Features aquarium nail design (photo). The actual aquarium design of nails in the photo – in all its diversity

Features aquarium nail design (photo). The actual aquarium design of nails in the photo – in all its diversity

A daring extraordinary personality has long ceased to be content with traditional nail designs.

Created inside volume effect, dubbed the “aquarium nails”, great for lovers of all progressive.

Now nails can be a real masterpiece, making the image vivid and memorable.

Those who first see the aquarium nail design in the photo, are under the impression for a long time.

Essence aquarium design of nails: photo and features

Hidden under the acrylic or gel layer, the picture creates a feeling of volume as in the aquarium.

It may not take up much space and looks great on the nails of different lengths. Whichever volume may be applique, the nail surface will remain perfectly smooth.

“Under glass” can be placed and sculpting, and drawing, and photo.

Advantages of aquarium design of nails

The reasons why the aquarium design of nails every day is gaining popularity, enclosed in its many advantages:


in a sudden change of circumstances and the forced need to do a manicure on natural nails at any time to varnish natural shades. After that remove the varnish without damaging the original nails will not be difficult. This is useful when a glamorous manicure does not correspond to a strict office dress code;


need a low maintenance nail care allows you to wear the manicure for up to 3 months. After the filing of the regrown nail is not mandatory. As regrowth of the nail plate the pattern is complemented and modified. Thus it can be brought to the original version of the French manicure. The color of the decor items remains in its original form, as not subject to fading;

good security

the pattern made by the wizard technology of the aquarium nail design, pictures of first days and subsequently, will not differ because it is difficult to damage;


“hidden behind glass” diverse in texture and form decorative elements always emphasize the bright individuality of every beauty;


regardless of decor nails allow you to do any chores around the house thanks to the absolutely smooth surface. All the details of the pattern firmly sealed inside and there is no fear of losing them;


gorgeous manicure with an unusual effect – an excellent replacement for various rings or bracelets. With nails that attract the maximum attention, jewelry almost lose their relevance.

Despite the fact that aquarium design involves considerable time and financial expenses, its popularity is increasing day by day. Because the original nails with long-lasting manicure – the dream of every fashionista.

Do aquarium nail art design: sequence of actions

When performing this technique, the master can not do without special modeling tools, UV lamp, set of acrylic paint, various decorative items, tweezers, fine brushes, polishing nail files, gel or acrylic.

The durability of manicure is always dependent on correctly observe the sequence technique, which is as follows:

1. The preparatory phase is a thorough cleaning, removal of excess moisture and the degreasing of the entire nail plate required for better adhesion of the coating to the surface of the nail. It is recommended to use a professional degreaser, extending the durability of nail Polish, to prevent the process of exfoliation of any coating. Giving the right shape and length correction is also made at this stage.

2. Fitting and marking pattern is an important step in aquarium design, photo can become this good tool. Often professional fantasy of the wizard allows you to create real masterpieces with graphics, rhinestones, foil, flower petals, beads, marble chips, gold or silver threads, feathers, mica or lace.

3. When combined aquarium design with the building of fat-free nail plate is subject to the processing of the adhesive composition. After removing the glossy Shine with a soft nail file on the nail is applied to tips, and then give the desired shape nails. In rare cases, when the manicure is done on the natural nail, this point is skipped.

4. Clear gel or acrylic will be the basic coating applied in 1 layer. Smooth surface – an important condition for a correct and accurate figure.

5. The base layer is covered with decoration in the same sequence that was determined during the fitting. In this step, use tweezers or a fine brush.

6. If necessary, brush draw the outline and add abstraction.

7. Modeling tool reinforces the structure composed of the pattern, covering it at the end of the manicure. The illusion of glass and volume is achieved by applying it in several layers.

Any phase involving the application layer is completed by drying in the UV lamp as with the traditional manicure.

Experienced master is able to create designs of varying complexity. The unique 3D effect is achieved by the alternation of the applied pattern and a transparent layer.

