How to properly care for the skin – ask beauties! The best means to care for the skin: a rating based on feedback

How to properly care for the skin – ask beauties! The best means to care for the skin: a rating based on feedback

Most girls start their first introduction to makeup and skin care of the face with cosmetics. This is the biggest mistake, especially if the skin is troubled. To hide acne under a thick layer of Foundation is not the way out. Facials must be consistent to the purpose of a number of the best care products for skin. And apply makeup should already clean, healthy, radiant and well-groomed skin.

To achieve good results, to preserve the beauty, health and youthfulness of the skin will help the most popular and proven means for causing a lot of positive reviews online.

Gel-foam cleanser brand Darphin(France) Gel Mousse Nettoyant

Purifying cleanser, mild, water-based for all skin types. The formula is developed based on water Lily extract with no alcohol and includes vegetable components: extract of barberry, root of milkwort (a unique plant that contains a huge amount of flavonoids and ascorbic acid), oil of grapefruit seed.

Perfectly removes makeup, cleans the pores, creates a sense of purity and freshness of the skin. The gel is very economical – one of the peas is enough for a full face wash. One package is enough for 2,5-3 months, so the price is justified.

Cleansing gel from Garnier “Pure leather”

Versatile, affordable cleansers, including for sensitive skin. Natural extracts of pomegranate, grapefruit, high content of vitamin C and salicylic acid not only helps fight pollution of the skin, but also deep clean and prevent inflammation.

Now to clean, breathable skin need to apply light, moisturizing and nourishing creams that will saturate it with the necessary substances, vitamins, gives a healthy beautiful complexion, smooth out wrinkles.

Earth Science, Aktive Age Defense A/B Hydroxy Acid Night Rejuvenator

This trend is really one of the best means to care for skin. Light night cream is really a unique composition, allowing to quickly restore and refresh dull, “tired” skin. The manufacturer tried to include almost all the vital components:

• water infuse ginger – detoxifies, tightens pores, normalizes the sebaceous glands;

• aha + vitamin E, the complex of anti-aging antioxidants extracts of bilberry, sugar cane, maple syrup, lemon and orange peel;

• salicylic acid and yeast extract – create a protective barrier skin, keeping it youthful and healthy appearance;

• tocopherol, green tea extract;

• algae – Chlorella and Microcystis;

• hyaluronic acid, beta-carotene.

Each of these components contribute to the rapid transformation of the aging, lifeless skin into a flourishing and shining, and all together!

EO Products, Ageless Skin Care, Hydrating Face Moisturizer

Universal cream for all skin types and any time of the year, which provided the brilliant part of this trend:

• a unique blend of valuable micro-algae – snow algae of the Alpine mountain glacier lakes of Switzerland + halophilic bacteria from salt lakes in Africa that produce ectoine – a bioactive substance that protect cell membranes;

• unique blend of oils, Japanese Camellia, sea buckthorn, pomegranate seeds, seeds of carrot, mango and cocoa;

• peptide SYN-Coll, stimulating the production of all types of collagen;

• Niacinamide;

• a complex of essential oils.

These rare and valuable components have to skin a complex effect: soothe, relieve irritation, deeply hydrate, whiten, strengthen immunity, relieve acne and inflammation. This cream truly is one of the best means to care for the skin.

L’OREAL, Paris “Luxury food”

Extraordinary nourishing skin cream 30+ gives a soft, velvety, even tone and radiance. Instantly nourishes with moisture, increases elasticity, relieves signs of fatigue thanks to the essential oils, vitamins, collagen, nutrients. White Jasmine and lavender soothe skin, relieve redness, bleach, make freckles almost invisible.

Perfect light texture, does not leave face greasy, subtle pleasant smell and very economical consumption – the main advantages of the cream, justifying the rather high price.

GARNIER, Skin Naturals

Deeply nourish and moisturize the skin cream based on natural ingredients in extreme terms improves skin tone, skin elasticity, tightens facial contours, removes the feeling of tightness. Thanks to the power of natural ingredients unique composition not only quickly eliminates first signs of aging skin, but also prevents their appearance. Hyaluronic acid retains moisture for 24 hours. Light texture allows you to evenly apply moisturizer and promotes rapid absorption.


Korean cosmetics have gained popularity worldwide for its impeccable high quality and use natural, environmentally friendly natural ingredients. Cream MIZON is one of the best means to care for the skin with a powerful lifting effect. The high content of Mizon snail extract provides a rejuvenating and restorative effect of the epidermis of the skin, saturating the necessary minerals and trace elements. The action of the cream:

• smoothes wrinkles, improves elasticity and firmness of the skin;

• relieves irritation, redness, destroying the traces of small scars;

• whitens dark spots.

The main advantages of this tool is its multifunctionality, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and brightening effects. Equally effective for both young and Mature skin from 30+ to 50+. A small feeling of tightness due to the focus of the cream on the skin lifting.

Any of these tools will provide your skin a good care, will give youthful and healthy glow.

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