Pornography 2.0. What’s the secret of the popularity of “home videos”?

Pornography 2.0. What’s the secret of the popularity of “home videos”?

More and more people film each other during sex, but also post videos to a worldwide network for grateful global audience. For a new phenomenon there is even a term-twin “social media” is “social pornography”.
In pornography a “home video” defied the industry and robbed them of a significant part of the audience. Representatives of the American porn industry talking about a sharp decline in revenue and the fall in demand for “quality product”. This trend is a consequence of technological development. Photo and video equipment, allowing to make high quality materials, easy to mount them and save in a digital format is becoming more available, and the Network allows almost one click to make these materials public. But the development of information technology acts as a catalyst of processes hidden in the depths of our consciousness.


On one of the Amateur porn sites I came across interesting video. Couple having sex in front of the mirror in the bathroom. The girl looks in the mirror. The guy behind, holding a video camera and filming the scene in the mirror. On the one hand, the bodies of two of the heroes of this story are connected directly. However, on the level of sight the connection between a guy and a girl is through two intermediaries — the mirror and the camera. This scheme creates a wonderful duality: a young man seems to be directly involved in the event, but looking at yourself and your partner from the side. He acts in several roles: actor, operator, and viewer, while simultaneously leaving his body and staying within it.

The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan suggested that in the mirror the child meets with others, and recognize myself in it. Thus, the mirror plays a role in the development of his “I”, associating consciousness with the body that was split. Similar kind of effect the reunification of the split through reflection, you can watch and sex. The act of “owning others” or “the possession of another you,” is experienced not only through tactile sexual contact, but also through visual information. Sexy “I” is learned through the visual image, in which the partners are expanding the boundaries of the physical self to two bodies.

Reaching the “stage mirror” sexual intercourse to a new level, when partners are not only involved, but also his audience.

Using a mirror during sex — not a revelation, you may recall that it was fashionable in the era “before Feng Shui” hang a mirror over the bed. The camera is a mirror with memory. Now the image can be repeated, to discuss, save or just view together, for example over a glass of wine.

Back to Lacan and imagine a child who’s not watching his reflection in the mirror, and the entry of the dancing itself, for example in Youtube. Here identity more difficult due to the lack of immediate feedback. The object on the screen sees itself as independent from the behavior of his own body, and thus is more distant. Similarly, the degree of dissonance between his “I” and what you see on the screen above in the case of a video recording of an intimate relationship. But the stronger the dissonance and the greater the degree of alienation, the more significant the effect of mirrors, which leads to the unity of the external and internal, my own feelings and what is seen on the screen.

Of course, the mirror effect is not the only reason to thrust video sex. The camera is also a tool of domination, which builds a hierarchy of relationships between partners. The camera can also amplify “the effect of humiliation,” even if the record remains a mystery two, she brings to the relationship element of the potential audience. Finally, the camera is the mechanism of possession. If a photograph, believed by some native tribes, can steal the soul, the shooting of the sex bars in the cage video, the intimacy of the one who appeared in front of the lens. Depending on in whose hands the record, the other becomes his hostage.

For men, the conqueror of the camera also becomes a tool for designing your own ego. The collection of intimate photos or videos, even if this collection is a mystery, becomes the documentation of sexual viability. This in itself the phenomenon of a man-collector, of course, more evidence of problems with self-confidence than success in their sexual life.


If the Internet-representation (1), your blog or website interesting — they attract attention to themselves. Online identity works like a magnet, attracting other members of the Web. Such attention can be a success factor. However, in the new information environment, the struggle for attention is becoming tougher. Make your voice heard in a networked world requires more and more creative and professional resources.

A classic example of the problem of overabundance is the Dating sites. Success depends primarily on whether the notice your profile among thousands of others. To increase their visibility here simply. You can just pay for a rating, and then for a few seconds (and if you’re lucky, and minutes) you will be on the first place.

However, there are other less expensive means. The fact that the factor of social capital formation may be not only the mind but also the body. In the physical world it works simply and clearly — if effectively dressed girl walking down the street, she attracts attention. How to make so that looked at us on the Internet?

Artemy Lebedev, one of the most popular bloggers each month is holding a contest: the girls send their photos with bare Breasts and a sign with the nickname. Blog readers comment and choose the best — all participants saw an influx of visitors and those who have added them to my friends list.

