The use of tourmaline products: treatment of mineral. Are there any contraindications and side effects?

The use of tourmaline products: treatment of mineral. Are there any contraindications and side effects?

Tourmaline has many healing properties, therefore, the mineral is extensively used in medicine. Tourmaline is a crystal that has formed by the eruption of volcanoes for tens of thousands of years. The stone helps to purify the air from dust and acts as an emitter of infrared rays. Despite all the positive properties, the mineral also has and contraindications.

Benefit of tourmaline: the scope of the

Areas where treatment is applied the mineral, enough. This and gynecology, immunology, neurology, urology, cardiology, gastroenterology and others. There are a number of diseases, which is fighting mineral. Among them:

· sciatica;

· sciatica;

· diseases of the endocrine system;

· diseases of the connective tissue;

· neuroses, neuralgia, chronic nervous disorders;

· regular stressful situation;

· zakuporenna capillaries and varicose veins;

· insomnia;

· problems with the exchange processes;

· arthritis and chronic joint disease.

Tourmaline is used for General toning, strengthening the immune system. The stone is also effective in the area of disease prevention and suspension of the aging process at the expense of natural support metabolic processes.

The value of a stone due to the fact that it serves to bring normal functioning of the tissues. Tourmaline causes the body to cope with all the diseases on their own. That is why the leaves cause disease, not just symptoms.

Healing properties of tourmaline depends on its hue, as it is determined by the composition of the mineral. The blue stone has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, yellow can affect the gastrointestinal tract. Red helps to normalize blood circulation, strengthens the reproductive system.

What is the use of tourmaline?

Tourmaline products are characterized by the following effects:

1. Normalization of the body’s bio-current.

2. The release of infrared rays. When it expands blood vessels and accelerates blood circulation. Due to this the body increases the oxygen content.

3. Negative ion formation. These negative ions improve air quality, improve appetite, eliminate fatigue. Also these ions are characterized by a disinfecting effect.

4. Activation of cells with natural energy field. Crystals can accumulate the solar energy and recycle it into heat.

5. Highly effective protection from harmful radiation.

6. The presence of a huge number of useful elements and control the physiological functions of the body. The stone contains a large amount of nutrients that are beneficial for human body. These substances can hold in normal nutritional balance and physiological functions of the body. When you use products from the mineral to the affected area of the body is an exchange of energy fields. Stone gives the energy a man, and the reflected spectrum from the man is transferred to the stone.

The use of tourmaline products: treatment of joints

Joint problems are associated with lack of nutrients. a deficiency of substances are related to improper circulation of blood and insufficient metabolic processes in tissues. The longer the imbalance, the more problems with joints. How much the patient will accept any conventional means, the effect will not be noticeable. Metabolism come back to normal very slowly.

The use of tourmaline is the saturation of tissue and blood oxygen and useful elements, which are necessary for their recovery. The mineral contributes to the rapid recovery of diseased joints and to eliminate stagnant processes.

Due to this effect the stone’s natural cleansing of capillaries, which resulted in the receipt of necessary elements in the right quantity later is not reduced. After a certain period of time can completely abandon the treatment, since the tourmaline does not cause any addiction. If, at the time of treatment additionally, people taking vitamins and any medications, they will be much better absorbed. The recovery process is much faster. Tissue after return to normal operation, is not subject to relapses for many years.

The use of tourmaline jewelry: belt application

A variety of belt is the most popular and sought after tourmaline products. It is recommended to use under these conditions:

· to get rid of the surge after a hard day;

· diseases of musculoskeletal system;

· for the relief of pain in the back and limbs;

· at the time of long flights and transfers;

· for the treatment of intervertebral hernias;

· tensile and fracture.

The first sessions should last no longer than 10 minutes. If there is a burning sensation, then the product can put a thin piece of cotton fabric. Or you should wear it on a t-shirt. A day to spend up to two treatments.

A week later, the same procedure can be promoted to the third hour twice a day. To increase each procedure for one minute. After another week you can bring up to a third of the hours three times a day. This mode support for three months. After make a month break and again therapy. In the case of normal tolerability tourmaline products you can use them for 8 hours at the time of sleep. Such duration should be achieved gradually.

It is important to remember that result from the use of products will never be immediate. To obtain the guaranteed result will need to go through a long course. Also, the use of the mineral involves a reasonable approach to dosage. You need to start with a minimum of exposure and gradually increase the dosage. With prolonged wearing of the body can negatively react to congestion. To purchase products from the mineral and the stones need only from a reputable supplier to avoid all negative consequences.

The dangers of tourmaline.

The main contraindication to use products of tourmaline is the presence of tumors. Stone gives a warming effect to the affected area of the body, which is unacceptable for cancer. This effect will cause the increase of education in size and faster process of expansion. For this reason, one should, before using products of mineral is checked for cancer. This recommendation is very important for men who have symptoms of prostatitis.

In addition, it is forbidden to use products of tourmaline in these cases:

· during lactation and pregnancy;

· young children, especially babies up to the first year of life;

· people with high blood pressure;

· in cardiovascular diseases;

· patients with bleeding tendency.

In extreme cases products from mineral use only after consultation with a specialist. Otherwise, the dangers of tourmaline is enormous. The active influence of the ions on the human body can cause bleeding. Can also start to progress other pathological processes in the body.

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