Short hairstyles for men in 2018. Trends and key parameters that are taken into account when choosing short hairstyles for men

Short hairstyles for men in 2018. Trends and key parameters that are taken into account when choosing short hairstyles for men

Despite the fact that fashion brings about changes in hairstyles, it is more likely for women’s haircuts than men’s. Stylists are experimenting more with the appearance of women. For men there are already a limited range of changes in style. In this article, we consider variations of stylish hairstyles for men who want to be trendy and men who prefer classics.

The main trend of the season – short haircut, which is long out of fashion, with some changes in style. You can not only read about how to do this or that hairstyle, but thanks to the photos to see them clearly.

Short hairstyles for men-style conservatism and avant-garde

Even the classic short hairstyles for men can make a stylish and very creative. All hairstyles for men are divided based on the length of the hair. The easiest option is the sports model, made in the usual way under the machine. Moreover, the length of the hair all over the head should be the same. Current trends suggest the shaving of the hair is almost zero in the region over the souls and sides. The rest of the head needs to have longer hair. With this hairstyle, you need to spend some time near the mirror, placing the strands with the help of styling products as you like. You need to lift up the hair and make the easy chaos.

Such a mess, quickly came into Vogue, one has only to look at the stars of world cinema. A characteristic feature of short men’s hairstyles is the brutality, restraint, but also allowed creativity. Today is a very trendy hairstyle with bangs, sports a haircut in the military style, the comb-over back and cap.

Short hairstyles for men this season

1. The Tomba. Is an improved Bob. This hairstyle is truly a big hit, because it is simple, but looks very strong and manly. It is necessary to leave the hair not more than 7 centimeters. Not permitted severe outlines and templates. Choosing a stylish hairstyle, consult with stylists who will tell you the interpretation of the hairstyle ideal for your face. The asymmetry of the original technique will make your hairstyle more stylish. Very interesting and original looks tombo with very short bangs.

2. Hitler, or so-called haircut “under the German”. This hairstyle was worn in the eighties. It involves a very short whiskey and long strands at the top of the head. It is possible to do a side comb-over, comb-over up, and rough styling. Hair in this style will be perfect for romantic souls and just held on to men.

3. Military – ultra-short haircut, suitable for brutal, confident men. Basically, they have manly facial features and muscular physique. If you differ from this description, then you this hairstyle is not suitable.

4. Buzzcut. Hairstyle involves minimalism. The hair is cropped at one length. Any man will be much fresher and younger with that haircut, which, besides, and very practical.

5. Retro style. Thin comb necesite hair back and fix them with gel, Polish or Musa. It is important that the hair blends seamlessly with the clothing and image in General.

6. Boxing, poluboks — hairstyles for men of any age. Hair should trim with clippers, with the sides shorter than the top of the head. Boxing involves a length of up to 50mm, poluboks — up to 80mm. Selecting poluboks, you will clearly separate the transition between the levels of hair. Boxing is more a sport haircuts. It fits the elegant, courageous men.

7. Practical and easy athletic hairstyles. They have similarities with hairstyles in the military style. These include the hedgehog, and a canadian, because they are ideal styling.

For the canadian stylist vestigal occipital area, forehead and the top of the head leave longer hair (up to 8mm), bangs — no more than 1cm. This hairstyle does not require special efforts during installation. Enough to make a slight negligence or slick your hair back. Looks very nice canadian on curly, thick hair.

The hedgehog suggests a 40mm length of hair on top. It is important to profile them, to avoid unnecessary bulky volume. The sides should be cut shorter to hairstyle looked stylish. Hedgehog suitable for men with oval face shape and coarse hair. If you did this hairstyle for soft hair, take the trouble to put them in the gel or Musa, so they can hold a style all day.

Tennis players often hide hair under a cap because they do not wish to cut short hair. For such cases, the sides cut out very briefly, and the top leave the length up to 50mm. If the length of the hair will be more need for styling.

Model short hairstyles for men

Model short hairstyles need to be created by a stylist based on the characteristics of the appearance of the men. The client will love yourself with a new haircut only when it is carefully executed, in exactly the way it should be.

For a basis of absolutely any haircut, but she made adjustments. Possibly there will be patterns on the back of the head or at the nape, leaving a small tail. To achieve a ragged haircut with a razor so to say “tear” ends. Alternatively, you can make a ladder — gradually lengthen the strands of hair, starting from the back of the head and moving downwards. To make the cascade transitions have to be sharp.

You can perform haircut with shaved temples, which previously loved punk rockers. Today it is considered to be very stylish hairstyle.

Asymmetry and bangs short hairstyles for men

As you know, any short hairstyles for men are selected based on the type of the face and appearance of a client. If you have a round face, you will have the option of haircuts with short cropped sides and longer hair on top. For oval face fit beautifully laid long hair. The presence of bangs is mostly young boys or men who are willing to experiment. Long bangs can be oblique, smooth or ragged.

As for asymmetry, it is often asked to execute men who have short hair. The volume is achieved by vystrogana individual strands of hair. The asymmetry of the fit young guys who have beautiful, thick hair. For men with thin hair it is better not to do an asymmetrical haircut.

The stylists advice about short hairstyles for men

1. If you strong-willed and strong man choose a hairstyle with short hair.

2. Youth fit outrageous haircuts that look a little sloppy. Thus, you will have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

3. Than you more practical, the practical shall be your hairstyle. Choosing a particular haircut, remember about how much time is needed to care for her.

4. Taking into consideration your hair texture and your face shape. Listen to your master.

5. Do not forget about naturalness and practicality. Current fashion does not tolerate bright reincarnations, when the hair is repainted in bright colors. Stick to brevity and simplicity.

6. If your hair is very curly, or are too thick, don’t worry. You can still pick up a stylish hairstyle. Harder to do it the hard hair holders. They are difficult to style and cut as required for performance cutting.

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