Faces of subpersonalities. Get to know your inner man and woman

Faces of subpersonalities. Get to know your inner man and woman

Sometimes to understand the feelings and actions of a loved one can be difficult. To reconcile the contradictions, to harmonize the relationship with the partner can help an acquaintance with our inner characters or “subpersonalities”. We offer psychotherapeutic task “Faces of personality” that will help you make a step towards harmony.

If we are familiar with our inner characters or “”, you can use this knowledge to good use. At the same time, if we one of his sub-personalities don’t know or don’t accept, she gains power over us. We begin to take unexpected actions, thus, alas, usually with negative consequences. Remember how often in the comedies played up the situation: “gray mouse” or “notorious four-eyes” forbidden to drink a glass of wine and goes into the dressing. Their pent-up passions finally break out and out of control!

Regardless of biological sex inner woman helps a person to be empathic and intuitive, adaptive and flexible, to establish close contacts. But the male contributes to the goals, career growth and development in the profession, gives stability and assertiveness…

Moreover, subpersonalities affect which men and women are “attracted” to us. Look closely and you will see is mirroring what is happening in the inner world.

For example, many successful women complain that “the terms of some weaklings and get married not for anyone”. What’s behind it? This woman herself – “a man in a skirt.” It helped her to achieve career heights, but at what cost? Her inner woman had to perform male functions. And then the inner man was deprived of the power of the weak and depressed. That is exactly the same weak and depressed women men (most likely, “mommy’s sons”) begin to take care of it.

Thus, your partner displays what is happening with your inner man (or woman). And your partnership is the result of the relationship between the inner man and woman: if harmony reigns? Or happen to the argument? Maybe they are afraid of each other? Or one suppresses the second?.. Understand, analyze, search and make decisions.

Getting acquainted with their personalities, we improve partnerships, expanding the sense of self and become more successful.

The activity “Faces of personality”

Offer you to perform therapeutic exercise. This task is universal and suitable for both men and women, as the inner man and woman have each. To run it you will need paper, pen and your free time.

1. Close your eyes and think: what the character appears with the words “the inner man”?

These images can be several. Open your eyes and make a list. Try to give each one name and at least briefly describe: age, occupation, home, personality… It can be men of all ages, historical eras (even a caveman) – but don’t be scared! Among them usually occur like cute characters (a White Knight) and unpleasant (Hairy Barbarian). Most often in the list is five to ten characters, but this does not mean that you should be the same. Let your imagination run wild!

2. Pick up each of them a couple. Think about who might be with such a man? Again, do not be surprised that comes to mind. Near the Knight does not have to be a Beautiful Lady, instead you may receive a Witch…

3. Write down a separate list of all selected women. Now you need to do exactly the same work: briefly describe each of them, and then to pick up her man. And this is not necessarily the same male character! For example, the Witch can match is not a Knight, and Mage. But if the pair matched (and the Witch was back with a Knight), then these characters are complementary and working with them is terminated. But not the matched pairs will have to work again pick up their pair. And so until then while all the characters will be complementary – all halves must match.