gentle and careful cleansing and renewal of the dermis. In this type of therapy does not have any third-party reaction.

Usually beauticians recommend to carry out this procedure girls up to 25 years to fight too oily skin. The session also helps to cope with acne.

Superficial peels help to deal with such problems:

• dull skin tone of the face;

• slight pigmentation after a long stay under sun rays;

• clogged and enlarged pores;

• excessive greasiness of the skin;

• prevue disease.

Before the procedure it is necessary to obtain expert advice.

Middle peeling: good procedure and what is required

In this form, the peeling specialist can attack 0,45 mm thickness of the skin. Active ingredients, light and ultrasonic waves affect the epidermal cells and the upper layer of the skin. In addition to aesthetic problems, middle peeling helps to cope with age-related changes. This procedure is most often cosmetologists assigned women aged 30-35 years, to deal with such age-related changes:

• age-related wrinkles;

• too dark pigmentation patches.

• rosacea and rosacea;

• sagging of the epidermis;

• drooping of facial tissues;

• roughness and density of the dermis.

The best way of rejuvenating peels are carried out with the help of acid solutions and hardware procedures. The first results are already observed after 2-3 sessions. But to feel all the benefits of can women strictly in their 30s.

Deep skin peels: benefits and an alternative to plastic

Cosmetologists believe deep peels very real alternative to plastic surgery. This is a replacement building of subcutaneous frame of Golden threads. This method is distinguished by its tenderness, and presence of a large number of contraindications. This is because during a session, the specialist affects 0.6 mm skin. Subject to destruction the entire Horny layer of dermis, reticular layer.

Deep views peeling is performed only under local anesthesia. It is prohibited to carry out the procedure on women under 45-50 years. The procedure helps to get rid of:

• deep folds and wrinkles;

• grayish and yellowish shades of the dermis;

• dark hyperpigmentation;

• loss of dermis of skin tone and elasticity;

• clarified the dermis;

• improves the microrelief of the dermis;

• scars caused by acne;

• the effect of visual rejuvenation.

Deep peels help to Polish dead skin layer, which makes breathing difficult dermis. After the procedure, there is regeneration and nutrition of the epidermis.

The dangers of exfoliation: contraindications for the procedure

As with any procedure, the peeling has its contraindications. Prohibited conduct the session at:

• various inflammations on the face;

• cancer of the skin;

• epilation (after the procedure should take at least 7 days);

• taking certain medicines;

• wounds and injuries of the epidermis person;

• allergic reaction to the composition of peeling;

• the nurturing of the baby and the breast-feeding period;

• herpes in the acute stage.

After the procedure is prohibited for some period of time under the sun and especially tanning under direct sunlight. To abandon a session should the ladies who have a tendency to the formation of scars. Must carry out the procedure more than two times per week, as skin is very much thinner. Be sure to give the skin a rest, after such aggressive in her effect.

If the woman decided to peel it yourself, you need to comply with sterility and all the expert advice. In this case, the harm caused will not. Before committing any action necessary to consult with a dermatologist. Only this specialist will determine the type of the dermis, and help you choose the right session that was received only benefit.

It is important to know what unique effect hiding microtrauma to the dermis. Too frequent use of the peeling leads to a drastic thinning of the dermis and premature aging. If improperly conducting the session may occur capillary mesh and there will be a scar.

Peeling is a very aggressive procedure, which can trigger allergies, scars, acute inflammatory processes. If actions were carried out in unsanitary conditions, it could lead to irreparable consequences for the epidermis. Therefore this procedure should only be performed in a clinic by a specialist.

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