How to choose perfume: the advice of professionals. How many flavors you want to have on hand the average woman?

How to choose perfume: the advice of professionals. How many flavors you want to have on hand the average woman?

Favorite perfume, perfume, Cologne appear in the life of every person due to coincidence or careful selection. Sometimes pushing to the choice of annoying ads, tips, idols or just friends, even original packaging and unusual bottle.

Someone who immediately falls in love with one perfume. Someone needs to try a lot of different scents to give preference to something specific or even multiple options of what you want to wear, always feel.

Why has sunk into oblivion the traditional methods

It would seem that so unusual? Need before you purchase any fragrance just to test it out for yourself. For that, go to any specialized shop and use the testers.

However, firstly, not all outlets will provide to apply any perfume or toilet water, or Cologne on the body. And it is impossible to predict if you focus on the so-called battery as all the nuances of the bouquet fragrant, the variety of its notes will impose itself on the skin. Secondly, not all brands are of such a study the options of their products, especially if we are talking about perfume bestsellers.

It turns out that the rescue can a potential buyer of this sweet item is only their own sense of smell, intuition and sense of proportion? They, no doubt, useful AIDS in the selection of flavors.

So, it turned out, the flavor matched. Many here, not only inexperienced Amateurs doing huge, in the opinion of the best contemporary noses, error.

Why you should think about a fragrant variety

So, Christoph, Servicel, one of the founders of the brand “Atelier Cologne”, advises not to stay on one thing. He believes that in the Arsenal of every person must be at least three flavors. Morning for it is associated with freshness, and therefore it is not surprising that he is in the morning something unobtrusive citrus. In the afternoon, when the light scent disappears, Christoph change it to something more fully fledged. And in the evening again “dresses”.

Not accidentally, in “Atelier Cologne” for every Cologne, perfume, written in his own beautiful story. It is designed to arouse interest and feelings, to help customers to choose not only through the nose.

It is difficult to compare ourselves with those who all his life engaged in the creation of fragrances? Their sense of smell is quite different?

Jean-Claude Elena, once one of the major perfumers Hermes advised not to be afraid of the smells of life. Between the words “smell” and “taste” it always was a sign of equality. He believed that the art of choosing flavors akin to gastronomy: the more you absorb assorted food, the brighter the idea of cooking. Worth a try to do so, and with a perfume to really develop your sense of smell.

Jean-Claude thought that different odors, not only pleasant, are disclosed in different environments in different ways. Studying them helps us to realize that each flavor is capable of, how to charge a special energy, create a comfortable mood, to emphasize a certain image, and to neutralize all efforts of the wrong choice. Because it is so important to develop (train) your sense of smell, not getting stuck in one perfume!

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