Washing with oils: what’s the use? How to wash cosmetic oil, some water to wash it off

Washing with oils: what’s the use? How to wash cosmetic oil, some water to wash it off

The most “sick” theme for many girls and women are the skin. Pick up the wash – a global problem in adolescence and adulthood.

The most common problems are acne and black spots, traces of acne and uneven and unhealthy complexion.

To choose skin care products that will help to get rid of the above drawbacks – it is not easy, it requires an individual approach.

Very often incorrectly matched only worsens the situation.

But few know that almost all the problems of skin can be solved easily and quickly.

For this you need to pay more attention to the most important part of the program for skin care is its purification.

What is the cleansing?

By “cleansing” many people understand just makeup removal.

Some also use various foams and gels for washing and tonics or lotions. But this is not enough to remove all the accumulated dirt from the skin.

In fact it becomes the cause of pimples, blackheads and other problems.

The most effective way of purification is washing with oils.

What is the positive effect of cleansing with oils?

First, the oil perfectly moisturize the skin and saturate it with useful substances, such as various vitamins.

These elements make the skin more elastic and improves face color.

Second, the oils contribute to a more thorough cleansing. After all, oil is fat. Such is the nature of the origin and blackheads.

In this case, triggered the famous saying “the fire must be fought with fire.”

Indeed, the fatty substances are most reliable remedy for comedones.

The choice of oil

The great value has correct selection of cosmetic oils. The most versatile is olive, because it contains large amounts of vitamins. The second most popular is castor oil. It is not only also suitable for dry skin, but is most effective for getting rid of blackheads.

The method of cleansing with oil

There are various methods of washing with oils. The most famous was developed in the early twentieth century.

The maximum benefits of the procedure immediately after taking a shower, because at this point, the skin will be warmed up and better absorb the oil. For dry skin you need to apply a small amount of oil and gently RUB it across the surface.

Next you need to take your favorite skin cleansing (soap or gel), a well-lather it up and apply on the skin for one to two minutes to massage the face.

Then oil the foam must be washed with very warm water, gradually making it colder.

After the procedure, it is useful to wipe the face with a salicylic lotion and use the cream, which prevents peeling.

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