Smooth skin without flaws: how to get rid of stretch marks? Overview of effective remedies stretch marks

Smooth skin without flaws: how to get rid of stretch marks? Overview of effective remedies stretch marks

Stretch marks occur most often due to weight fluctuations and as a result of hormonal imbalance, so common in pregnant women. To avoid this unpleasant companion will need to choose the right tool that will help to keep the skin smooth and even.

Oil stretch marks Bio Oil

Oil for stretch marks actively used by pregnant women, especially, it is recommended to use from the second trimester. The drug has a unique composition such as essential oils of lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and vitamins A and E, ingredient PureCellinOil. This oil is liquid, like it’s water base. Very easy and evenly distributed over the skin. After application leaves a nasty oily film.

Pregnant can when rubbing the dermis to focus on the chest and abdomen. For proper application you must apply on palms and gently RUB into the dermis.


The cream has a greasy texture. The composition can be observed in extracts of Centella Asians, which protects and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. These components protect and stimulate the synthesis of elastin fibers and collagen. After applying the tone improves. Also the berries dropsy that contribute to the recovery of the dermis. Oliva has a calming effect. The cream helps to eliminate pain, permanently moisturizes the skin and prevents new stretch marks.

The drug should apply in a thick layer of circular massage movements on the thighs, chest, and abdomen. In the package there is a unique method of application.

Oil Weleda

The facility is very soft and pleasant scent of herbs. Vegetable aroma soothes and has a relaxing effect. It is therefore recommended to use before bedtime. The composition is almond oil, germinated wheat oil, jojoba oil, Arnica extract. All these components increase the elasticity of the dermis and protects against the appearance of new stretch marks.

The tool is quite thick and when applied on the palm doesn’t slip past your fingers. Using tool for prevention of stretch marks, you can not just improve the health of the skin, but contact with the baby.

Before using the oil needs to warm up a bit in the palms, and then massage trouble, stomach and chest. Massage may be performed from the earliest stages of pregnancy until the last days before the advent of the baby born. Massage is recommended to carry out 2-3 times a day. To use the drug and do the massaging and after childbirth.

The gel from Elancyl stretch mark

This correcting gel that is used after the formation of the stretch marks. The facility has a very comfortable nose acting as a spout. No need to apply the gel on the entire area of the thighs or the chest and to massage. The gel is applied strictly along the stretch. To obtain significant results required to pass the minimum course is 2 months.

This gel softens the skin and moisturizes them. The texture is very light, so the cream is very quickly absorbed. Has a neutral smell. It’s great not just a preventive tool, but it actively fights existing stretch marks. If you could not prevent, it is possible to eradicate. You cannot use breastfeeding to combat stretch marks on Breasts.


This is the best remedy for stretch marks already has a relationship to the drugs and not cosmetics. Is released in the form of ointment, cream and emulsion. It is possible to use in pregnant and nursing mothers. The composition has a unique ingredient dexpanthenol, which stimulates the regenerative functions of skin.

Tubes come in different sizes, so you can pick up a suitable option. The emulsion has the property of instant absorption. The cream works a little slower and leaves a little trace of fat. Does not cause allergies. Very quickly and effectively fights dry skin and itching.

The disadvantages include the fact that it is an excellent preventive tool that is not fighting existing stretch marks. Only use strictly according to instructions. Perhaps the use from the first days of pregnancy. In this case it is possible to achieve the desired effect.


The drug has very good moisturizing effect. Has a very pleasant aroma. The consistency of the cream is quite thick and oily, but still leaves no oily residue on the dermis and clothing. Does not provoke allergic reactions. Very effective at race weight and also for prevention of stretch marks during the gestation of the baby.

The disadvantages include that it is only prophylactic. Has no effect on existing stretch marks. After application do not change their color, size, and severity. Can be used starting from the fourth month of pregnancy. Can manifest a personal intolerance to a component in the drug.

After use, increases the tone of the dermis, aktiviziruyutsya production of collagen. It is also noted overall improvement of the epidermis. Skin is intensely moisturized. Features as part of the alcohol.


It is a good remedy for stretch marks. Characterized by dual action. Prevents the appearance of new stretch marks and works actively with existing long-standing stretch marks. The cream helps to maintain optimal water balance of the dermis. There is a long effect of moisture and softness to the skin. Has a very pleasant aroma. The texture of the cream is such that it is very economical to use. Absorbed into the dermis instantly. Absolutely safe to use during carrying a child and breastfeeding.

Sometimes women may manifest hypersensitivity to any component of the composition. The spout of the cream is not so easy to use, but it is more effective than many other means. The price of the drug is quite high.

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