Leggings: how to wear them. Leg warmers with jeans or pencil skirt is stylish?

Leggings: how to wear them. Leg warmers with jeans or pencil skirt is stylish?

In our days it is difficult to imagine such a fashionable accessory like the leggings on the man. But before this article of clothing was part of the military outfit and was intended only for males, protecting their legs from water, snow and mud. But over time, leggings have become a stylish highlight the image of every woman.

They are very versatile and will fit in any style. Properly fitted gaiters will help to emphasize the dignity of the figure or to correct its shortcomings.

What leggings look better?

They go perfectly with skirts and dresses. For example, to the denim skirt is best suited neat knitted leg warmers. A light dress or a gorgeous skirt in combination with the nylon socks will add a look of femininity and innocence. But that image was not disjointed and overloaded, it must be remembered that a short dress or a mini skirt look good with long gaiters, and Vice versa. The cut of the skirt, in contrast to its length, can be any: flared, pencil, Tulip, slinky, ripple and many others. Also, do not forget that this outfit may not always be appropriate. And not to look ridiculous, you need to mix bright contrasting leggings with a plain skirts or dresses low-key colors. It is important to avoid strong differences between the colors of clothes and socks.

Breeches, shorts and Capri complete with gaiters will give the appearance of freshness and sophistication. To protect yourself from frost in the winter and the offseason, should be selected in this case so that they completely cover the foot and kept it warm. They can tuck into boots, wearing in addition the insulated pants or pull on top of boots. In warmer seasons it is better to wear thin socks from flexible material.

They are in perfect harmony even with jeans, leggings and tight trousers. The latter will look great paired with a knitted or knitted socks. And jeans should be worn with a more dense version of this accessory. Heels and layering would be a good addition in this case.

Some fit shoes?

Boots, shoes, heels, boots, ankle boots and even sneakers look great with leggings.

By the way, the color of the shoes should be combined or with gaiters or with clothes.

Additional decorations

To give your outfit pizzazz, you can add long gloves, scarf, massive jewelry made of wood, a necktie or sunglasses.

Do not be afraid of extravagance and fear experiments. Careful looking at yourself in the mirror will help to identify gaps that need to hide. For example, if you want to focus on the knees would be appropriate leggings solid colors without patterns.

This stylish decoration will always be in fashion and will make every girl the object of admiring glances of others. Slender legs will not only warm, but also the center of attention – and this is the best remedy for a good mood!

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