Nicotinic acid as part of it’s skin care. Rules for the use of nicotinic acid at home for the face

Nicotinic acid as part of it’s skin care. Rules for the use of nicotinic acid at home for the face

It is well known that nicotinic acid is quite a lot of useful properties that contribute to power and the conclusion of various toxins from the skin. A great number of products are composed of this vitamin PP, for example: potatoes, some cereals, beets, mushrooms, liver, etc.

Nicotinic acid is an important part for the care of the skin. We can say that it eliminates a huge amount of challenges, because this vitamin is not only useful for individuals but also for many organs.

One of its important functions— training the body to adopt other useful vitamins and substances that will be well absorbed due to nicotinic acid.

Why nicotinic acid has a beneficial effect on the skin?

Vitamin PP has a beneficial effect on the skin, helps it stay in shape and fills a huge number of different nutrients. Let’s take a look at other useful properties of this acid:

1) contribute to the expansion of blood vessels

2) improves blood circulation throughout the body

3) eliminates various rashes, inflammations, acne

4) does not dry the skin and does not destroy the water balance in the body, so the skin looks healthy

5) improving skin structure

6) smoothes wrinkles

In the case of a deficiency of vitamin PP in humans, there is itching, there are various rashes and redness, the skin becomes dry, in rare cases, there may be certain skin diseases.

To prevent such troubles, it is necessary not only to use in food vitamin PP, but also to provide the outer skin of the face.

A few tips on the use of vitamin PP to care for themselves.

Skin needs regular and proper care, so our time in the composition of cosmetic products vitamin PP began to appear more and more often, of course, is a huge plus. Also, you can make a skin cosmetics on your own.

How to use nicotinic acid for the face

You need to buy nicotinic acid and just add it to any cream that you can use on a daily basis (the proportions should be in the instructions).

A lot of this acid contains various types of tea and infusions that you can prepare yourself (sage, dog rose).

Vitamin PP in pharmacies is very cheap and is sold without any prescriptions. The main thing — to drink tablets based on the desired course.

Some rules when taking nicotinic acid:

1) Before starting the course you should consult with your doctor in order to avoid any allergic reactions your body.

2) be Sure to stay the course and to pay attention to the instructions for use.

3) In the first days the result will not be visible, it should take some time, so do not hurry to renew the course.

4) Possible primary reaction of the skin to the drug (sudden redness), but it will pass.

5) do Not give children to use nicotinic acid

The effect of acid on the skin

As already mentioned earlier, the acid has a huge number of useful properties. It opens the pores and helps to remove various contaminants, the skin begins to flow from the oxygen. Also leave swelling and fatigue of the skin.

Vitamin PP helps to remove various skin pigments, such as sun spots (seasonal), vitamin able to tidy up a bit their color and make it more pale.

In addition, this vitamin is good for your hair, so it is helpful to make different masks with this acid.

But do not forget that this vitamin should not be used alone without any additives. The main role lies with your diet, so you should follow a proper diet and consume various vitamins, it is important to know all measure and have knowledge on their use.

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