Mask for hair with brandy: benefits and harm, the rules of application. Best recipes of masks for hair with brandy in the home

Mask for hair with brandy: benefits and harm, the rules of application. Best recipes of masks for hair with brandy in the home

Noticing the problem of hair loss or weakening them, many rushing to enlist the help of specialists of beauty salons. But back to health and attractive curls at home is also possible thanks to the regular use of masks based on natural ingredients.

One of the most effective components of therapeutic compounds is considered to be the cognac. About how to apply and prepare the hair mask with brandy, whom they will approach, will tell in the material.

The use of brandy for the growth of tresses

Despite the fact that alcohol is considered harmful for the human body drink on the strand it has an extremely positive impact. This is due to the high content of organic acids of a high degree of concentration and tannins.

The use of cognac as the main component in masks for curls with regular use will enable to achieve positive results:

• will increase blood circulation of the scalp and aktiviziruyutsya work hair follicles;

• the terminal is damaged locks will be restored and strengthened;

• hair will be stronger and will be less to fall out;

• glued the scales on the tips of the hairs split;

• leave dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis;

• normalizes the sebaceous glands and will eliminate unnecessary fat of the strands;

• the curls will become smooth, manageable, shiny.

The alcohol in the drink will also clean your hair from residues of detergents and will remove invisible plaque lime from tap water. As a result, hair longer stay clean and fresh, they have to wash more often.

The main requirement to the product is its high quality: only good cognac would be a beneficial effect on strands, enhance their growth and reduce hair loss.

In some cases, you should not use the hair mask with brandy

Application vysokogradientnogo drink cannot be recommended for the treatment of curls to everyone. The alcohol in the composition of the cognac dry skin and failure to observe the rules of use can aggravate the condition of the strands.

The use of homemade cosmetics on the basis of brandy is contraindicated in case of:

• allergic reactions to components of the product, manifested in the form of redness, itching, pain and peeling;

• if the scalp is sensitive or has mechanical damage (wounds, burns, cuts);

• strands severely damaged by repeated colouring, use of hair dryer, Curling irons or straps at high temperatures.

Rules applying care products based on alcohol

To achieve the desired effect when using the hair mask with brandy, adhering strictly to the rules for its use:

1. All components of home therapeutic composition should be of high quality and fresh, not to be mixed in a cold state, and after reaching room temperature.

2. Before the first use is to carry out a simple test on the portability of components by dropping a few drops of the finished product on the skin. If a rash or burning, the procedure should be abandoned – the benefits it will bring.

3. Apply the healing mixture should be wet, washed with shampoo, the curls starting from the roots, gradually stretching the part along the entire length of hair.

4. Homemade mask more carefully affect the structure of the hair, than store bought, so keep them on the head need longer – up to half an hour.

5. To enhance the beneficial effects of the components will help the thermic effect, which is created by covering the head with a plastic bag and tying a towel over the top. Can also be used for these purposes termoshapkoy.

6. To wash the composition from the strands the best soothing skin decoction of medicinal herbs and plants. For lack of a bit of cool water pooled with a few drops of essential oil of citrus, which will kill the persistent smell of alcohol. If one of the components of the mixture weigh down the hair and badly washed out, which often happens when you use honey and eggs, use shampoo without conditioner.

Attention! If the mask on the basis of spirits of the scalp is baking, there was intolerable itching, the composition of the urgent need to wash off without waiting for the prescribed 30-40 minutes.

What components can enhance the effect of a therapeutic composition for curls

It is important to understand that the hair mask with brandy is made only once, a quick restore hair after damage can be expected. Homemade recipes give a cumulative effect, and, therefore, the condition of the hairs will change for the better only if you take care of them systematically and carry out the procedure weekly for 2 months.

The most effective supplements to care products for curls, prepared on the basis of spirits:

• have a warming effect (honey, mustard, prepared or in powder, chilli pepper);

• focused on food (yolk and egg protein, essential and natural plant oils, dairy products);

• give an extra scrubbing effect (table and sea salt, coffee grounds).

Using alcohol-based with added components, you should right dose depending on the condition of the hair and scalp. So, for oily and combination epidermis into the mix can add a few tablespoons of alcohol, whereas for dry hair is limited to a few drops.

The recipes of the most effective homemade masks for hair with brandy

Growth stimulator curls with mustard

The mustard irritates the scalp, resulting in hair follicles aktiviziruyutsya and hair grow faster. You need to take 75 ml brandy, 30 ml of water, 1 egg yolk and mix everything carefully until smooth. Add 2 tsp. prepared mustard (don’t need to bring seeds) and a few drops of aloe juice, mix again and apply to strands. Leave on for 40 minutes then wash hair as usual.

Nutrition and recovery – mask with honey and brandy

You need to mix 4 tablespoons of cognac, 2 tbsp liquid honey 2 egg yolks and a small egg until smooth. The composition applied to wet hair and wash head after half an hour wait.

Eastern firming mask with coffee and salt

The composition is designed to solve two problems at once: to strengthen hair and to remove dead cells of the epidermis. For preparation mix 25 ml cognac, 50 ml of cold brewed coffee and 1 tsp of sea salt. The composition is thoroughly rubbed into the scalp, cover with plastic cap and wait 25 minutes. After washed with water, aromatic orange essential oils or grapefruit.

Protective agent with gelatin

This composition coats each hair and protects from harmful external influences. To prepare 15 g of gelatin pour cold water in accordance with the instructions on the product packaging and allow to swell. Then warm the mass in the microwave with short pulses for 5 seconds to a liquid state. A little of the cooled product is mixed with 1 eggs yolk, 10 ml milk and 20 ml of cognac. On hair, apply from head to tip of each strand of hair, keep for 30 minutes under a plastic cap. Wash off with shampoo.

Mask for hair with brandy – a proven, effective tool for strengthening and repair damaged strands. A suitable tool is not for everyone, but if you follow the precautions and rules of applying of caregivers, the impressive result will not keep itself waiting long.

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