The publicity of the intimate acts as a mechanism to attract attention and increase visibility. Frank is a magnet in the environment of information overabundance. In fact, the bare Breasts — this is also the mechanism of the formation of social capital. Of course, the nature of the network depends on what attracts attention. The audience that will gather around interesting story about the journey to the end of the world or anything erotic, it will be quite different.

In the physical world, the intimacy of its terrible danger, but the Internet enhances the feeling of protection. The fall risk, on the one hand, and the growth potential in attracting attention, the other led to a fall in the value of openness — inflation of intimacy. A discussion on the Internet affect the subject of threats of a private life, not realizing that for a new generation of information technology not only reduce the area of personal, but also change their attitude to the publicity of the intimate, essentially changing the rules and limits.

Against this background, the frankness and intimacy are increasingly becoming not only a mechanism to attract attention, but also a part of the Internet communication, not just a source of entertainment. In search of common interests, sex will always remain one of the most significant common denominators. The only thing that makes it one of the main topics of discussion, this is again regulatory constraints. But at a time when the Network removes or mitigates these barriers, taboo topics become a topic of discussion. People online are easier to share and discuss intimate intimate. By the way, and so we see that intimate materials, videos and photos appear more often not only on specialized sites and social networks.

In the end, the decision whether to share intimate content with a wide audience, is the question of the relationship between what you lose and gain by publishing such information. Information technologies are changing the rules. As a result of public intimacy leads to the fact that you lose less and gain more.


Why people prefer home videos to professional films with actors, budgets, and sometimes even stories? Today with almost the same success it is possible to find free of both professional and Amateur content. Moreover, there are more paid sites home pornography, which means that people’s willingness to pay for the materials, the production of which was not worth any money. In addition, more professional material produced in pseudoliberalism genre.

We can assume that the reasons for the popularity of Amateur video is that the viewer is in the position of peeping Tom. Moreover, these pornozvezdy belong to the same world as the viewer. However, these explanations are not exhausted.

Human history has known times when in the pursuit of entertainment simulation fall outside the Bank, appearing in the real world. Remember the Coliseum where death was part of the spectacle and entertainment, but it was absolutely real. And historians write that on the stage of the Coliseum were not only gladiatorial combat. Part of the spectacle was also loving acts. A feeling of imitation in this situation arose due to the fact that the action took place on stage. The Colosseum did not know the boundaries between simulation and reality, but its structure space has clearly divided the world into the stage and the auditorium. What is happening on stage was simulated by definition. Real remained in the auditorium.

For centuries, the development of culture has gradually taught us to enjoy the simulation. To have fun in the theater, we did not expect to Chekhovian gun on the stage, which, as we know, must shoot, else besides someone really killed. However, information technology is blurring the boundary between imitation and real.

On the one hand, they allow to very easily document the real.

On the other, they present us with the real and the screen, dividing the space into the world of the play and the world of the audience, as well as in the Coliseum. The Internet is a global Colosseum, where the real — part of the play. Anyway, we remain spectators, which means that any real can always be a legitimate show. As a result, inflation not only of intimacy, but inflation is real. We need no expensive special effects, but rather evidence of reality. We are becoming less able to enjoy the simulation, while real enough to be enjoyable must be not just real, very real.

But in the pursuit of a real not enough for us that the Amateur porn made by ordinary people. We want to know who they are, to make sure that it is one of us. Pornography is associated with blog, social network profile, a specific person, adds reality, and thus entertainment. Another element of the spectacular increase of the value becomes Amateur pornography live, that is not just real, real now. For example, it is often used new Internet service videoroulette, which was randomly chosen partner for video chat from the circle of users of the site. Spontaneity it created a sense of security, allowing you to bring the power of the public network intimacy to the max, bringing a random actor on the casual viewer and allowing them to change roles. Virtual sex using video cameras also teetering on the brink of social interaction and brought to the highest degree of reality pornography.

Who knows what other means of improving the sense of reality will offer information technology in the future. One thing is clear — in our quest to enjoy the real is real we start to create, while a normal life seems more and more imitation. Concepts are replaced, and pornography becomes a relationship, while what we used to think by relations, becomes a shadow we are creating a “real present.”


If you are going to engage in the creation, distribution, or viewing art home of candor, remember:
1. Hardly Amateur movie from your bedroom will help you to find a job, potential business partners or even friends.
2. The network does not know the shelf life and keeps everything in it. If you want this photo or video was available in 20, 30 or 40 years?
3. Do not send information via email.
4. Do not store information in the computer that is connected to the Network.
5. If you have sex through a camera, remember that it can be written with the second, and even third-party.