How to make face masks after 50 years at home? Tested recipes of masks for aging skin face

How to make face masks after 50 years at home? Tested recipes of masks for aging skin face

Scientists have deciphered the papyrus found in an Egyptian tomb, was that the recipes of face masks . As part of these funds were provided herbs, flowers and oils. If in ancient times attached great importance to appearance, the modern man is simply obliged to constantly monitor the health and beauty of the face.

What products are face masks after 50 years in the home

Many women believe that beauty tools are too expensive. They are absolutely wrong. You can prepare an effective and inexpensive facial mask 50 years at home from simple ingredients.

In recipes available face masks use honey, lard, eggs, butter, cheese, yeast, gelatin, milk, meat, fruits, vegetables, berries, flowers, tea, cereals. Used cheap pharmacy clay, pearl powder, mineral or sea water

For example, honey is available to everyone, it contains a lot of vitamins, essential oils and glucose. Honey masks perfectly absorbed, smoothes wrinkles and tightens the face oval.

Eggs a complete source of all nutrients. In dairy products, too much of vitamins A, E and D, which are responsible for tissue regeneration and boosting the immune system. Vegetable oil is one of valuable for healthy skin-vitamin F, it is added to many proprietary creams and masks.

Citrus is rich in vitamin C, which treats inflammation, reduces hypersensitivity and participates in the formation of collagen.

Do not rush to throw it away and wilted bouquet of roses that you received on the occasion. Gather the petals, Pat dry and put in a jar or in a linen bag, then use for making masks.

An outstanding Central Asian scientist and physician Avicenna advised: “If you want to be beautiful, then wash with the juice of roses.” Mask with a decoction or extract of rose gives the skin a velvety and youth.

You should pay attention to cheap camphor oil or alcohol. These funds are in every pharmacy. Camphor has antioxidant, soothing, refreshing and rejuvenating properties. Always add in a drop of camphor oil.

Don’t be lazy and use the gifts of nature that will give you the beauty and prolong youth!

Varieties of face masks in 50 years at home

Masks are different in composition and purpose. The skin needs to purify, nourish, moisturize and treat, for this you should regularly do Facials. Some tools are harvested in large volume and use daily, others once a week or even a month.

Varieties of face masks 50 years at home:

1. Cleansing. Cottage cheese, bran, liver, salt, rice, pharmaceutical clay.

2. Nourishing and rejuvenating the metabolism. From baby food products, aloe, honey, cabbage, eggs, fish caviar.

3. Invigorating and refreshing. From nuts, rose petals, bread, cucumbers, melons, berries.

4. Increasing the skin elasticity. Of gelatin, egg yolks, oatmeal, starch.

5. Whitening and improves the complexion. Horseradish, lemon, yogurt, peroxide, beets, carrots, pumpkin.

Cleansing mask for face after 50 years in the home

In every age-a cleansing procedure. Masks for the face in 50 years and at home, use ingredients that are indicated for dry aging skin. Use any recipe once a week. If your face is a scratch or redness, cleansing mask better temporarily postponed.

Tea, rose petals and flax seed oil

Take any tea, rose petals, liquid soap, and linseed oil. Brewed grounds from tea and rose petals unfold on a flat surface to dry. Tea leaves and roses RUB with linseed oil, adding a few drops of liquid soap. Please note that Flaxseed oil contains alpha-linoleic acid, which is part of the means for rejuvenation.

Apply the pulp on the face. Circular light movements to gradually clean the skin. After five minutes, rinse with warm water. Mechanical movement, improve blood circulation, clean off the dirt and dry dead skin cells.

Beef liver

Take a raw beef liver, you only need to have ten grams. Cut off the bile ducts and film. The product grate on a grater or pass through a meat grinder clean, then apply on face. Ten minutes later, rinse with lukewarm water.

The liver is rich in minerals, amino acids and enzymes. This mask not only perfectly cleans the pores, but also removes age spots.

Facials after 50 years in the home, vitaminizing and regenerating metabolism

In the nutrient facial masks 50 years in the home needs to be carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. Fueling procedures should be performed daily. If you have no allergies, no one vitamin component, then you can safely use one of the recipes.

Dry infant formula

Buy a pack of powdered formula. One tablespoon of the mixture, dilute with boiling water. Creamy mask will cool and apply on face. After twenty minutes, rinse.

Honey and camphor

A spoonful of honey heat in a water bath, add a drop of camphor oil. The obtained transparent mass apply on face for absorption. After a couple of minutes the back of your hand to make patting motion in the chin. Ten minutes honey with camphor rinse. This procedure not only nourishes, but also refreshing.

Cheese, cream, egg

Measure out one teaspoon of the following products: cheese, cream and egg yolk. In the composition add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda, then stir for ten minutes. Apply this mask on face and neck before bedtime. Mask perfectly nourish the skin and soothe the nerves.

Universal mask

Most of face masks 50-year-old at home have several useful properties. They nourish, tone, improve skin elasticity, whiten and improve skin color.

The main ingredient in these masks─ glycerol (a trivalent alcohol). It perfectly moisturizes dry Mature skin and smoothes wrinkles. (For oily skin glycerin better not to use. And add strictly according to the recipe.) Masks with glycerin easy to use, they are comfortable.

Here are the most popular masks for 50-year-old women:

“Sophia Loren”

The composition of the harvest for a week. You will need 100 ml of cream, 1 teaspoon gelatin, glycerin and honey. First, pour the gelatin with cold cream. After a couple of hours put it in a water bath. When the gelatin dissolves in the cream, add the honey and glycerin.

Chilled mask apply on face and neck. Rinse when it starts to dry out. The rest of the mixture is put in storage in the refrigerator. The mask nourishes and enhances skin elasticity.

“Madame Pompadour”

You will need a lemon, half a glass of alcohol, 200 ml thick cream, egg white and glycerin. The lemon peel wash, chop and pour alcohol. Lemon juice with alcohol, strain through cheesecloth and mix with sour cream. Add half a teaspoon of glycerin and one beaten egg white. Composition rinse off after 20 minutes. Mask nourishes and whitens and rejuvenates the face.

“Candy Lo”

It is said that this Chinese woman after 25 years have ceased to grow old, despite the age of fifty she continues to work as a model. This mask is made from rice flour called her name.

Measure out two tablespoons of rice. Using coffee grinders to make rice flour. Add four dessert spoons of sour cream and beaten egg. Brush on part of face. On the dried mask, add another layer.

Look in the mirror: the skin is tightened and the face is visibly younger. Bear with me for twenty minutes. At this time, can’t eat, smile and talk. Then wash your face with warm water. Mask nourishes, tones and reduces sagging skin.

You are convinced that the mask can be done without the help of professional beauticians. With these simple recipes for facial skin will become beautiful and younger even after fifty.

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