How to avoid relapse in a toxic relationship, or How not to step on the old rake

How to avoid relapse in a toxic relationship, or How not to step on the old rake

When it comes to toxic relationships, it can be hard to get over a breakup and its consequences. If you were in a toxic relationship for a long time, it is likely that you will be hard to get out of them. Sometimes the support of loved ones may not be enough.

If you go back in this relationship, you may feel shame and embarrassment, you will be embarrassed to admit this to a friend or family member. Even if you are undergoing therapy, which should help you to get out of toxic relationships, you will notice that hide from his physician any information or lie to him about the cause of the relapse because it may seem too pretentious or silly, so it’s best to remain silent. The result may be a sense of isolation, depression and hopelessness.

I myself went through this situation in the past and have experienced the roller coaster of relapse. The months passed, all was fine and then one day I felt weak and tried to restore the relationship. Or Vice versa, ex-partner been in contact and I gave in. It may be experienced as frustration: after all, you spent so much time to work on yourself, and now you have relapsed and you will be at the same point where we started. So you now feel like: “Why did I spend so much time and money in therapy?” “Why this relapse happened?” “What can I do to avoid recurrence in the future?”

Based on my own experience, I can say that it is useful to start by making a list of all the reasons why you ended the relationship. It is hard to remember this difficult period because it can trigger unpleasant emotions. However, think about the reasons why we decided to leave – a good opportunity to come into contact with reality.

I recently reread my diary and I got a recording that I experienced being in a toxic relationship. It opened my eyes to many things. I forgot my pain, which was sealed in my records and it was a shock. Reading about your experience, I realized why she left the relationship and why in no event it is impossible to go back. We must do everything possible not to communicate.

I also found that in order to recover after a relapse, it is very helpful to spend more time with their hobby and seriously work on myself through meditation and yoga. Try to make a plan in the event of the threat of another relapse. Then the danger will not find you unprepared. Find one person in your life who you trust who can maintain and will not condemn, when you’re faced with the problem of relapse.

As in the case of any other threat, you must assess yourself realistically. For example, I know about his propensity for codependency, which I stuck in toxic relationships, so I need to always remember this as the serious consequences to which it leads.

very complex and difficult to understand alone, but if you show confidence to some of my suggestions, you may feel better and lose the tendency to such relapse.


  • psychcentrpse
  • Translated Kiril Melamud