That would be if… Like fantasy kill a relationship

That would be if… Like fantasy kill a relationship

In a certain Kingdom, in a state… Stories and fantasies are good because they can be rewritten, to change, to add or remove. To defeat evil. Most importantly, they can be so as you need as you like. Many people do that. They do not understand that life is not fantasy. They spend their lives on rewriting his past and guessing “what would have happened if…” he called, she said “Yes”, I replied not, but otherwise. And so on to infinity. The cycle of options and ideas fills your mind, your time, your life. Emotions over the edge, but still in the same place, and the river of life flows past you.

Heads or tails

In life it is important to understand, when you choose something, anything you refuse. It’s impossible to be everywhere, do everything and do everything. If you have, of course, is the flywheel of time, you can close this article and continue in the same spirit. But those who don’t, is dedicated to this text.

In relationships, as in life, we are faced with a choice. Once we meet with the consequences. It is here that many stumble. Did everything right, but something went wrong and you don’t get what they wanted, expected, planned. The man was not so, not so.

The second side of the coin

How can a man be so or not so? Your expectations don’t allow you to see the truth. You actually don’t even look at him. You live in their fantasies. You’ve already decided for all. Who and what should be, how to behave, how to speak. What should be your communication, your relationship. You are overwhelmed by expectations and inside of you there is no place for what is happening. You hung up on the fact that does not match your imagination, and get angry, irritated, offended. But what suits your illusions that you accept as the norm, and the feeling of gratitude there is no room. As well it should be. It’s okay! Normal? Who said that you invented and want – is this normal?

Norma – when a person to get in neutral. All other senses – to the norm have nothing to do. If the person you love is a gift for you, a miracle. And for this miracle much to be thankful for. It should appreciate. If you love a person is a miracle, and nobody has the right to pollute or to use your feeling. Your task is to protect it from encroachment. To give to others, getting pleasure from it, and without expecting the same in return or praise and admiration.

Life and relationships is a dance. The most sincere dance in the dark, when nobody is watching and you do it for yourself. It turns out original, individually, particularly. This will not be for everyone, but those who like it. And it is important to be honest with yourself. Stop deluding yourself.

How to tell yourself the truth?

  • To recognize and accept that you are not vosmerka goddess. You are you. If you care about career, you may not be important to children. And Vice versa. You don’t have to be best and successful in everything.
  • To recognize and accept that your partner is not perfect. It was created in the likeness of God, but he is not God. He can able to earn money but not able to nail the shelves. Earning, it can spends a lot of time away from you. Because it is impossible to be perfect in everything.
  • To acknowledge that you are Almighty, that you are mistaken. It is normal to make mistakes, to draw a conclusion and take it further in life, not to step on the same mistake twice. It is strange to grieve over a mistake, to suffer, but not to draw conclusions and to go further.
  • Stop fantasize and speculate on “what if”. Nothing. That’s nothing. Since there is no “if”. Is the fact of what is and what is not, everything else is your imagination.
  • To stop worrying about what you cannot change. And act where you have the power to change something.
  • Stop suffering by what is now no. Here are two possibilities: either you have had this in the past. Then where are these tantrums? Either you had it, but it ended. It happens. The world is changing. Appreciate what you have now. Put the focus on the good that is.
  • To stop to draw a picture of what everything and everyone should be. Accept with gratitude and respect, good attitude to you. This is not the norm. It’s a gift.
  • Value yourself and your feelings is not the norm.

Look at your relationships and life differently. Clear pink, blue, black sunglasses. Stop to think and fantasize. Open your eyes really wide and be surprised of what he saw, the world is much more diverse than you can afford to come up. Translate your ideas from the world of illusions in the world of things. Begin to act in reality, not in thought. Start to try.