Is it possible to grow hair 3 inches a month? Best remedies for hair growth

Is it possible to grow hair 3 inches a month? Best remedies for hair growth

Spectacular appearance and luxurious silk curls – the things that are almost not separable. Healthy well-groomed hair has always served as decoration for any image, and was a mark of refinement and a certain gentility. Long gorgeous hair are also evidence of considerable labor, because our curls are sensitive to the slightest change in the weather, climate, stress, General background health of the body. Some grow lush curls is not difficult, but if your hair is very delicate and grow very slowly, can help a variety of tools and activators of growth. Discussed below are the most popular, best remedies for hair growth.

The causes of hair loss or slow growth can be very different – from external influences to genetic factors. To determine the exact cause and prescribe the right treatment will help the doctor triholog. For prevention, strengthening of hair roots and growth, you can use the most popular lines of cosmetics from well known and trusted manufacturers.

Rene Furterer Forticea

This line of products for a French cosmetic company includes Rene Furterer shampoo and serums. Their formula was developed by professionals taking into account different causes of hair loss – a reaction to stressful situations or chronic illness. These cosmetic products are best to enhance hair growth and against hair loss.

Shampoo designed for frequent use, effectively cleanses the hair, strengthens the roots. This formulation contains special microcapsules, the shell of which consists of extracts of marine algae, and content of the essential oils of rosemary, lavender and orange. The result of regular use visible already after 2-3 weeks. The effectiveness of the product justifies the rather high price – 2000 rubles.

RF80 serum is one of the most effective and best remedies for hair growth intended for men, hair loss which is associated with stress, pregnancy, use of drugs, improper diet, etc. Serum effectively nourishes hair follicles with vitamins, micro and macro elements, mineral substances. The product contains essential oils, plant extracts, methionine, panthenol. The manufacturer guarantees the restoration of hair density and accelerate growth. The serum is rubbed into the scalp 2 times per week. 1 course needed 2 packs of ampoules of 12 pieces, price – 8000 RUB.

Serum Triphasic used for chronic hair loss (alopecia). The set includes:

• extract pfaffia and pumpkin seeds;

• essential oil;

• vitamin complex.

In the course of treatment will need 2 packs of ampoules 6000 RUB.

Line DUKRAY, France

The lineup consists of therapeutic shampoos, lotions, sprays and vitamin supplements that can be used separately or in combination.

Shampoo “ANATAS” promotes blood flow to hair follicles, stimulated the growth of hair thanks to active ingredients:

• a complex of vitamins B5, B6, B8;

• tocopherol nicotinate is the ester of nicotinic acid, which combines vitamins E and B3, increases blood microcirculation in the scalp;

• extract of the herb Ruscus.

Bottle 400 ml cost 1100 rubles.

Lotion “Creatim” has an effective action in times of stress hair loss. The composition includes essential amino acids (spartanova acid, lysine, tyrosine, valine), creatine, b complex vitamins.

Lotion “Neaptide” is designed to get rid of chronic hair loss. This is due to the active ingredients (neurontin, nicotinamide, biological complex GP4G), that extend the growth phase of hair and prevent chronic hair loss.

Both release lotion spray 30 ml, price of the 1 year – 3000 rubles.

Dietary Supplement Anacaps tri-Activ contains needed to improve the quality of hair components: methionine, lecithin, cystine, iron, vitamins PP, E, B6, B8, evening primrose oil, beeswax. Capsules are intended for oral administration for 3 months, but you need to trichologist confirmed indication. If vitamin balance of the body is normal, excess of vitamins can have negative effects on other organs.

These funds are professional, quite expensive and effective. But not less efficient and have a number of pharmaceutical remedies. The best pharmacy remedies for hair growth promote the recovery of blood circulation and supply the follicle with essential elements without which no healthy appearance and active growth of hair of the head.


Popular means of local application, is effective for the prevention and treatment of baldness in women and men. The drug promotes vasodilation, supplies the roots with vitamins, nutrients, enriches with oxygen. Hair after using stronger, looks healthy, shiny, voluminous.

Minoxidil – available tool for long-term use. A noticeable effect occurs not earlier than 3 months.

Dimexide in masks for hair

This drug has the ability to enhance the action of vitamins, to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, thus to enhance the effectiveness of the tools that you use Dimexidum. Therefore, it is an indispensable element of all vitamin masks and efficiently combined with the fat-soluble vitamins E, A, b, as and itself has a slightly oily structure.

Vegetable oil

Warm vegetable oil in the form of masks or compresses very efficiently supply the nutrition to the hair roots, strengthening them, increasing their growth, eliminates dryness and brittleness. Castor oil, burdock, flax, cotton, they all improve the structure of the hair are some of the best tools for growth. The only, but significant drawback – a large fat content and mask their use is hard to wash off from the hair.

If the problem of hair loss or slow hair growth is associated with chronic diseases of the digestive system, nervous or other health problems, you first need to treat the problem organs. Otherwise, one of the most potent tools will not bring the desired effect.

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