Review of the best tools for cleaning the face. How to ensure that the skin comfortable and healthy cleanse

Review of the best tools for cleaning the face. How to ensure that the skin comfortable and healthy cleanse

Daily and weekly cleaning of the face is a mandatory beauty ritual for anyone who wants to prolong youthfulness of the skin, keep it well-groomed and health. In this collection we will focus on the most worthy facial cleanser, scrubs and peels.

Daily Garden Rice Bright Cleansing Foam From Icheon Holika Holika

The secret to the effectiveness of this foam, not only gently cleanse the skin, but also deeply nourish its cells with minerals, giving it a healthy glow, for the most part is the rice extract, since ancient times known in Asian cosmetics.

Every day to take care of normal, combination or sensitive skin over the age of 25 with this lotion is very nice — small amount it’s supposed to lather, apply with gentle massaging movements on face and rinse with warm water.

This tool from Korean brand Holika Holika can be attributed to the best means for cleaning the face, it perfectly copes with everyday dirt and residues of makeup.

The extract of rice skin also smoothes shallow wrinkles, lightens dark spots, evens skin tone, treat it reddened irritation and can even be effective in dealing with acne marks.

Marshmallow Organic Kitchen Organic Shop

This scrub from then brand Organic Shop will definitely satisfy fans of the “dessert” of the cosmetics — its fragrance reminds you of the ice cream and strawberry yogurt.

Despite the fact that scrubs are traditionally characterized by the presence of abrasive particles, which increases their effectiveness in clearing the skin from dead skin particles, this tool is distinguished by its particularly soft texture.

It includes:

• crystals of brown sugar;

• oil cranberry;

• strawberry bone;

• raspberry juice.

All this (and some more modern components) allows the in addition to its main function of cleaning skin, smooth out the tone and get rid of the oily sheen, instead of him bringing a freshness and a healthy glow.

Using the scrub 1-2 times a week, with the first sessions of care possible to notice a change for the better — the skin becomes smooth as silk, and at the same time velvety.

Apply with gentle massaging movements should be avoided it contact with the eye area, then wash it with water.

Secrets of Arctica Planeta Organica

It’s incredibly light and airy, one of the best remedies for cleansing the face, suitable to remove impurities and traces of makeup (including eye makeup) from the skin of any type.

Daily washing with foam from Planeta Organica allows you to achieve flawless skin without unpleasant sensations of her tightness, in addition, on a deep level the epidermis is “saturated” with healing plant extracts.

Chief among them are the Arctic snowdrop that contains a record number of polysaccharides — dozen times in the concentration of flower is superior to sugar cane! Because of this, as well as the presence of hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, the skin gets rid of signs of fatigue, it is fresh and matte Shine.

Also, means are evening primrose, cucumber and Alpine fireweed.

In use, the tool should be carefully applied with massage movements on wet face and neck, then rinse with water comfortable room temperature.

Scrub Formula taiga Green Mama

One of the main active ingredients from the Formula of the taiga are pine nuts and Ussuri hops extract that helps use of this exfoliating cream is not only deeply cleanse the skin from dead particles and dirt that accumulates in the pores, but also carefully take care of her, preventing irritation even at high sensitivity.

In addition to these natural elements, the scrub also contains oils of lavender, sesame and wheat germ, which together contribute to the renewal of skin cells, strengthen its natural protective barriers against adverse environmental factors (dry air of modern urban space, sun radiation, frost).

To achieve the perfect cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin is enough to use only 1 time a week, gently massaging over face applied with the scrub for 60 seconds, after which the tool is washed off with water.

Normaderm Mattifying Cleansing Foam Vichy

High-performance mousse from the French pharmacy brand Vichy designed for daily cleansing of all skin types besides the dry, but can be especially useful for care of skin is sensitive and problematic.

Present here, as in all the brand products, thermal water provides the skin moisture for 24 hours and saturate with essential minerals. Also, partly mousse owes its properties to its affiliated acid — salicylic and glycolic.

In addition to deep purification from natural impurities and traces of make-up, scrub, which really can be attributed to the best means for cleaning the face, perfectly cleans the skin of excess fat and lowers sebum production (sebum), causing the skin loses Shine and becomes matte.

In addition, regular use mousse eliminates painful processes in the epidermis that causes acne and shrinks the pores.

To use, it is applied to the face (avoiding the eye area) and neck, massage into a rich lather with gentle massaging motions and wash off with water.

Sugar scrub L’oreal Paris

Suitable for all skin types, sugar scrub from the famous French brand really full of sweets — sugar white, yellow and brown.

In addition to the main, natural for any scrub — cleanse the skin, as this tool also declared properties to reduce pores and eliminate blackheads.

Furthermore, the use of tools is complemented by a unique (promotes deep cleansing) warming effect.

Also among the components of the scrub can be note oils of lemongrass, mint and kiwi seeds, thanks to which the skin is activating blood circulation massage, become opaque, more fresh, less prone to irritation.

This is one of the best tools for cleaning the face has a nice elastic texture and fresh unobtrusive fruity fragrance. Apply the scrub (and massage) are allowed up to 3 times a week, not only on face but also on her lips (but avoid the eye area), and complete care relies, wash the tool with warm water.

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