“I don’t want to get married! Don’t want domestic slavery!”

“I don’t want to get married! Don’t want domestic slavery!”

It so happened that in most cases the development of relations involves the creation of a strong family with children. A successful independent lady who doesn’t want to get married and have children, regret, or even feel inferior. But is it really?

To catch the last train

The desire to create a family does not depend on gender. As well as regardless of race, age, and financial status. It means a desire to continue themselves in a new status – spouses and parents. You have no such desire? So, for some reason, you don’t need it. Willingness to have a family – it is always voluntary, responsibility.

Of course, marriages are for other reasons, especially for our culture. For example, the reason may be age. Podlupa to a certain point, the woman understands that it is necessary to grab what is at hand, otherwise “the train will leave”.

Another common cause is the expectations of parents and society. To be known as the black sheep for many a luxury. Financial issues and housing conditions also occupy an important place among the reasons that motivate women to marry.

Why would he do that?

You write that Dating a man for five years, from which we can conclude that the relationship is quite stable. Common interests and Hobbies are wonderful, but whether this is the only link, or external social factors is something else?

What you have agreed and discussed initially, the format of your relationship, of course, a huge plus. Innuendo and unjustified expectations are the dominant factor in the conflicts and frustrations that can become a cause of separation. In your case there was a crash, it was announced violated the terms of the contract which suited both parties, and to this day suit you, but for some reason have ceased to hold your man. Are you saying that he literally “taken aback” by the recognition of you that would like to see you wife and the mother of his child. His statement was really a complete surprise? Perhaps it was the background? For example, the family of your man crushes on him. All friends married and took on the role of fatherhood.

Not only women want to keep a man, bearing him heirs, men attend the same thoughts. The important role played by jealousy. If your partner feel the same way towards you, it is likely that he wants the official “right of possession”. If all these reasons are not relevant to your situation, most likely, the man just grew out of the framework that had been claimed. We all change every second of our lives, and what we liked once, over time, often becomes insufficient.

Don’t fool yourself

Description of hearth as slavery suggests that in your experience the parents ‘ family it was so. In our country the word “wife” often is synonymous with “Martyr”. The need to work and take care of the family, leaving no time for yourself, make women jaded creature, dragging burdens. No wonder, with this example before their eyes, is not drawn to learn from this experience.

Quite possible another option – you just do not want to take on a responsibility you’re not ready. If you are satisfied with the lifestyle that you lead now, are you ready for a man to change his entire life. Just not to disappoint him or lose. To get married and give birth against their will is delaying divorce, just a matter of time. But if the partner is determined to create a family, your refusal can also lead to the rupture of relations.

Conflict of interests can be solved, discussed with partner, his motives and thinking over their. In any case, to create a harmonious and happy family you both have to want the same thing. Choose yourself and build your life by yourself, taking into account the desires of men, but not guided by them.