Luxury eyelash extensions: the benefits and harms of the procedure. Is it worth risking for the sake of beauty?

Luxury eyelash extensions: the benefits and harms of the procedure. Is it worth risking for the sake of beauty?

Artificial nails, hair, eyelashes – now that more is no surprise. The anniversary, a solemn meeting, wedding, business trip, long-awaited trip abroad – there are a lot of reasons and occasions to look great without spending much time.

Waking up in the morning with a beautiful expressive eyes, framed by thick, lush lashes – that’s why many are willing to make some sacrifices. So what are the benefits and harms of artificial beauty? Whether for the sake of lash extensions harm my health?

Eyelash extensions: to decide or not?

To increase the nails or the hair is a completely harmless procedure. But they also involve some discomfort, which consists in the careful care of the artificial “virtues.” Manipulation eyes require special care and professionalism of the master, to whom you have entrusted your transformation. Without a doubt, once you have decided to radically change the appearance, you must use a reputable salon with a license to conduct such procedures.

Cosmetology is not standing still: innovative methods of eyelash extensions, use of high quality materials allowed us to make the procedure safe and very popular. But it is not always possible to foresee the reaction of the organism to chemical substances, to predict a 100% positive outcome. Therefore, before you decide to “rebirth” appearance, it is necessary to carefully weigh the pros and cons, the benefits and harms of eyelash extensions.

The positive side of the procedure

If you are thinking to make your own short and unattractive eyelashes lush and luxurious, then, indeed, there has been a need in it. Many girls can’t resist the temptation to make the look expressive and memorable, because a thick, long lashes can radically change your appearance for the better. What is the advantage you get from eyelash extensions?

1. It is very beautiful. Even a little mascara on the eyelashes completely changes the appearance of the girl, as if the eyes framed by a fan of the gorgeous lush eyelashes, perfectly curved up, black and thick – it will completely transform any ugly appearance. However, to make your eyes look like the model on the cover of a glossy magazine, use the services of professionals with a proven track record. Using artificial eyelashes, you can adjust the size or shape of the eyes, because the hairs are attached to the eyelid, and a small change in the line of growth of eyelashes will be unnoticed.

2. Maximum comfort. No need to hurry, applying layer after layer of mascara in the morning. And in the evening do not fret, rubbing his eyes and trying to wash off waterproof brasmatik. Always, at any time – early morning, late evening and even at night in bed look extremely expressive. Saving time for many is one of the decisive factors in favor of the eyelash. By the way, nice curved brush is not cheap, so room procedure almost completely pays for itself.

3. The safety of the procedure and the absence of contraindications. Many people do not dare to build lashes for fear of harm to his health. Of course, the risk is always there: you suddenly find that your body does not accept any of the components of the adhesive? But if the wizard uses expensive high-quality materials not saving to the health of customers, you can be sure that the procedure will be successful. A few years ago when the fashion for luxurious lashes just appeared, not recommend the procedure to clients who use contact lenses. But now the quality of the materials has significantly increased, observing the necessary caution, you can freely continue to use KL.

4. Quite a long time preservation effect. Of course, this factor depends on the qualification and skills of the master. The average duration of “use” from 2 to 3 weeks, but many girls enjoy extended eyelashes in a month. Of course, doing this requires observing the rules of care and use, to introduce some constraints (see below), and to be confident in the quality of the material, glue, qualification the master.

Artificial eyelashes are not afraid of water: you can forget about mascara and not to spoil summer vacation at a resort, on the beach, swimming in the pools of luxury hotels, or just spending time at the beach!

And now a little about the cons…

Yes, unfortunately, they exist too well without a spoon of tar?!

1. Do not RUB your eyes! Rather, it is not a minus, but a self-evident precaution, but on her need to always remember – one wrong move, and lashes will be in your hands. At constant wearing of the contact lenses with caution should lift the eyelids, being careful not to touch the eyelashes. And, of course, to sleep, his face buried in the pillow, are strictly contraindicated.

2. Carefully wash and clean the face. Soap, fatty creams, milk should be excluded – they will quickly dissolve the glue and eyelashes just disappear. But this is not the greatest grief – you can use lotions and creams with non-greasy, moisturizing texture.

3. Correction. Fallen eyelashes have to be periodically adjusted, sticking in the missing hairs, and it entails additional cost and time. But thus it is possible to extend the use of artificial eyelashes.

4. The real damage from eyelash extensions. Allergic reactions to components of adhesive – this is a serious danger to the eyelids and eyes. Contact the professional who values reputation, do not skimp on the health of clients. Expensive high-quality materials are most often hypoallergenic, and although the quality is always has to pay more, you can avoid many unpleasant consequences.

5. The price of the procedure. That’s a pretty big minus, especially because cheaper options still not pay for itself. Here it is necessary to choose between desire and ability.

In addition, there are a number of contraindications, the use of eyelash extensions harmful:

• dry skin – to care, you must use fat cream, as this will quickly ruin the eyelashes;

• oily skin – sebum gradually dissolves the glue and the lashes will disappear quickly;

• inflammation of the conjunctiva – if you suffer from frequent redness of the eyes, the procedure should be abandoned.

Of course, all these problems can be solved, you can always find an alternative.

Do not be afraid of increasing

The procedure should not be afraid, as it will not harm your own lashes. The fact that the “life expectancy” of each eyelash is about 3 months, therefore, the natural hairs of different length. The increase is made only on adults long eyelashes, which are themselves the maximum still would have fallen. Related to this is the lifetime of eyelash extensions and adjustments – a new building on the newly grown natural hair is already fallen.

Observing all the norms of building and maintenance rules, artificial lush and long eyelashes can be admired a long time without harm to their own.

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