How to restore “tired” skin: home and salon methods. That will help to quickly and permanently remove the signs of fatigue from the face

How to restore “tired” skin: home and salon methods. That will help to quickly and permanently remove the signs of fatigue from the face

The concept of “skin fatigue” – rather household, than medical term. What the skin needs rest, becomes visible some indications: decreases the density of the skin; appears earthy, grayish and dim shade; there are clearly visible dark circles under the eyes.

The reason for all this files most often is insufficient amount of collagen. His absence provokes excessive dryness and the depletion of the skin. The factor “fatigue” does not depend on age. Sometimes, in Mature age skin is healthy, it glows from the inside, and even wrinkles do not spoil it.

Most often, the signs of fatigue occur in young girls who are not quite right life, have bad habits, not enough sleep, etc., This unpleasant problem can visit and those women who have recently undergone stress.

The causes that trigger skin fatigue

• frequent stress;

• an excess of ultraviolet;

• lack of sleep;

• excessive makeup;

• improper care;

• excessive salty foods, especially before bedtime;

• bad habits.

How to care for “tired” skin at home

Even if you have to get up early, leading to sleep deprivation, anyway, try to find time for nursing procedures. Otherwise, the signs of fatigue will only accumulate on your face. For example, you can make masks, which should be selected based on the type of skin. Great help freshen the face mask based on cucumber, lemon curd, peach and strawberry. Also useful to wipe the face with ice cubes. This will help restore skin tone. You can try contrast bathing, which helps to restore the cheerfulness.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse all cosmetics before going to sleep. This will help you special lotions, tonic or micellar water. It is also helpful to massage that quickly relieves fatigue and returns skin a fresh look.

Nutrition is also a critical factor in the health of the skin. Useful protein foods. But we should remember that for gaining healthy skin of one power is not enough. Need to review your way of life, and perform all the necessary procedures. In addition, it is important to drink plenty of fluids.

Healthy sleep is an important factor that affects the condition of the skin. You need to try to sleep at least on the weekends.

What procedures can you do in the salon

Especially for tired skin helps massage. Yes, this procedure can be done at home, however the greatest effect can be obtained from the professional hands of a master. Regular massage will help improve blood flow, enhance collagen production, normalizes the metabolism. After the massage the skin becomes more supple, refreshed and toned.

There are also many procedures that stimulate collagen production. For example, it is possible to make the lifting procedure, effectively firming the skin and giving the face a healthy look.

You can also make oxygen biorevitalization. It represents the introduction of a special serum of hyaluronic acid in the dermis. This will help to nourish the skin, refresh it without the use of injections.

If you want your face for a long time, looked fresh, and the skin taut, it is possible to contact or injection of cosmetology of cosmetology. Procedures such as mesotherapy, masonite, bioreparation, give a long lasting rejuvenating effect and is literally transforming the face.

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