How to compliment a man? 7 recommendations will change your relationship

How to compliment a man? 7 recommendations will change your relationship

It is with great pleasure men women abuse: the home and does nothing and does not help children, and do not in fact married… But it did, and therefore saw not only his shortcomings, but also dignity. A woman should inspire a man for the big and small feats and to be able to motivate for business. You can call it cunningness, you can worldly wisdom, it is possible sincerity, but the man must be praised!


Every man likes, when his praise and compliment. It’s nice and gives you the opportunity not rest on our laurels – there is always room for improvement.

You pleased, when I cooked you food, a job well done, talking about how good you look. And children you praise, regardless of gender and age for success and achievements. So why do your men have to make an exception, especially if you want to show you more attention and care?

How you felt in childhood, when you were scolded for disobedience or bad mark? Did not consider himself guilty, was closed and continued to operate in the same way as before. Ever done out of spite.


Imagine that a man cooked a delicious dinner for your return home. However, kitchen is a mess. But most importantly he has prepared. Praise him, because he tried, and the order in the kitchen move together. It is not necessary to begin with an assessment of “disaster” is much more important that my husband put in food preparation himself.

Men by nature are vulnerable and emotional, just hide it. They are sensitive to the lies and flattery, and if you didn’t, it doesn’t mean that you don’t understand.

If, remembering the quarrel with her husband, you know that the cause was your phrase or unflattering review, you will need to learn to communicate correctly.

Follow the simple rules and your relationship will move to a higher level.

Rule # 1. Be aware of your choice

Fabulous way flaws appeared over time. Either you didn’t want to notice them, either now perceive the behaviour and actions of the spouse too painful and irritable. Take yourself in hand, remember the wonderful romantic moments in the beginning of your relationship, the happiness you gave each other, and view your man as before, through the eyes of a young loving woman. You wanted to spend your lives together, so take the first step towards its improvement.

Rule # 2. Determine the purpose

Why do you want to praise a man? Think carefully and define their purpose. Maybe for you it is important to learn to prevent conflicts, or just to feel his concern for you.

Rule # 3. Show him you need

If you do everything yourself without asking the wife for help, he will hardly guess that you need it.

Rule # 4. Discuss the tasks, not conditions

A man must understand what you want from him. Remember that the representatives of the stronger sex do not always perceive the innuendo, therefore, speak plainly about what needs to be done.

Rule # 5. Rate and thank

Every action of your choice, any caring and attachment forces must be gratefully evaluated. Do not expect that all requests are fulfilled immediately, as if by magic – my husband needs time for gradual or phased implementation of your requests. For example, the repair of the apartment is not done in one day, so do not talk about boring mess, you better pay attention to what’s already been done.

Rule # 6. Let me fulfill your potential

This applies to raising children, and cooking dinner, and important purchases. Do not pull it consistently, it will reduce his initiative to “no”. Your task is to inspire him to this lesson, to motivate and slightly push, and when the task is complete be sure to praise your beloved and make him a compliment.

Rule # 7. Don’t expect instant results

If you want through praise to receive from her husband more attention and participation in household chores, then change the tactics of his behavior, do not expect that everything will change on “one, two, three.”

Remember that your partner is not ready for drastic changes, give it time, and your praise at the beginning must be appropriate and tactful.