The use of shellac and harmful for the nails. The pros and cons of modern coating of the nail plate

The use of shellac and harmful for the nails. The pros and cons of modern coating of the nail plate

Modern fashion nail called shellac has several advantages. But there are some drawbacks to this innovative product. How to protect nails from harmful effects, will be discussed further.

What is shellac

Shellac is a great alternative to Polish. Specially created for those who dream of the perfect manicure for a long time. This cover includes two tools: a regular nail Polish and gel for modeling. The first shellac adopted the technique of applying, beautiful views, and a diverse palette. And another great vitality. The manicure will look perfect up to three weeks. Only growing at the base of the nail will be reminded of “age”.

The procedure of coating is more difficult, so it’s best to hold it in salons. To do a manicure at home is only possible with special instruments. One of the main stages is grinding of the nail plate. On a flat surface paint well lays down. Next, degreasing is performed, then applied to a base gel that protects the nail plate from harmful color pigments. After that, the nails are covered by the main shade in two coats.

Shellac differs from regular varnish in that after each layer needed to dry the nails under the UV lamp. Such drying helps to cover the well to gain a foothold. You can not be afraid that the gel Polish will streak or manicure will be spoiled by extraneous traces. In General, the procedure takes about fifteen minutes.

It is not recommended to remove shellac yourself. You can try to do it with acetone. But it will not be easy. A cotton pad to soak in the solution, they need to wrap the nail and secure foil. Hold for about ten minutes and scrape off the coating. But this way you can dry out and damage nails. In the salons use special formulations, they act more softly.

The use of shellac for nails

This manicure has a lot of advantages that will please those who like well-groomed hands.

Main advantages:

the ability to quickly grow nails. Shellac contributes to the emergence of a dense shell on the nail, prevent creases, helps to solve the problem with the delamination of the nail plate. Therefore, the effect of chemicals and high temperatures is less detrimental;

the contents no formaldehyde, so the varnish is harmless. This manicure is not contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women;

the coating will last long on the nails, which is very convenient. For removing the gel Polish required, therefore, household chemistry are not afraid of him;

üесли nails thin, shellac is the perfect solution. Durable coating protects the fragile nail plate from the negative effects of external factors. While gel Polish cover plate, the nail can grow strong and healthy;

shellac gives nails a beauty and a glossy sheen that won’t fade over time;

a varied palette of colors gives you the opportunity to do a manicure for every taste. Gamma color is constantly updated with fashionable shades in accordance with the trends of the season.

The use of shellac is undeniable. Important to properly care for your nails and make manicure with a good specialist. Do not skimp on quality. You can ask the master, what products he uses as part of cheap polishes include harmful substances that destroy the nail plate and lead to breakage.

Harmful than shellac

It is believed that the substantial harm shellac. I believe that this kind of coverage is very aggressive effect on the nails. And the grinding and polishing of heavily damaged nail plate. Naturally, all of these manipulations contribute to the thinning of the nail, but not for long. If a month or two break from the shellac, the nails will recover quickly.

There are also disputes about the drying process of the coating. Some scientists suggest that the UV lamp is harmful to health in General. After research, they argue that the devices used in beauty salons have carcinogenic effect. This risk is minimal. In reality, light is good quality is completely safe. An important condition is the timely changing of light bulbs. If you use lamps with expired shelf life, they start to secrete harmful components.

Another point in question about the dangers of shellac is how damaged the nail plate in the process of removing the coating. Well groomed and beautiful nails will be a few weeks, and then need to refresh the manicure. This gel Polish needs to be diluted with a special tool, after which the soft substance is removed with a stick. It is impossible to tear delaminated coating, as it may damage the nail plate, after removing the top layer of the nail. It is better to use the services of a manicurist. Another danger is prolonged exposure to acetone, as solvent, about twenty minutes in contact with the nails. But this moment can be considered controversial. Because during this period the liquid can not be much harm. And the procedure for the removal of shellac is less than the frequent use of acetone in normal manicure. Therefore, nails are damaged less.

How to minimize the damage of shellac

To the use of shellac was more than his harm, you need to try to protect themselves to the maximum.

Useful tips:

to apply the shellac only on healthy nails. You cannot try to hide with nail Polish is any problem with the nail plate. In the presence of various stripes, dots, bumps, any colour changes, you should consult a dermatologist. It is one of the signals that are present in the body internal problems and diseases;

the nail should rest. Every few months it is useful to take a break, going on an ordinary manicure, or you can use healing lucky. And will hold the Polish better and last longer on healthy nails;

in order to protect yourself from the negative effects of the lamp should be put on the skin cream with an SPF factor of 15 or higher. Another option is to choose a salon where the UV are used instead of LED bulbs, they are not as dangerous;

the quality of the shellac should be good. Cheap manufacturers best avoided;

for your hands it is recommended to regularly care for. And nails should be kept clean, in time to cut off hangnails. If the cuticle have been improperly pruned or has sores, the likelihood of infection. In the presence of any inflammation, pain or twitching, an urgent need to consult a doctor;

good effect have trays of different oils, and salt. To strengthen the nail plate, they are useful to do once in seven days.

The use of shellac for lovers a fashionable and beautiful manicure is obvious. This coating can be done continuously, but it is advisable to give your nails a rest. The main condition is the careful removal of gel Polish without damaging the nail plate. Before the trip the sea is recommended to abandon shellac, so as salty sea water helps strengthen the nails. If you stick to the useful tips, time to update the cover and follow the skin, perfect manicure will delight every day.

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