Regular care for problem skin. How to feed a teenager, if you face a lot of acne?

Regular care for problem skin. How to feed a teenager, if you face a lot of acne?

A large number of girls suffering with pimples and acne on the face. All this is due to the fact that they do not know how to properly care for your skin and do not know how to eat better at such problems.

Troubled skin is what?

Problem skin – skin with dilated pores, with abundant sebaceous glands, regular rashes and black spots. Most often, this skin type is found in adolescence, when hormonal and man is rebuilt, but adults also suffer with such problems. Everyone wants skin look beautiful and healthy. But not everyone knows how to properly care for the skin to prevent persistent rash.

Skin care face

Everyone should care for your skin EVERY DAY. The list of tools that should be present in the house of any person:

1. Gel, foam, lotion, soap for washing;

2. Micellar water;

3. The day cream;

4. Night cream;

5. Facial toner;

6. Facial scrub;

7. Nourishing, moisturizing, cleansing masks for the face.

Sutra is necessary necessary to wash to clean the skin, during the night it is also polluted. Then it is necessary to wipe the skin tonic and use a face cream. The cream is needed as a makeup base, but you can first use a day cream and then a Foundation primer. In the evening you need to first wash off makeup with micellar water, then wash your face with a gel, foam or soap to wash, then use toner and night cream.

Any type of skin in need of hydration and nutrition. It is impossible to dry oily skin matting means. Generally matting means you can and should use to owners of oily skin, but in combination with them, you must use moisturizing and nourishing agents.

Masks and scrubs for the face, you need to use one to three times a week. The scrub will help get rid of dead skin cells. The mask will help to moisturize, or cleanse the skin, depending on the destination mask.

Before you choose skin cosmetics, it is necessary to understand what type of facial skin. With all of the funds are divided into skin types. Each tube is written for what type of is this tool. Nowadays a huge variety of products for problem skin.

Care for problem skin at the beauticians

In our time it has become very much cosmetologists. Many people with skin problems are turning to him because you trust your face to the professionals. For proper and deep cleansing of the skin need regular visits to the beautician. A cosmetologist can do peels and facial cleansing. A professional will do the procedure efficiently and correctly. Also, the beautician will advise on the care of the person, and tell good care.

In any case not squeeze pimples or black spots on their own. First, scar second, it is possible to put some kind of infection dirty hands, or decorative cosmetics.

Nutrition for problem skin

Very often skin problems are sitting inside the body. The owners of oily skin that is prone to frequent rashes, it is advisable to adhere to a correct diet. It is not necessary to abuse sweet, fatty, smoked, salted, baked goods, coffee, etc. Dessert you can substitute fruit, regular bread to whole wheat, coffee, chicory, etc. you Must eat lots of vegetables, fruits and greens, drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Sweet, starchy, fatty and smoked a very negative effect on the skin. Provokes inflammation and rashes. Causes more sebum. Therefore it is Better to carefully watch your diet, you can afford to relax 1 day a week, but not often.

Mandatory rules of care for owners of oily skin:

1. Wash no more and no less 2 times a day (frequent washing triggers the production of sebum);

2. Cleansing the face of makeup with micellar water or a hydrophilic oil;

3. After washing, the mandatory use of tonic lotion;

4. Use day and night creams every day;

5. Use masks and scrubs at most 3 times a week (frequent use causes the production of sebum);

6. regular visits to the beautician (every 2 months).

The owners of oily skin care is very important. You need to constantly prevent the appearance of new acne and rashes. It is recommended to visit a dermatologist and gastroenterologist, they will be able to identify the true cause of the rash. It is impossible to squeeze the pimples yourself, it will only lead to more dire consequences. You need to take care of yourself and condition the skin.

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