How men evaluate women on photos and videos. Flirting on the Internet

How men evaluate women on photos and videos. Flirting on the Internet

On their photos and videos posted in social networks on public display in search of the groom, you must demonstrate what men pay attention.

So, what are your potential “the Prince” first of all will pay attention?

The fact is that when a man sees a beautiful woman, his brain begins to develop certain signals that contribute to the production of testosterone and the hormone of love and hard work of dopamine. This hormonal “shot” makes his move, take some action, decisions to care for the object of desire.

That it pushes on the exploits?

The main criteria is very simple. The first is a figure of “hourglass”, which indicate the health of the woman, because he is interested in the appearance of progeny. Second — if a woman knows how to flirt, that is to show the flexibility and gracefulness of their bodies, respectively, then sexual signals are particularly vivid and obvious. If she takes these sexual signals, the man unconsciously reacts to them, whether he wants to or not. For example, if a girl is walking rocking hips, so she has healthy reproductive organs — so decode the mechanism of evolution the male brain and responds. Also under a sight of attention is a nice smile, nice laugh, in which the lady can feel free to open your mouth wide, showing white teeth and pink tongue. This is also a signal of health that leave no man indifferent. Girl with diseased teeth or complexes will be to cover your mouth or smile with a closed mouth. Because of the stiffness it produces the stress hormone cortisol, which is also a sign of illness. The Cavaliers feel it and remain indifferent.

The man also draws attention to hair. If a girl shaved her head, she loses not only the charm, but another powerful sexual signal, because the density and length of hair, the man is also on an unconscious level determines how healthy it is. Not encouraged, if the lady painted very thick. Under the thick layer of Foundation knight by the color of their skin and its condition can not determine sexual signals, because clean, healthy skin when excited blushing.

Also blush and lips with passionate excitement. If lips thickly painted, how the man make their excitement? Also important is the gait of the woman’s movement, such as it from her purse and phone missing, or out of the car, or throws one leg over the other, or as a shoulder lead, or as eating. All these details man takes into account when choosing a partner.

So, that was a lucky shot in the object of love, we need flirting, sexual signal, i.e. a demonstration of power. And the strength of women in it? The formula force equals mass times acceleration, that is, the skills are multiplied by a proactive stance, or, in other words, skills, multiplied by action. And of course — the mood. When a woman is happy, only then it is attractive. And do not have to be supergravity.

Some girls think that they’re men the herds will run, if they increase hair, inflated lips, Breasts, ass. Yes, they can be into all these “bulges” when we first met. But when they find out that none of this is real, you can lose interest in you.

Why? Imagine that stops near you expensive car, the man offers you a ride, you love it: “Oh, what an interesting man, in a fashionable suit, with a smart hours”. You are in seventh heaven, he gallantly smiling, you get in the car, all is well, you have a date. And suddenly learn that he’s got all the stuff bought on credit, including a suit. Your reaction?

Immediately — boom! — no luck. A complete disappointment and good — bye. That’s exactly the same reaction occurs and the man, when he realizes that all your artificial charms. They see it as cheating. Those who against plastic miracles is normal, a little.

Man you can capture not only beauty, but also , that is, understanding his emotions and feelings. However, in connection with the development of the Internet emotional intelligence is not developed, because we communicate less in person. And fewer interpersonal contacts, the more difficult it is to understand the other person. Therefore, there are more lonely people hanging for days in the Network. If you want a family, make more real, not virtual acquaintances.

If you gave him the first day, he will think that you never refuse. First, he needs you to care, to show attention, give gifts, and only then to you as a prize. And sexual availability is the other important causes of loneliness and the inability to create a family time. So many people get married only after 30 years, and at this age they are already considered staracademie, which in most cases are unable to bear a healthy offspring. And because of the early “aerial” many teenage girls still have time to do abortion, why in the future become infertile. As they say: give birth can not, because the walk up. Yes and men have the same problem: the more he had women, the faster he becomes impotent. Just imagine, today we have in Russia, 4 million infertile women of the 39 million reproductive age. And reproductive age is the period from 15 to 49 years. So my advice: before agreeing to the proximity of, go not on one, and maybe a hundred visits, but make sure your date has come to respect you as a person, as a woman.

That was a long-term relationship, you need respect, because then the feeling in the location, there will be others. Imagine a man sleeping with a woman not only wants, but respects. What will he feel? He even may touch it will be as a goddess!

The male body begins to produce more male hormones, why even improves erection. Intimacy takes a completely different, bright colors. And if he just physically wants the female, touching her like a piece of meat. Some girls-one day complain: “From him I only need it and nothing more. He even doesn’t listen to me, can’t hear”. When the man perceives you not only as a woman but as a person, then the relationship becomes stronger, warm, emotional.


A fragment of the book “How to find love through Instagram. Flirting on the Internet and not only.” Paul Rakov. — Moscow : Publishing house AST, 2019.