The relationship of your dreams, or Why a woman so important to be able to ask

The relationship of your dreams, or Why a woman so important to be able to ask

Because of his profession and temperament, I have the opportunity to chat with both women and with men at a fairly reliable level and on various topics. That’s what I noticed: the same man in the framework of its possibilities, one smart and beautiful is without a special care on its part, for example, high in the restaurant to go, where in fact he himself eats. If you had a chance to have sex, he won’t mind. And here’s another clever and beautiful woman he somehow already feels, knows, or there are facts that it’s wrong, or have a lot to do for her, or never try even to have any relationship.

What is the level of relations

In many ways, the woman herself sets the level of the relations, marking their boundaries rules as it can, you need, and as well as possible. People in General sets the boundaries of virtually any relationship: social, friendly, workers. If something goes against his values, tries to negotiate and if this fails, then get out of the relationship and find it more satisfying. That is, he is active in the adult position. The relationship between a man and a woman is no exception.

I will touch a very important part about the ability to ask, to talk about their needs.

Often those women for which men are not particularly trying, have great difficulties to ask about something, especially to ask men. They can’t be worse than, not better than others, they can be beautiful women, but once a situation arises where they need to Express their needs – from complexity. As a result, needs are not being met. It is difficult to meet what even to say is awkward… and if claimed, as if no domestic law on this.

Often women begin to intelligently explain to myself why this is so. For example, “well, it’s just not my man, meet her and ask then”, “that’s when my will, and so he will realize you feel”, “how can I ask for something at passing men, it’s embarrassing, humiliating, dirty, he doesn’t owe me anything or I will owe him something”. All these comments show the depth of the problem. In relationships it is important to be able to ask.

Is it difficult to be able to ask?

What should you if at the first meeting, the man will pay for your coffee/lunch? How would you feel? Think and give yourself an honest answer.

What you need if your suitcase will help to convey? The answers to these questions are very important, they show your self-worth, ability to make good, your attitude to yourself and to others.

Of course, there are limits, appropriateness of requests and, most importantly, their motivation. Now it’s not about the stories when a girl Dating a strange man writes: “send me money for shoes and a bag from Michael Kors!” And he says to her, “Well, we haven’t even met yet!” She, undaunted, replied: “see you then!”

Act today

Often different “spiritual explanation” are used to deceive itself, and only as a reason to not develop. Yes, Yes, to be able to ask it about maturity. After all, the future your man – this is only an illusion, which, by the way, may never come to pass, but it is a reality.

Maybe he’s including and so does not appear? And if you are, how you will undertake the ability to ask for? It magically does not appear, it must be trained. It is the same skill that requires time and training. You need to face challenges of overcoming oneself, fear of failure, the feelings after, if you really refuse. But this is the only way to inner freedom – to be able to ask for and to accept the freedom of others to accept or deny the request. How we treat ourselves – and to others, the more inner freedom we allow ourselves, the more we have acceptance. And that’s what you can start doing for yourself today.

A big mistake is to wait for a serious occasion to ask for something. First, it will attach great importance to the event. The result – disappointment at failure and consolidation of a negative experience and even greater strain on the subject. To start need to ask something very simple, almost not meaningful for you. So you start to turn on “ask” and will continue to learn this function to operate.

What does the body

In our body contains all our patterns of behavior and the inability to ask – is no exception. So at the beginning you can feel how difficult it is seemingly just open his mouth and ask for words. It is because muscle is spelled like pattern. Just physiologically difficult to open the jaw for speaking requests, the muscles keep. So work our body and psyche. The laws of body-oriented psychotherapy body and mind are equal and identical. But the more the person gets a different experience, begins to ask, so each time it is easier to do it. Of muscle tension and a ban. Bodily obstacles go away.

What’s life

If you look more deeply on the ability to be able to ask for and accept benefits, which are asked, through this lens, you can see our deep attitude to life.

  • Can we sincerely ask ourselves what we really need?
  • Do we know what we really want?
  • Are we able to accept it?
  • Are we ready for the good life?

If at this point you have the rise of feelings and doubts, start with the basics: ask today about something not very important to you and accept it heartily.