Ointments from wrinkles under the eyes: heparin, retinoic, relief and others. How to use pharmacy ointment for smoothing facial wrinkles

Ointments from wrinkles under the eyes: heparin, retinoic, relief and others. How to use pharmacy ointment for smoothing facial wrinkles

Every girl wants for as long as possible to remain attractive. But with age begin to appear the first wrinkles around the eyes. To care for the skin many women use expensive but not always effective cosmetics and are not even aware that pharmacy ointment merminod eyes is much more useful.

General tips

The main advantage of pharmaceutical ointments is the ratio of the low prices and good efficiency. The majority of ointments includes: gialuronovu acid, juice and extracts of medicinal plant, and even extracts from shark fat. As most tools are composed of natural ingredients and minerals.

The basis of these funds are components that support elasticheskoj and preservation of youth. Lekarstvennih give a quick and good effect comparable with the result of salon treatments. That is why the funds from the pharmacies increasingly resorted to in those cases where an expensive makeup does not give the desired result.

However, we must remember that these tools are not designed for cosmetic purposes. In the first place – it’s a healing ointment that was created to deal with diseases. This means that their use can trigger unpleasant side effects and dangerous allergic effects. In regard to the means of pharmacies should be approached with caution and apply them in strict accordance with the instructions for use. If you find that the drug has a number of contraindications associated with existing disease, it is better to refrain from using.

To find out if there are allergies to the contents of the ointment before applying it is better to do a skin test. A small amount of the drug to cause bending of the elbow. If there is no response, then you can apply the medicine on the skin.

Heparin ointment from wrinkles under the eyes

Improves blood circulation, helps to remove puffiness. Heparin ointment from wrinkles under the eyes is quite effective: it helps in the fight against “crow’s feet”, removes bags under the eyes and smoothes shallow wrinkles.

The composition has a fat shark that improves the regeneration of cells.

The ointment should be applied on cleansed skin and massage gently, avoiding contact with eyes.

Contraindications to the use are:poor blood clotting, ulcerative and necrotic diseases, thrombocytopenia.

Panthenol anti-wrinkle

Panthenol restores skin cells and slows their aging. Improves the strength of collagen fibers and activates cell metabolism. If the skin is very sensitive, you should not use this ointment, it can worsen her condition.

Zinc ointment

The basis for ointments include zinc, which has a pronounced regenerative properties. Helps to accelerate cell renewal, prevents photoaging of the skin in direct sunlight, increases the elasticity of the skin.

More ointment has a drying property, it is recommended to apply on the skin around the eyes, combined with fat cream or fish oil.

Calendula ointment

Ointment with calendula oil prevents wrinkles, helps fight against deep wrinkles. To obtain good effect of the ointment should be applied twice a day.

Retinol (retinoic) ointment

The main component of ointments is vitamin a, which accelerates the regeneration of skin cells. Retinoic meshulochim collagen production. The preparation should be applied nightly to eye area with light massage movements. With regular use result will be visible fairly quickly.

In chronic diseases of the liver/kidney or cardiovascular pathology is better to abandon using this tool.

Apilak ointment

Promotes skin tightening, wrinkles, the skin becomes smooth and velvety to the touch.

Solkoseril from wrinkles around the eyes

The drug should be applied in a thin layer around the eyes, avoiding the mucosa. Helps combat puffiness and dark circles around the eyes for a faster effect should be applied twice a day.


In sostavlennogo product contains zinc in combination with hyaluronic acid, which has anti-aging properties. Thanks to the use of improved elasticity and firmness of the skin, helps retain moisture, protects from negative influence of external environment.

Curios also helps in combating acne, restores and removes the inflammation.

Hydrocortisone ointment

The drug is a steroid origin, the structure includes the hormone glucocorticoid, which helps to deal with allergic reactions on the skin.

Hydrocortisone ointment helps retain moisture within the cells and helps smooth wrinkles.

However, when using this tool there are certain risks:

– possible allergic reaction to the drug;

– the constant use is addictive and over time, the effect of using reduced;

– the glut of an organism by glucocorticoid may lead to hormonal disruption.

Ointment relif against wrinkles around the eyes

Active ingredients the ointment help restore blood circulation, relieves swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Thanks to omega-3 improves skin elasticity.

Ointment relif against wrinkles around the eyes should be applied once a day because of its dense consistency. The effect of the application becomes visible already after a few weeks. You should not use this ointment constantly, you need to take short breaks to use.

If agranulocytosis thromboembolism and better refrain from using this drug.


The product contains vitamins A, E and D. Has a delicate texture and very pleasant smell. Improves the General condition of the skin, nourishes and moisturizes dry skin. Helps to remove fine wrinkles and prevents their appearance. Ointment may cause increased sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, therefore it is not necessary to apply it in the daytime.


Drug Bluefroger contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to eliminate the wrinkles.

Also includes aloe Vera juice, which soothes and also promotes the production of collagen. Considered one of the most effective tools in the fight against wrinkles around the eyes.

When you select the pharmacy tools to deal with wrinkles under glutaminovaja carefully study the drug. Be sure to pay attention to the contraindications of the drug.

It is worth remembering that the ointment should be individualized, as what sounds like one woman might not suit another. Because the skin condition are different.

It is not necessary to use even a well-the appropriate ointment for a very long time, you need to take breaks in its use. Otherwise its effectiveness will decrease, and will need to look for another tool.

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