Medium hairstyles for men – what is fashionable now? What to consider when choosing hairstyles for men medium length hair

Medium hairstyles for men – what is fashionable now? What to consider when choosing hairstyles for men medium length hair

Ten years ago it was considered unusual when a man takes care of herself. To date, be well-groomed is not something that is possible, but necessary. Already accustomed to all that beauty there are not only women. Men do my nails, style, and more manipulation in order to be attractive to the opposite sex.

A large amount of attention is paid to hairstyles. This is not surprising, as they are the hallmark for any man. If we talk about fashion, then today the trend is not short haircuts, and haircuts for medium hair. There are a large number of medium hairstyles for men. The main thing is to pick one that would fit a man based on his external qualities: based on the structure of the hair, their quantity, and also the type of person. Consider the main points that need to know all men.

Features medium hairstyles for men

Wonder why it is necessary to choose hairstyle for medium hair? Look online, look like movie stars and popular people. The bulk of them chose this length of hair. If you want to be at the height of fashion, pick the haircut is medium length. However, don’t forget that she needs you to come. It is not necessary to disfigure themselves with hair that will not be suitable for your face type.

Of course, short hair is easier to maintain, but medium hair can be different to stack. This kind of experiment with your style: some day you may become cocky, in some small way. Oddly enough, medium hair are versatile. Almost all men hairstyles with this hair length.

If a man hides protruding ears, it is very advantageous to be men’s hairstyle for medium hair, which will hide its defects in appearance. However, if we lived in Japan, protruding ears would be considered a sign of good manners. Many Japanese with such a feature has more acceptance among women.

As you can see, you can be not only stylish and fashionable, but also to hide all their flaws. In this respect girls are much smarter, because I have tried similar tricks and emphasize your dignity in appearance.

How to choose the right medium hairstyle for men

There are some basic rules that are very important to the selection of the correct image. Thus, you will be able to approach the ideal and look spectacular every day. Consider the basic criteria for the selection of the optimal hairstyle.

1. Oval. With this type of facial hair style for medium hair will look perfect.

2. Circle. With a round face shape you should not make the volume of hairstyle is too round, because you’ll do visually flat and your face will look unnatural. In such cases, choose a hairstyle with small temples.

3. Triangle. For triangular shaped faces need to choose the speed hair. You can comb hair to one side to look important.

4. With a square face shape you need to choose medium hairstyle for men with lots of hair. This form of a person means a small side, and whiskey, in which it is important to keep average hair length and density.

5. Men with thin hair need to do Kara. It can be flat or graduated. Also it is interesting to look asymmetrical haircut with ragged tips.

6. For thick hair perfect for all hair styles. The only caveat is that they must be cut.

7. Men with curly hair, a Barber must cut the hair with respect to the direction of their growth.

8. For men with medium hair need to make the bangs combed to the side. About bangs there are many variations: it can be smoothly combed back, to be dishevelled, sloppy or fixed hair gel. Graduated side-swept bangs will look perfect on men with oblong face shape. If there is too much forehead, you can make it invisible with straight or milled bangs.

Photos of styles medium hairstyles for men

There is a small number of styles, but with a working imagination, you can make a very original image for men:

· classical

It is prefered the bulk of the male sex. On the medium length hair look great long strands that you can sweep to the side or back. Because after a certain amount of time, fashion tends to come back, you can verify this on the example of Elvis Presley. His trademark bouffant at the time was very popular. Simply classics for medium hair considered daring and at the same time courageous.

· “Gavroche”

A haircut usually does the youth. Due to the long characteristic strands, located at the back, as well as a significant amount of it is cutting edge. Also distinctive features of this hairstyle are the ragged ends of hair that are only available boy. Unfortunately, Mature males will not be able to afford a haircut for medium hair.

· the caret

Kara did our grandfathers. The hair is firmly established and has reached our days. Such a standard, the usual haircut will make your look more romantic. Lately it has become fashionable to grow a beard, which together with this hair will give man a kind of brutality, so beloved and adored by all the girls.

· a “pot”

Haircut from childhood. To this day it remains in the trend, because it allows you to look younger. The image is refreshed due to a short-haired lower part of the hair.

· Undercut

Fashionable hair style Undercut. Its distinctive features are the long bangs and shaved hair lower. Not only stylish but aggressive hairstyle for men who wants to conquer women’s hearts.

· Mr. Cool (Mr. Cool)

Fashioned men’s haircut in a certain style. The near future in this haircut. It is unique for its smooth lines, the absence of asymmetry. With that hair, any man will look respectable, with a special gloss.

The “grunge” style in mens medium hairstyles

The main condition of the “grunge” style is relaxed, casual styling. For this style will suit absolutely any haircut, you want to properly “stack”. The feature of this hairstyle that does not need a long time to stand in front of a mirror in order to beautifully and evenly to hair. Everything here is the opposite — the relaxed and aaccurate you do, the more fashionable and stylish will look.


The emphasis on the long hair at the nape and the top of his head. The side strands should be short, but the transition from one to the other should be smooth. It is a prerequisite that it is important to perform.

Remember that it is important not just to chase the fashion trends, but also to have a sense of style and to be able to adequately assess. You need to comb through pages of the Internet to consider good and bad options of haircuts and to make sure all factors to choosing a hairstyle for yourself and contact an experienced master. It is important that hairdo, or haircut perfect fit. Then the whole beautiful part of the population will draw his attention to you.

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