Sea buckthorn mask for hair treatment at home: the properties and application features. Effective recipes of masks for hair with sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn mask for hair treatment at home: the properties and application features. Effective recipes of masks for hair with sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn mask is very useful for hair and scalp. The berries of sea buckthorn contains many valuable elements and minerals that have a healing effect and help hair regain Shine and beauty.

Sea buckthorn hair mask at home: properties

For masks used oil or puree of sea buckthorn. It is very useful and used for different purposes. Why it is so popular. And all thanks to the vitamins, which in large quantities contained in the berries. Fruits rich in iron, manganese, magnesium, silicon, carotene, folic acid, thiamine, and other useful components.

Useful properties of the mask include:

– strengthen hair follicles;

– protection of hair from ultraviolet radiation;

– improving the growth and strengthening of the locks;

– the fight against split ends;

– helps to prevent dandruff;

– has anti-inflammatory effect;

– restores damaged strands.

Sea buckthorn oil has a regenerating function. Which occurs due to the renewal of the epidermis, the hair gain strength and elasticity. Therefore, anyone who dreams of long and lush hair, you must include sea buckthorn hair mask at home in my course on health and care of hair.

The rules and application of sea buckthorn hair mask at home

Masks differ in composition, method of application and preparation. But there are some rules that are binding. If you follow certain recommendations, the effect of the masks will be better.

Useful tips:

• sea buckthorn oil before use should be warmed up a little;

• masks should be prepared before application to the hair;

• if the skin has some damage or scratches, it is not recommended to make a mask;

• the mixture should be applied to unwashed hair. So it was distributed evenly, you can use the comb;

• sea buckthorn mask may stain light hair a reddish tone. To check this effect, you need to apply some of the mixture on a small section. And half an hour later to compare if the color remains the same;

• do not overdo mask;

• useful to make the mask in a course. On average, it includes ten procedures. The only way to achieve the desired result;

• in order to better mask is absorbed into the hair, and was the effective head needs to wrap a plastic cap and towel.

To prepare the mask at home simply and quickly. For sea buckthorn, you can add different ingredients which will enhance the effect. It all depends on the problem you want to solve and the desired result.

Restorative sea buckthorn mask for damaged hair at home

The masks prepared from the natural components on their own at home, is no worse than shoplifting. Besides they are nice to do.

To restore curls will need the following ingredients:

• sea buckthorn oil;

• burdock oil;

• one yolk;

• lemon juice;

• aloe juice.

All ingredients should be at room temperature, then the mixture is homogeneous. The proportions of the components should be the same. The prepared medium should be carefully spread across all the strands, gently massaging the skin, cover hair with a plastic cap and towel. Keep the mask for an average of an hour. For washing, use the shampoo. The result was good, the procedure can be repeated once in three days.

Sea buckthorn mask for dry hair at home

Sea buckthorn is useful when the curls dry and fluffy, and split ends. For the first recipe, you will need to mix two types of oils: sea buckthorn and castor. Instead of butter is suitable and valuable puree of sea buckthorn berries. You will need to mix two tablespoons of these ingredients. May need more if hair is thick and long. It is a natural remedy required to hold about forty minutes, then rinse. If you want you can use a rinse of chamomile decoction or infusion.

Another recipe for restoring dry and damaged curls contains the following components: an egg, a tablespoon of sour cream and two tablespoons of mashed sea-buckthorn and olive oil. First, you must mix olive oil and sea-buckthorn, then add the egg and mix everything well. Then pour the sour cream and stir again. The mask is distributed over the entire length of the strands. Leave less than an hour and wash with shampoo.

To forget about split ends and restore the health of the hair, you can try the following recipe:

• sea buckthorn puree -1 tablespoon;

• Flaxseed oil – 1 tablespoon;

• milled oatmeal to 1 tablespoon.

All carefully mixed and applied on hair. The exposure duration for about an hour. This mask is desirable to use as a preventative to avoid exfoliating all. Most useful to do it in the spring when the locks are weakened after the winter.

Sea buckthorn hair mask at home from fat

The following recipes are suitable for oily and combined type of hair. Sea buckthorn berries can easily replace oil. It is much easier. If the surface of the head have any damage from prescription should be abandoned. So, for the mask you need: sea buckthorn puree (oil) and mustard powder. In the proportions of two to one. The components are mixed, and the mixture is applied only to the roots. Keep the tool in 20 minutes. You may feel a slight burning or itching. If you bake much, you need to immediately rinse.

The following recipe will not only help you to forget about fat, but also nourishes the hair.

The mask:

• sea buckthorn – 2 tablespoons;

• egg white – 1 piece;

• honey – 1 spoon.

The tool you need to cook depending on the thickness and length of tresses. The volume can be increased, maintaining the aspect ratio. Oil or puree of sea buckthorn mixed with honey. If honey is thick and hard mesh, it is recommended to slightly heat up. In the mixture pour in protein and a good stir. Leave for an hour, rinse with shampoo. It is advisable to use conditioner because after using masks with honey, strands can get tangled and difficult to comb.

How can I grow my hair using the sea buckthorn mask at home

Many of the hairs grow very slowly. And sea buckthorn hair mask at home helps to take a step forward to the dream of long tresses. For this recipe you will need dimexide, diluted in water in proportion of one to eight. This substance promotes rapid hair growth. And you can buy it in every pharmacy. To this mixture add three tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil. Remedy mix well and evenly smear the hair, a little rubbing at the roots.

The mask should be left on for twenty minutes, then rinse well. As a mouthwash it is useful to use a decoction of burdock root or chamomile flowers. Herbal infusion will enhance the effect of the procedure. But if concern is oily roots, you can wash the hair, diluted with water, Apple cider vinegar. The mask can be done twice a week. And if you run this procedure regularly, hair will become silky and elastic.

Mask using sea buckthorn will help to make the hair well-groomed, healthy and silky. The main thing to choose the most suitable recipe and repeat the procedure regularly.

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