Examples of aquarium nail design pictures and professional tips

Having mastered the basic technique of aquarium design, you can plunge into some of the subtleties of its unique options.

Nails with flowers

The features and guidelines for creating has a floral aquarium design of nails, pictured looking elegant and stylish.

This manicure is perfect for long nails and short contraindicated.

Natural dried flowers look much more attractive than artificial. Incomparable tenderness and fragility is their main difference.

Experts believe the combination of this design with a French manicure, impressive elegant luxury. The base coating can be pastel colors or gradient. The flowers must be carefully selected in size so as not to distort the pattern.

The nails with glitter

Charming evening option is the aquarium nail design that impresses with sparkling sequins.

It’s a great way for those who choose the length of your nails short. After all, these manicures are equally good at any length, albeit the most extreme.

Glamor design will add a mix of different types of sequins creating an Ombre effect. The background can be of different colors: from rich succulent to calm pastel.

The creation of such a manicure would require the use of fine brushes, which will be glued sequins. Fixing the coating element is required. His absence will not allow to build the pattern correctly. Modeling tool to be applied to the decor, covered with a layer of gel or acrylic.

Nails with foil

This option manicure suitable for evening wear and has a stunning three-dimensional effect. Look especially gorgeous nails with amber French.

In addition to gold and silver cut foil in this design you will need acrylic powder. She put on a base coat of artificial nail. Thinly sliced foil is laid on top of a manicure stick. Protruding parts neatly trimmed. The final stage is the same for all types of aquarium design, consisting in the application of modeling tools.

Nails with colored stripes

One of the simple techniques of making aquarium design with sculpting. On the pre-artificial acrylic nail is applied acrylic powder assorted colors thin stripes. They are modeled using a thin brush. Welcome Golden blotches.

Nails with fimo

Colorful figures made of polymer clay are also widely used in the aquarium design. The elements of the alleged pattern cut sticks out of the rod, using a special blade. For decorative use parts or entire drawings. The richness of colors fimo preferable in the summer. Because their subject matter is often floral or fruity.

Fimo captured with tweezers and placed in extended pre-nails. Compiled pattern is fixed one or more layers of transparent gel.

Aquarium design of nails: how to maintain the beauty

Expensive beautiful manicure will last much longer if you take into account the simple advice of experienced craftsmen:

1. Hand cream cannot be used before applying the gel varnish or acrylic. Its moisturizing properties will prevent good adhesion of the coating to the nail plate.

2. Degreasing is better done using the wipes, lint-free cloth. Any accidentally trapped lint can cause cracking and peeling of any coating.

3. When choosing colors, remember that pale colors make the manicure barely noticeable. Pretentiousness patterns and excessive brightness will be Intrusive. The combination of the nails with the shades of clothing always looks stylish.

4. The abundance of rhinestones and unusual jewelry may not correspond to the everyday image. To do this design for specific reasons. Otherwise, you will have to periodically hide chic design under the discreet tones of conventional varnishes.

5. To have a manicure harmoniously into the image and combined with the dress to do aquarium nail art design with a photo of a particular dress or suit, provided the master.

6. This technique is more suitable for long tips. The quality of painting depends on the space that hosts the pattern. Than bigger figure, the shorter will be perceived nails.

7. The pursuit of fashion trends is good only in cases where the décor close to your taste preferences. Contrary to something they very soon get bored and become annoying.

8. Sudden temperature changes and harsh chemicals can destroy the gel or acrylic. Masters do not recommend this nail decoration is for those who, in their professional activities are subjected to the hands of such influences.

9. The process of creating the aquarium design complicated. A simpler version you can try to do at home, but there is no guarantee that the manicure will last for a long time. If you want to have flawless nails is better to seek the assistance of a real expert in his field.

Examples of aquarium design in the photo can not fail to fascinate with their uniqueness and originality. Wildest fantasies feasible with this technology.

All that is required from you is patience and investment, which kompensiruet whole list of benefits.

The result is a great mood and confidence in their own perfection when you look at well maintained and uniquely decorated nails.