How to choose a dandruff shampoo. The best remedies for dandruff, combined with everyday hair care

How to choose a dandruff shampoo. The best remedies for dandruff, combined with everyday hair care

Despite the diversity of causes of dandruff, often to get rid of it is possible without special procedures, just right picking up the regular hair care.

In this review we will focus on shampoos.

Shampoo Instant Clear Pure L’oreal Professionnel

This shampoo for normal and greasy hair is perfect for getting rid of a small amount of dandruff and if she was seen recently, then for the solution of complex cases, it is recommended to seek out more effective means.

In the present formula shampoo zinc pyrithione, contributing to the disappearance of dandruff (in particular, it normalizes the sebaceous glands), as well as citric acid and alpha-bisabolol, a calming impact on irritated scalp.

Additional elements which nourish, cleanse and refresh, soften and improve blood circulation.

In addition, the shampoo has a positive effect on the hair becomes easy to style, shiny and strengthened their root area.

Positive action noticeable from the first time, and with regular application it also prevents the risk of re-occurrence of dandruff.

Shampoo and the Burdock forest cherry Green Mama

This tool solves the problem of dandruff for all hair thanks to the natural, known since ancient times, components of plant origin.

Extract of burdock useful high content of vitamin F, the properties of this plant are the scalp is moistened, and to the wild cherries — decreases sebum production, plus quality of plants merging, mutually reinforce each other, eliminating dandruff.

In addition, the shampoo contains such plants as series, the mother-and-stepmother, burdock (root), calendula and calamus. Together, they improve local metabolism, supply the hair with valuable minerals and vitamins and stimulate their growth.

Apply this one of the best remedies for dandruff can be both daily and sporadically, as needed.

Shampoo with extract of eucalyptus Head & Shoulders

Shampoo with extract of eucalyptus is particularly helpful in cases where a concern not only for dandruff but also accompanying the itching and discomfort on the scalp.

The unique composition of plants, supplemented by special active ingredients, promotes the disappearance of these unpleasant symptoms, such as dryness and peeling, eucalyptus — purifies the skin, calms and gives a feeling of freshness.

Eliminating the causes of dandruff and preventing its reappearance, and also, importantly, works quickly, making the dandruff noticeable less hair after the first 2-3 applications, but to save the results, of course, requires a more prolonged and regular use.

Also, the choice of this shampoo is particularly good for damaged hair in need of a delicate daily care. With him, they become softer, less electrified and easier to comb.

Shampoo “detox” with white clay and Echinacea vs seborrheic dermatitis Derbe

The basis of this shampoo for treatment of seborrheic dermatitis are the recipes of beauty and health of hair known in the Renaissance. It is suitable for all hair types and also for sensitive scalp. Every element of its composition is important:

• white clay — supplies the mineral salts, activates cell renewal, makes the oxygen breath of skin, it dries moderately and deeply cleanses;

• Echinacea — acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agent, strengthens hair, gives them a well-groomed appearance;

• birch buds — acts as an antiseptic, useful due to the content of vitamin C and tannins that prevent the development of disease;

• aloe Vera — deep hydration, relieves irritation, reduces skin sensitivity to external factors (combing, blow drying);

• burdock — normalizes the sebaceous glands, restores the metabolism in the scalp, gives hair volume and Shine.

Appealing advantages means you can call it a thin, crisp, pleasant aroma, and what results from it is noticeable and felt after the first application.

And in terms of regular use, significantly reduces the likelihood of a strong return of dandruff.

Shampoo with wheat Weleda

The use of this tool is reflected not only in its ability to cleanse the scalp of dandruff, but also that the number of components (plant origin) inhibit the processes of education.

It contains wheat germ oil, sage, tricolor violet, and Ruscus. All of this normalizes the acid-alkaline (pH) balance of the scalp and in General actively heals her on a deep, cellular level, promotes its regeneration.

The shampoo also nourishes the hair with any type of nutrients gives them a healthy Shine and smoothness.

We can say that this is one of the best remedies for dandruff, if you choose them among the shampoos with the most natural composition, no artificial colors or silicones and sulfates.

Shampoo Mr. Gentle

This shampoo with herbal extracts can be attributed to the best means from dandruff for men in particular because it was designed with the features that distinguish them skin.

The product contains:

• rosemary — stimulates circulation in the scalp, deeply cleansing it from dirt and even activate hair growth.

• cumin — prevents reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, the growth of population which often becomes the reason of occurrence of dandruff. In addition to the antibacterial action, the cumin also normalizes the sebaceous glands.

Yet it is worth noting piratenleben one of the best known active ingredients that is present in many of the best dandruff remedies.

The shampoo cleanses the hair, reduces flaking and irritation of the scalp, moisturizes it deeply.

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