Hairstyles with donut: elegance is back in fashion. To fit the hairstyle with donut, how to choose the right bagel

Hairstyles with donut: elegance is back in fashion. To fit the hairstyle with donut, how to choose the right bagel

Hairstyle “beam” experienced fashionable peak in the 50s of the last century. Hair laid with the help of a donut is the business card windy heroine Audrey Hepburn from “Roman holiday”.

Girl with high volume bun embodied the image of the elite of society: in the hair elegance combined with sleek minimalism. For a long time, the bunch remained the most popular way brides, teachers and ballet dancers.

Suitable for hair donut

Some girls assotsiiruet hair “bump” with a strict teacher of the Soviet period. Take a closer look at who will have to face high beam.

Hair styling with the help of a donut really sets cautious tone, especially in combination with a classic business suit. But she can be playful and romantic next to the lace, flowing tchami and dresses in pastel shades.

Top elegant long evening dress, tiara or pearl and smooth neat bun style hair.

Styling perfect for women with busy schedule who do not have extra time in the morning to create more complex structures.

Formed hairstyle with a bagel depending on the figure type and face shape

· If your face is shaped like the right oval, make the base of the hair crown and bangs safesite ago.

· For the face, reminiscent of the triangle are ideal various options with bangs.

· A large beam is in dissonance with wide cheekbones and sharp facial features. Right choice: the bun is medium in size, located slightly below the top of the head. To balance the proportions you will help long thin earrings or strands, carelessly curly at the temples.

· Girls of low growth, fragile physique, it is better to do the bumps proportional to their size: too big the design will appear a bird’s nest.

· High lady and women are advised to give preference to low neat buns.

· Girls with medium length hair will suit bunches collected at the nape.

· High hair recommend to do only visoin girls with perfect long neck, otherwise massive bump focuses attention on the shortcomings in the area of neck and décolleté.

· Sloppy bunch very demanding: it can afford only slim girls with the right face and long, perfect neck.

Types of hairstyles with a bagel

Girls whose hair is too short to completely cover the bagel advised to seek the help of hairpiece.

Classic or retro style

Retro style definitely involves the accessories: a headscarf, tied in a bundle, brooch, silk ribbon, pin, barrette or tiara, depending on the time of day or destination of the output.

Hairstyle with a bagel in the art Nouveau style

Since Audrey Hepburn fashionista around the world have invented many ways to beat the usual strict “bump.” Here are some of them

· Separate the strands in the temple area and braid of them 2 easy ear. After you form the beam obvate his ears, and the tips of the hair and secure with Bobby pins.

· A classic kind of beam it is interesting to look at the pre-corrugated or comb the hair.

· Girls who are not requires a strict dress code of the institution or office, can afford to comply with an asymmetrical beam or walking beam, symmetrically located relative to the part.

· Appetite the head French braid, ending it with a small bun at the nape.

· The second option with a French braid: begin to braid from the nape to the top, stop at the desired height and pull your hair back in a ponytail. Then proceed according to the standard scheme of hairstyles with donut.

· Appetite lump, previously left a strand of hair: let it will replace the retro scarf or ribbon.

· Diversified children’s hair with a bagel is very simple: after a bagel put on the tail, separate a section of hair, twist out of her harness and wrap them with a bagel. Do the same around the entire circumference. Spread the cords and get the most unusual shot!

· Decorate the hairstyle with a hairpin with a graceful tip: once the beam is assembled, insert the pin in the middle of it.

French beam

Elegant hairstyle for formal and business outputs, more known under the name “shell”. Ideal for business casual hairstyles women with medium length hair.

Clean combed hair spray spray for hair styling. Gather hair in a ponytail at the nape and twist them into a bundle in a clockwise direction. Lift the harness up and wrap it around the shell. Secure design hairpins, carefully align the tips of hair under the “shell”. Lightly coat the lacquer.

How to do the hairstyle with a bagel at home

Another unquestionable advantage of hairstyles with donut – the ease of execution. It can perform even a novice.

If your hair is fuzziness and bad fit, I advise you to perform a “bump” on the second day after shampooing.

Carefully comb your hair and put it in a high ponytail. Try tight to lock it with a small rubber band. Pull hair through the donut.

You have too thin hair? Backcomb with a fine comb formed at the base of the tail.

For convenience, you can tilt your head down, to thoroughly distribute the hair over the donut. Tuck the hair ends inward and fix them with hairpins. Make sure that the parts of the bagel not protrude from under the hair.

To the surprise weather is not nullified your efforts, after laying lightly sprinkle hair lacquer.

How to choose a foam donut for hair

Foam bagels vary in size: large, medium and small. Select the accessory, focusing on the length of the hair. The shorter the hair, the thinner should be the bagel.

If the size does not match the length of the hair, a bagel cannot cover up, it will be reviewed and spoil all the impression of hairstyle. In case of doubt, stop at the bagel smaller.

The accessory comes in two colors: dark and light.

By design, the bagel is of 2 types:

· one-piece ring;

· oblong cushion.

How to work with the first option we mentioned above and the platen, the situation is even simpler: it is enough to wind on his hair, previously collected in a ponytail at the crown or the nape, as it is in the process of winding curlers. After all the hair is wound, the roller close to the ring and lock buttons.

Create a variety of beam by using the once popular pins “of the Sophist-twist.”

High bun – hair style, to which specially selected closet. With it you can be discreet boss, the strict teacher, frivolous romantic “Chikoy” or a socialite – it all depends on the style of clothing and accessories .Well, we leave the choice up to you!