“My friend is Dating a convicted!” Is the psychology of the prisoners?

“My friend is Dating a convicted!” Is the psychology of the prisoners?

My friend is Dating a convict, he gives flowers and is ready to marry her, moved her to live with. He believes in God, home iconostasis is, goes to the temple. Tell me how this is a dangerous relationship and what’s the catch, is the psychology of the prisoners from? Help, can’t afford to have a friend in trouble, and she hears nothing.

I think you should not interested in the psychology of prisoners, and psychology of your girlfriend. You’re talking about “the psychology of the prisoners” as if we are talking about a certain animal psychology animal communities – for example, psychology, wolves, dolphins or, say, wild horses, birds. The person even being convicted of any offence, is still a man with his personal warehouse, character, peculiarities of emotional response and behavior, level of intellectual and moral development. As you know, in a prison sentence and a business and political journalist and dissident, and a sadistic maniac, and a petty thief, and the doctor, made a mistake, and the ordinary motorist accidentally ran over a pedestrian. And how do all these people combined in the concept of “the psychology of the prisoners”?! Well once it was on more narrow groups of criminals then maybe we could try to find something in common in the characters of pickpockets, swindlers, serial killers or rapists. But just to take, as they say, “to row under one comb” to all who passed through the penal system?! To me it seems absurd.

Better to ask the psychology, the personality of a particular person – a new satellite to your girlfriend. Find out what his specialty, what his education, what he did before he was convicted in the end, ask, for which he was convicted. Really you don’t care if he committed premeditated murder, petty burglary, or is it a teacher, a doctor, convicted for the gratitude, which under the circumstances was a bribe?

Of course, I agree – the presence of the iconostasis and the usual act of giving flowers can not say anything about a particular person. So how “dangerous it”, I can’t say – can be very dangerous, and maybe – just wonderful.

The catch here can indeed be, and you intuitively feel. This “trick” is more likely to disappear in the psychology of your friend who chose the companions of a man with a dubious past (unless, of course, it’s really shady and immoral).

There are women with a known complex “mother Teresa”, which sees itself as the only Savior supposedly “wayward”, “devoid of caring and understanding” men, in fact – infantile psychopaths. These relationships quickly take the sadomasochistic character: female “affection and care” of the psychopath did not soften, but only more inclined to moral and even physical violence, and “Savior” instead of the expected triumph of its mother Teresa plays the role of a typical servility of its tyrant.