Hairstyles for prom for grade 4: say goodbye to elementary school. Ideas hairstyles for 4th grade prom for girls

Hairstyles for prom for grade 4: say goodbye to elementary school. Ideas hairstyles for 4th grade prom for girls

Finishing primary school girls aspire to look like their favorite Princess or the same as their own mom. For parents, it is also a very important time associated with the choice of attire, hairstyle for daughter, holiday activities. And in order to facilitate the task, we recommend you to view this article with the most fashionable and beautiful hairstyles for 4th grade prom.

Hairstyles for prom in 4th grade for long hair

Long-haired girls easier to come up with a festive hairstyle, which is combined with the chosen outfits. One of the most simple options are small curls.

Important! It should not be used for children’s hair, different Curling irons, straightening irons, as they adversely affect the structure of the hair.

To create the elastic, and most importantly, super-resistant curls, it is recommended to use the following method. On the night before the event, you must braid many thin braids, not thicker than one centimeter. Braids braided on damp hair. If your child has unruly hair, then you should apply on the palm of Musa a little bit of hair gel. In the morning braids rasplatitsya. They can be a little comb. Locks can leave fluff, decorated with beautiful hairpins, tiaras, or you can create more complex hairstyle.

Hollywood curls

If there is a desire to create hairstyles for prom for grade 4 with glamorous Hollywood waves, it should be slightly damp strands of hair curled by using a foam curler or paper paper shoes. To create gorgeous curls, you should do the following steps:

· slightly wet the hair should be gently combed, not traumatize them;

· next section to be applied a bit of styling products for hair;

· then separate strands and wound on curlers, the curlers (the second option better because a child can sleep);

· on the morning of curler gently unfurl, gently comb the strands, creates a basal volume, using a small brush;

· hair can be clipped with a small amount of hairspray;

· next, you should pin it to the hair barrette or wear a tiara.

The bow hair

Another popular hairstyle for prom for 4 classes:

· in order to create a simple bow, you should apply to the whole length of the hair styling tool;

· followed by to make a high ponytail and secure it with transparent silicone rubbers;

· next, the tail is folded into two parts so that the bow remained about ten centimeters;

· loose ends of the hair are displayed to the side of the forehead;

· after the hair is divided into two parts, the free ends are thrown back and are fixed with beautiful pins;

· the part of the bow straightened, held in place by styling products;

· loose ends can be slightly curled and fasten it with barrettes.

Pigtails and braids

The weaving of different strands, small braids, lace braid today are the most sought-after styling prom hairstyles for 4th grade.

For active girls who will dance and frolic on the occasion, the best option would be a circular braiding or weaving on the diagonal. In order to give the hairstyle a festive look in your hair weave satin ribbon, or decorate the finished design, with pins with pearl beads, pretty little barrettes. Also will look beautiful voluminous French braid that can be twisted with each other and create an interesting hairstyle.

This method is suitable not only for those who have long hair, but also to owners of medium length.

If the mother does not own the equipment complex weave of different flagella and cones, then come to the rescue of ordinary silicone rubbers of which you can create a very beautiful hairstyle. It is important that the rubber bands were just transparent, or fit the color of hair girls.

And so in order to create two original, lush, festive braids, you must perform the following steps:

· first and foremost you need a good hair comb and divide them into two equal parts, straight parted in the middle;

· next stab not working the side with Bobby pins, the hair is not disturbed during weaving. After you must allocate his forehead a small section and tighten it with a rubber band;

· after you must run the same tail, departing from the first short distance. Return to the first ponytail and divide it into two equal parts, separated strands of hair passes under the lower tail;

· this creates a semblance of a French braid. Once all the ponytails are fulfilled, the remaining hair you need to braid it slanting with the opposite braiding, i.e. the strands of the braid are laid on the bottom, not the top, as usual;

· at the end of the netting will need to gently pull strands of hair, as the resulting ponytails and the braids. Thus creating the volume and hiding her gum in the hair. In this case, the better to be able to pull the hair, the richer it will look hairstyle.

This hairstyle can be combined with colorful ribbons or beautiful hair pins. Braids can be joined together, thus forming a festive wreath.

Also, this way you can create another hairstyle. It will require transparent silicone rubber. Pre-hair it is recommended to apply any styling product. Next, the hair is collected in a high pony tail. If she does not have thick hair, then the ponytail, you can perform a fleece. After the tail was assembled, you need to tighten the other band, slightly departing from the first gum, then tighten another gum and so on until the end. Next, you need to pull the hair between the elastics, creating a small and neat bead, which should be fixed with the help of hairspray. The resulting beads can be decorated with sequins, flowers, the main thing that the decoration was not heavy.

Hairstyle in retro style

If the selected dress is restrained and elegant, is an excellent option hairstyle in retro style. So for example, you can create elegant up-do hair in a matter of minutes, using a special cushion for the hair. The remaining free ends of the braid in a loose braid and twist it around the bundle. Hairstyle can be supplemented, using the bow chosen for the tone of the dress. Way to complement a elegant handbag and gloves.

Hairstyles for short hair

A good solution for gentle hair playful curls will be. They should also be done with the help of curlers or paper shoes. You must create a basal volume, so the design didn’t look crushed. Decorate the hairstyle with a beautiful wrap with flowers or small barrettes crabs.

If the girl is not too short hair, you can complement strands of curls tiny braids, which you can also weave colored ribbons. This hairstyle will look not only original, but also very easy and playful.

Important tip when choosing hairstyles for prom in grade 4 is that it is not necessary to choose for girls adult model, this is the weight image gives the age. On the contrary, it should be light, airy with a beautiful and elegant accessories, ribbons, flowers.

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