Stylish and trendy hairstyles for men trends 2018. Create fashionable hairstyles for men based on classic

Stylish and trendy hairstyles for men trends 2018. Create fashionable hairstyles for men based on classic

Choosing the right hair makes the image complete and thoughtful. What will be the cut hair can affect the perception of the person as a whole. She is able to make it unique, subtle, to stress a touch of creativity or Vice versa – to complete the image of a business man. The main thing is to understand what goals you want to achieve, what kind of styling are right for you and how to install and care for hair, so they look healthy, and hair is natural.

Classic haircuts, which can be used to create fashionable hairstyles for men

Haircuts and styling, like much in fashion, have their own styles. That is based on the classic options and modeled the latest trend shape men’s hairstyles.

Classic haircut. This variant is characterized by the average length of hair is about 3-5 cm, geometric forms and crisp lines. The edges of these hairstyles even, one length flows smoothly into another. You might have parting. This style is suitable for all ages, shapes individuals and does not affect the form of manifestation of his inner self.

Sport men’s hairstyle is characterized by short to long hair. On top of the hair is slightly longer than the sides. This is what gives it small in volume and light in dynamic.

Mens hairstyles in the style of the American military. This style gives an echo to the American military who have decided to shave off his whiskey almost completely, and the top was allowed to leave some of your hair. In the modern version, this option looks a little sloppy and attaches of masculinity and power in the image of man.

Romantic haircut. Hairstyle is performed on slightly long hair. Encouraged to design bangs. It can be laid on its side and protected on one side by a careless parting. This presentation will introduce romanticism in the external face and will look natural enough on the young pairs.

“Grunge” or European rural style. The main criterion when choosing a haircut should be a full head of hair. Whiskey shaved almost completely, and the top is placed under a high “styling”. The growth direction of the bangs can be straight, sideways or cool wrapped up. Allowed easy highlighting or coloring. These hairstyles look sloppy at first glance, but their creation requires a lot of effort.

Create fashionable hairstyles for men according to stylists and hairdressers. General guidelines

Stylists are welcomed various outputs beyond the usual image of men’s hair. If you are strict conservative – do not just fundamentally change the way. Try to start to change tubes to make it more clear thanks to shaving. Or – to change the position or angle of inclination. Parting may be oblique – start side and committed to the Central part of the head.

Men with long hair are encouraged to do the bangs, 1-2 cm long total weight. Worth a try to stack it with a wax or cream on one side. If you have a low forehead or a round-shaped skull – level up the Bang up, you are much pull a face.

Men who life were sporting a haircut, and that way of life need short hair, you can add variety by adding easy volume at the top of the head. Extending the hair at the top and making a clearer transition – you will get a modern version of the male “Box a”.

Those who have the classic version, you can experiment with long hair on the sides and top. The back and side hair is cut shorter than always, and the top a little lower. Thus, to achieve a more modern version of the “classic” in styling.

Top 5 trendy hairstyles for men

Hairstyles, like any other, you must choose on the basis of several criteria: density of hair, face shape, style of dress, way of life. To all this it should be understood that the appearance needs to look finished and neat so in addition to personal preferences, pay attention to the combination of all criteria together.

“Boxing” and “Poluboks”. These options hold a position of leadership in the last few years. Such popularity they must short or a little elongated to the length of hair, ease of styling and comfort when wearing. At the temples and rear of the hair cut comfortable hair length for men. Top left more volume, which can complement the bangs. The ends can be ragged. To add brutality to the image. This hairstyle takes a minimum of time and means for its formation in the morning.

British haircut. It is also called “Brit”. This option is suitable for modern and stylish business men. The Briton is formed by means of creating a smooth transition long hair from the sides to the top. Bangs and top hair have the maximum possible long hair. For business meetings under a suit jacket, laid it carefully back, and for evening or leisure, can deconstruct with the help of mousse.

“Canadian”. Haircut in this style is another option for short hairstyles for men. This is probably the most convenient and practical haircut. It is characterized by short hair on the sides, back and crown and elongated 1-2 cm hair above and on the forehead. The ease of styling is also a nice plus. The British can be formed even on wavy hair that will be the main criterion when choosing a men with natural curls.

Scarification and shaving partings. A trendy option for stylish world this will create an artificial scars or shaving of the parting in the hair. Such details will instantly add trendowski in the image. The creation of scars and explicit analysis is possible for any haircuts, from a classic t ending British or just long hair. If the parting is created to almost the top smooth line, the scar may be of any length and thickness.

Long hair combined with a beard. Before long hair had carried their owner to the subcultures, now is the sign of style. Smooth long and well maintained hair is more and more popular. And the combination of this hairstyle with mega trend of recent years – a beard will make you the clear leader among men.

Hair care after create fashionable mens hairstyles

On creating stylish haircut is not the final stage of formation of an image of your fashionable appearance. Hair need constant care and support forms.

Tips on caring for hair and styling:

No frills. With all of the fashionable hairstyles, none of them will tolerate too long pilings. Any men’s haircuts ranging from classic to the most striking, should look natural. No long pilings should not be carried out if you want to look brutal and modern.

A regular haircut. Creating 1 time a hair is regular to support it. No need to go running temples and bangs, which does not hold even hairspray. Keep your appearance.

A minimum of styling products. Gone are the days when a well-groomed man isolated matted hair from mousse, gel and hairspray. Hair men of the 21st century should be washed with a good shampoo to have smooth and no split ends and give a slight scent of perfume. Delicacy of taste is evident.

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