Hair mask for dandruff: what effect to expect? The recipes of homemade masks from seborrhea with cognac, honey, clay, vinegar

Hair mask for dandruff: what effect to expect? The recipes of homemade masks from seborrhea with cognac, honey, clay, vinegar

Dandruff is a disease that is caused by a lesion of the scalp fungus under various hormonal disorders, as well as improper operation of the sebaceous glands.

To treat seborrhea necessary, identifying the causes of dandruff, proven medicines and the methods of traditional medicine. Only after a detailed study of the problem, you can achieve a positive result.

Indications for the treatment of seborrhea

During the initial appearance of dandruff do not worry and go to the doctor for advice. It is possible that its formation is connected with overdue use, unsuitable cosmetic, hygienic means on care of hair. To begin treatment of seborrhea is required when the following symptoms.

1. Increased flaking of the scalp. Destruction of the epidermis indicates hormonal issues that need to be optimized with the help of hair masks in combination with vitamins C, E, D.

2. Oily hair occurs when the violation of the sebaceous glands. Sometimes I’ll wash my head every day, several times, which leads to increased activity of the receptors. To get rid of the symptoms, it becomes very difficult, therefore, to begin treatment in this case is a must.

3. Hair loss, partial baldness and seborrhea occurs for many reasons, including because of the activity of the hereditary gene. To avoid such troubles, it is necessary to carefully monitor the hair, including the program of care, treatment mask, anti-dandruff, preserving the hair follicle.

4. Irritation, itching of the scalp of the most unpleasant symptoms from which you should get rid of first. A change of shampoo will not lead to the desired result. Only treatment with special products will help the patient to get rid of these symptoms and dandruff.

Seborrhea comes in two types: dry and oily. The first is characterized by a decrease in the secretion of the sebaceous glands, increased destruction of the epidermis. The skin peels off in small scales. The hair look so, as if sprinkled with cosmetic powder.

For oily seborrhea, there is increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Destruction of the epidermis occurs by exfoliation of large flakes of skin that are often clumped together, forming the head of a dense crust, not amenable to removal using cosmetic products and hygiene products.

Rules for the use of masks for hair dandruff

Any ongoing cosmetic and medical procedures should bring exceptionally good. For this it is advisable to use only proven tools and techniques of traditional medicine and to follow the rules of the use of masks for hair.

1. Choosing the method of treatment should consult a dermatologist and consider the type of the scalp. Seborrhea appears with dry and oily epidermis, which significantly affects the choice of recipe.

2. The prepared mixture must be used immediately after its manufacture, for three, four hours. Apply the mask smooth massage movements, spreading the composition over the scalp with a cotton pad, dividing the parting comb.

3. After applying the mask, your head need to wrap with plastic wrap, and on top, with a towel or wear a special hat. This creates a greenhouse effect that allows you to achieve maximum result from the use of medical, cosmetics.

4. Any procedure should be carried out within the specified time. If you overdo mask, the result did not please, and can hurt. If the recipe is not specified the period of treatment, the damage part should be washed in thirty or fifty minutes, depending on ingredients.

5. To remove applied mask should be warm water, using shampoo or liquid soap. Rinse your hair with recommended solution, in specified proportions (one liter of warm boiled water temperature of approximately 26 – 35 degrees Celsius, to dissolve 0,02 ml lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar).

6. Use the hair mask is recommended once or twice a week. To see the result after the third, fourth procedure. The treatment is carried out for two months, after which it is necessary to take a break, thirty, forty-five days.

Mask for hair from dry dandruff

If dry dandruff is accompanied by abundant loss of hair, then the reasons lie inside the body and related metabolic disorders. In such a case without consulting a specialist can not do, but if no accompanying symptoms is not observed, we can safely use a hair mask prepared according to recipes of traditional medicine.

It is first necessary to refuse junk food (salty, greasy, sweet, alcohol) and to include in your diet foods that contain vitamins C, E, D. you Can change the usual shampoo.

When dry seborrhea well help mask based on natural, vegetable components.

1. Very effective – mask based on burdock oil. It is heated to room temperature and RUB into the scalp with gentle massage movements, spreading across the surface of the scalp. Keep the mask should be from thirty minutes to eight hours. It can be used at night and in the morning rinse with warm water at regular hygienic procedure. It would be easier to get rid of the oil, apply shampoo on dry hair, rinse it, and then carry out the procedure in the usual way.

2. Against the fungus, which is associated dandruff, very well to the usual garlic. Using the grinder or the press are ground six to ten large denticles. The resulting mass is poured boiled water, infused for thirty minutes. Then the strained liquid is rubbed into the scalp massage movements. After fifteen minutes rinse the mask with warm, soapy water.

3. The unusual combination of chicken eggs and the castor oil will not only help to get rid of dandruff but also promotes the growth and strengthening of hair. The yolk is mashed with a teaspoon of calendula, pour in the mixture two tablespoons of warmed castor oil. Apply the mask exclusively for fifteen minutes, no more, then wash off with plenty of warm water.

4. The egg combined with flax seed oil will help restore moisture balance and normalize the sebaceous glands. To prepare the composition, take one egg yolk, 20 grams of linseed oil, 10 grams of tincture of propolis. All are thoroughly mixed, preferably in a blender until a thick foam. The resulting composition is applied to the scalp, and kept for thirty minutes.

Hair mask from oily dandruff

The use of masks for dry hair oily dandruff nourishes the scalp with essential minerals and vitamins, normalizes the sebaceous glands, improve circulation and have an antibacterial effect that helps kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

There are many recipes of traditional medicine to get rid of oily dandruff. Proven to and most effective ones include:

1. Infusion – mask based on oak bark and onion peel is suitable to be applied to people with dark hair as it promotes hair coloring tresses in Golden color. For cooking take shredded husk, about twenty grams, add two tablespoons of oak bark, pour 0.5 liters of water. The resulting mass is boiled for twenty minutes, cool and add 20 ml of salicyl alcohol. Rubbed into the hair roots and then wash off after forty minutes cleaned with soap and water.

2. Vinegar in combination with nettle – aggressive composition that will help to achieve the result after the first application. It should be noted that for making money it is better to use natural Apple cider vinegar is made at home with fruit from the garden trees. Twenty grams of dried nettle pour a glass of boiling water, cooled, mixed with a tablespoon of vinegar. RUB the composition should be exclusively in the roots of the hair for one hour. Then wash off with plain water at room temperature.

3. Brandy mask allows to reduce the sebaceous glands and improve blood circulation. For its preparation you need to mix one tablespoon of liquor with lemon juice in equal proportions, add 20 grams of hot honey, cool and pour castor oil. All mix thoroughly, apply on scalp and keep for thirty minutes.

4. Mask with blue clay will help eliminate dandruff and strengthen the hair. Two tablespoons of the main component is diluted, the infusion of nettle (to obtain take 400 g of ethanol and 500 g of dry nettle leaves, keep in a dark place during the week). The resulting composition is rubbed into the hair roots for half an hour, then wash off with warm boiled water, add liquid soap.

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