The charm of sight — the best means for the growth of eyelashes. How to make them longer, thicker, darker and attractive

The charm of sight — the best means for the growth of eyelashes. How to make them longer, thicker, darker and attractive

No mascara is no substitute for the luxury, which may give the appearance of a private good eyelashes. So it is natural to wonder about how to take care of them, to accelerate their growth.

About the tools designed for this purpose, an innovative, time-tested, simply the best and will be discussed in this review.

Serum for eyelash growth Brush Almea

The pearl formula is that it extract of red coral, which compliment the leaves of woad and Oriental arborvitae seeds, black cumin, vitamins and minerals.

The effectiveness of this tool is available, primarily on the activation of the life cycle of hair follicles of the eyelashes, due to which they become longer and the total weight is thicker. Also, they lose the tendency to brittle, acquire flexibility and, of course, less fall.

To use a Brush for the recommended time for maximum results is 4 weeks, very simply, the bottle and applicator are similar to those that have an ordinary mascara. But on average, stocks means missing out on 3 month.

Conditioner for Lash Botox

The main active ingredient of this tool — keratin, thanks to which it is able to not only stimulate eyelash growth, but also holistically care for them.

In fact, after application the lashes are kind of “sealed” in a nutrient surface, influencing regeneration, even in the most problematic cases — in particular, this drug can be used to restore eyelashes, subjected to procedures:

• heat or perms;

• capacity;

• permanent staining;

• lamination.

His role in this one of the best remedies for eyelash growth and plays a vitamin complex, assisting in the “awakening” of the hair follicle, allowing the eyelashes to grow strong and not prone to hair loss.

Stimulator eyelash growth Alerana

Based on the effectiveness of the tool is a dual formula in the bottle containing it, consists of two parts – “Day” and “Night”, the contents of which are entitled to use, respectively, twice a day:

• in the morning exposed to plant extracts (Siberian ginseng, nettle), panthenol, taurine and ceramides, moisturizing and protecting against damage;

• in the evening: deeply saturate and improve the structure of oils (jojoba, castor, almond) and vitamin E.

Besides stimulating eyelash growth, the product also contributes to a normal pigmentation, protects them from negative external factors and can even recover after the procedure increase. Plus, it is not forbidden to use as a base under makeup (mascara).

It is important to note that the drug may also have a positive impact on the state of the eyebrows.

One pack may be sufficient for 90 days of use.

Serum for lashes Oleoresin

Visual result with this tool you can achieve in 2 weeks and it is noteworthy that components that stimulate the growth of longer and thicker eyelashes, his recipe the most natural and safe for the health of your eyes. For example, there is a cornflower extract. But more importantly, to celebrate the French peptide complex, Widelash, which the hairs become flexible with elasticity, and lose the tendency to brittle and violations of the structure of the rod (where close to violation of their power and weakening).

Ideally, the serum should be applied twice a day, in the evenings and mornings. It can justly be attributed to the best media for the growth of eyelashes because she did not interfere with the makeup — it barely just absorbed into the roots becoming more and more lush eyelashes, as mascara (and eyeliner than anything else).

Oil activator lash Double Lash & Brow Godefroy Oil

This tool is intended for evening (night) care for the eyelashes, which is based on his unique formula containing natural oils, the properties of which, in order to develop fully, it takes time and there are a total of 3 kinds:

• wheat germ — nourishes weak lashes and prevents hair loss;

• corn — makes hair follicles more resistant and gives lashes Shine;

• castor — activates the growth of eyelashes and helps hair follicles to get valuable substances by increasing blood microcirculation, which together is due in large measure to the presence in the oil of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6.

Plus, it is important to emphasize the value of vitamin supplements — tocopherol, well-known as vitamin of “beauty” (in scientific language). It is essential for the synthesis of keratin and strengthen, restore the structure of the eyelashes.

Noticeable effect with Double Lash & Brow Oil can be achieved in 1 month, but the stock one tube is usually enough for 1.5. Oil is good, evenly distributed on the hair is not spread.

Also, with similarly successful results, the serum can be used for eyebrows.

Oil of usemy Hemani

Sometimes to excite the growth of eyelashes is quite literally a single (one-component) funds. In this case, the oil from the leaves of herbaceous plants of usmi. For centuries it was known Oriental beauties as one of the best remedies for eyelash growth and it is noteworthy that it can be used variously for eyelashes, eyebrows and hair.

To lubricate their lashes relies on the night you can not in its pure form, and in conjunction with your favorite carrier oil (jojoba, almond, argan, burdock).

The tool activates the growth of eyelashes, even in the most difficult cases, establishing local metabolism in such a way that “Wake up” even previously almost never given of yourself to know the hair follicles. Along the way, the oil strengthens lashes from the roots to the tips, effectively prevents hair loss.

Mascara MASCARA Dr med. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH

Justly be attributed to this tool for the growth of eyelashes for the best because it combines the seemingly different properties:

• it can be used effectively to paint over the cilia in a dense black color, to give them the desired volume of the lush and charming curve, in short, in this respect, it is identical decorative (if not most elite) cosmetics;

• due to the keratin, red clover extract, panthenol and a number of other modern components, it accelerates the growth of eyelashes, makes them thicker, nourishes and cares.

It is recommended to use a mascara once a day, and, for the beginning of the positive influence her enough to stay on the eyelashes for a few hours. The main thing — the regularity and duration — the average period of use of the tool is from 1 to 3 months.

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