Let’s stay friends

Let’s stay friends

If you parting as friends? Many believe that this is possible, but the reality is merciless heartless – no, that’s impossible. Not part friends.

Everything is simple. If you break up, you are not friends. If you’re friends – you’re not.

Let’s deal.

What is friendship?

Contrary to popular belief, it is currently possible to define what friendship is. It is a relationship based on a higher form of trust in which people act in the interests of another even in spite of.

Simply put, the other will throw you into the fire, even if he can get hurt. Or the shirt will give the last. Because it puts – at least now – your interests above his own. And, of course, expects that you will do the same.

Friendship, by the way, in General, is characterized by the rejection of the Mercantile calculations of mutual compromises and concessions.

Hence, friends try to help each other – including where they have problems in the relationship. Friends do not believe (if they are friends) that to blame one person. Friends together are responsible for the situation and fix it together.

So if the couple, for example, there are some problems, for example the sexual front, the spouses, are friends, these problems are solved together. And leave them makes no sense.

As the casket is opened?

As is often the case that people say one thing and mean another.

What is actually said, offering to be friends? The desire to leave quietly, peacefully, easy and nice.

It is understandable – and so the soul is not very fun, and then there’s the stabbing going on. And therefore want to mitigate.

However, not all know of the scandal to avoid possible, but to give up easily and pretty unlikely – separation in principle, painful thing. Of course, you can save some friendliness and then to communicate relatively warm. It is reasonable and appropriate in some cases. But this, as you know, not friendship.

There is another moment when someone parting out hopes for a resumption of relations and, therefore, trying to placate the second. And the second everyone sees it as friendship, although the response is not embedded but only uses the first. And this, as you know, is not a friendship.

How can that be?

If you want to leave, say it directly – you want to leave, I want you and me that caused this as painless as possible. This is the best option though, because he very clear, and therefore not as painful as a vague “let’s just be friends”.

If you are really friends, then leave about. Sit down, pour yourself a Cup of tea and discuss what is happening with you. People who appreciate each other and ready to help each other, compromising somewhere and their interests (remember, this is the friendship), be sure to come to a consensus.

Simply put, if you friends like it’s drawn with your words, and behave as friends – correct the situation and support each other. Well, whether or not called friends, it is also a good option.

Total. It is impossible to leave your friends – friends don’t do that, not goodbye friends. If you decide to leave, then talk about it directly, emphasizing what you want to lessen the pain (not remove it will not work, it’s a breakup, it can’t hurt). If you don’t want to break up, then enjoy your relationship together and improve them.

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