Foot care: how to prevent odor. Why do feet smell bad?

Foot care: how to prevent odor. Why do feet smell bad?

This phenomenon is familiar to all. Most of us have friends or relatives who come to visit, throwing off his shoes, the room filled with a mouthwatering aroma. Even the most unassuming people can be wrong, the atmosphere will be spoiled. Blame pair of legs, not yours of course. So why the feet have a stronger smell? And feet of a neighbor, they always smell stronger.

Why feet smell bad

With more than 25 thousands of glands secreting sweat, each leg is the most odorous part of the body. During the day, each of the legs may allocate up to 200 grams of sweat. Sweat consists mainly of water and salt, so it does not have its distinctive smell. This is the body’s response to overheating and the ability to cool the body. Unpleasant odors caused by bacteria living on our skin and feed on sweat. Waste products of these bacteria and are a source of strong and unpleasant odor.

It is perfectly normal to have bacteria on the skin, they usually do not produce a strong odor. Sweat glands there are on different parts of the human body, but they do not produce a smell comparable to feet. Even the armpits, which produce sweat is not less than the feet, can claim second place in this race. First place, with a strong detachment, with feet.

All the matter in our socks and shoes. Allocated by the feet sweat can not easily evaporate, it concentrates on our skin and in our socks. Bacteria love this temno, moist, full of yummy lower part of the legs. They arrange a holiday belly and begin to multiply rapidly, producing an insane amount of waste. And all this takes place in a small confined space. When your guest takes off his shoes, the result of feasting bacteria penetrates the outside and reaches your nose. Further reaction is well known.

How to reduce odor

There are two main ways. You can reduce the amount of bacteria on your feet. You can reduce the amount of sweat on the feet and in shoes.

Reducing the level of bacteria is actually a question of purity. To control bacteria we need to wash feet. Preferably with antibacterial soap. Frequently change socks. It is recommended to have a few pairs of seasonal shoes. Wear them every day changing. One of the pairs will be constantly ventilated. For foot care use cream with anti-bacterial additives. These creams provides, for example, Israeli cosmetics Evenel.

To reduce the amount of sweat that collects in your Shoe you should:

Wear socks made of cotton or other absorbent fabrics that can absorb sweat. In that case, bacteria could not feed, change socks several times a day. Shoes have design features, allowing you to ventilate the cavity of the Shoe. Apply deodorants and photoregulated cream.

It is also useful a few times a week to salt baths for feet as well as Dead sea salt has an antibacterial effect. After taking bath do not need to rinse feet with clean water. Just DAB them with a towel is left on the skin the salt will prevent the growth of bacteria.

If your strong smell and these measures do not help, you should consult a doctor. There are a number of drugs prescription, which kill bacteria.

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