Popular men’s stereotypes about women. A lie or the truth?

Popular men’s stereotypes about women. A lie or the truth?

Gender stereotypes are General beliefs about behaviour and roles of men and women in society. Our vision of gender roles based on the influence of society, media, family life and personal experience. It is important that a bad experience (e.g. relationships) are able to distort the perceptions about the partner and have a negative impact on future relations. And while most of us understand that our perceptions are often wrong, we still continue to endow the person of the opposite sex of their own characteristics. Meanwhile, each person is individuality, everyone thinks and feels differently. The belief of the truth can inflict real harm and destroy the communication. Consider the popular male stereotypes about women.

Favorite male stereotypes about women

“What a woman wants, nobody knows, because she has his mind,” one of the most popular men’s jokes about women. Male gender stereotypes are very mythological and, of course, is often untrue. Consider the most popular of them.

  1. The girl is beautiful and gentle, the boy is strong and brave. This stereotype grow such ideas about male and female that are able to spoil the life of both. Children do not initially know how to behave in accordance with her sex, that they are taught by the parents, their behavior and attitudes making it clear what is right and wrong. We are not talking about the deliberate rejection of their own gender, it’s about the behavioral aspects that should characterize gender identity. Boys don’t cry, and girls are always neat and tidy. With girls it is not necessary to discuss the history of the origin of volcanoes, the best talk with girls about beauty.
  2. A woman seeks only to financial wellbeing. Simply put, from men to women is needed in the first place money. First, the pursuit of financial well-being is absolutely fine. Secondly, this belief is negative, because you had a bad experience. And this experience does not depend on gender. Everyone is different, and unscrupulousness is found among women and among men. Thinking about a serious relationship creating a family, the woman will always strive for the best financial history and development, caring first and foremost about their loved ones.
  3. A woman doesn’t need sex like a man. A stereotype can be associated with all the “dances with tambourines” before first sex. There are good all – and the woman who uses sex as a promotion, and a man who is convinced that sex is a reward and a gift. In the upshot, both the man in the intimate life thinking only about their own pleasure, and a woman can’t Express their desires.
  4. Woman worse than a man copes with the role of Manager. With this stereotype, the struggle is long and delightful. Yes, it still happens that a woman I entrust the work, which does not allow to prove himself as a leader and as a Manager. Limiting career growth, not connected with professional qualities, is a very sad story.
  5. Women like arrogant and pushy. And any women “no” means “Yes”. In fact, in the first place next to want to see a sensitive, kind and understanding people. And if a woman avoids meetings, did not return calls, male persistence can only irritate and frighten. But not to inspire and attract.
  6. Women like strong, beefy men. Male power is not a visible relief. A strong man is someone you can trust and feel close to safe. Triceps, biceps, Delta has nothing to do with it.
  7. Women should cook and do the housework. There should not be. May not be in a strong family, sincere relations of the word “should”. If both partners are equivalent to busy at work, but the woman svalivaetsya all domestic concerns – the situation requires clarification.
  8. Every woman is a potential mother and want kids. Woman for centuries were attributed to motherhood as a major life priority. A woman can not take place if it has no children. But in reality, there are men who are much stronger than women aspire to parenthood, and also there are women who genuinely wish to remain childless. Being a parent is great, but not everyone wants it, regardless of gender.

Definitely crushing on the “male” and “female” is at least incorrect. Human personality traits are formed according to the surrounding culture, based on personal experience. Gender “tag” seriously cut off opportunities for the development of both women and men. The woman could be a successful leader, and a man to care for a newborn baby.

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